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-YHN-3k & Catch-

We were committed. While doing all these evacuations we had 1 RDX member servicing YHN, putting up the call of the day – Megathron on contracts. This kept the war machine going slowly while we dealt with the other area’s of importance. We also realised we DID NOT have enough isk to carry out this war. DICKX was isk poor the first time ever in its lifetime, and RDX members had already poured a lot of their capital into evacuating. This did not leave us in a good situation. Tribe needed us, Tribe needed ships, and we had to find a way to make this happen. We propped the RDX member with another 2bil to increase imports, but this was still not enough.

The RDX member who was already deployed continued feeding the alliance what ships were possible whilst the rest of us prepped for import. However, more shit was to land on us. And lets face it guys, people can only take so much shit before they’ve had enough. 

So with people bitching about prices and ships on contract, morale for the military logistics sunk to a new low. Not only was our group working our asses off to get stuff to the people to help with the fight, but we got singled out and raged at. Not just the normal rage, but more rage about being bad and blue fucking. Rage to a point that it caused people to not even want to import anything else. We can only take so much. Despite the military logistics strive to keep prices competitive and worthwhile to the people importing it we were yelled at and bitched at for prices and not having ships available on market.

As with anyone that tries to do a good job and help the alliance as a whole, it got to some of us to the point that some said “fuck it lets see them try to fight without the support of the people trying to help the very goal that the alliance was trying to accomplish”. This is of course was not good. When the few people that are dedicated to getting ships onto alliance contracts are shit on enough that they actually stop importing ships, it was a new low point for Tribe trolls.

Now despite how grim this may sound there are a few people that did applaud our work and it was greatly appreciated. That being said even us logistics people can only take so much rage till we are full with nerd rage and decide to not give any fucks and let the people import ships on their own.

This is, unfortunately, the result of trolling for trollings sake. We lost an RDX bro for this campaign, and we are less than impressed with the reasons behind the rage that was received. There is no excuse, what we do we do for the alliance, and I would like to see any of you step up and ~do what we are about to do~.

We swallowed our pride and a decision was made – I would call a Mil. Logi meeting and beg for isk from Tribe to help it. The time was set, I made a semblance of a spreadsheet, ran statistics and figured out the minimum amount needed. In the meeting I couldn’t say how desperate I was, I just couldn’t  I posed it as an “Investment Scheme” but in reality, IF I didn’t raise a minimum of 8 Bil, My next conversation would’ve been to Triget – saying We gave it all, but we don’t have the isk to supply Tribal Band. Times seemed desperate.

The first call on the investment was made, 2 people out of the 17 in channel answered, and my heart sunk. I resubbed my Titan Pilot expecting to pull isk from there – the second call made another added person x’d up one final call and another x’d up. Corpmates x’d up and between us we pulled 8 Billion isk. PHEW. A few hours later Triget convo’ed me and gave me 12 billion. Friends THIS is why we follow this man, he came through for you guys in more ways than you can imagine. I promised him I would flood YHN with ships, when he said “or, will that be too much for you?” WTF CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

We bought the Megathron’s started with the plan and hit the first problem. A Friend in -A- said they had one of the JF’s watchlisted. Fuck! That Jump Freighter was immediately sent away to another staging to be a decoy. We accepted this JF’s loss at this point and just wanted to capitalize on this information. This JF would be running empty “pretending” to be jumping supplies in 20 jumps away at odd hours for the rest of the campaign.

With decoys now in place, import was set to engage in full swing. These were long shifts, alarm clocks were set, and not a single hour went by where at least two of us were not importing. The first wave of megas arrived. Cyno’s were placed and ready to go. Hours were spent safely moving the millions of m3’s of ships and mods into lowsec staging. Cyno’s were lit and JFs began securing the future of Tribe. Each import consisted of at least 70 doctrine dps ships, support with 10 to 20 of each support ship (both T1 and T2) as well as bombers and other various ships in demand. We imported to the maximum of our capital’s ability. We were calculating isotope costs as precise as possible to remove unnecessary expenses on isos to the point where after each importing frenzy, less than a full fuel bay would be left on the JFs as they returned to the staging system for the next haul. This is where one we got fucked by a Tribe bro. Again – A commitment was made to me by a few members for a total of 65 megathrons… these never arrived. FUCK FFS.

With this extra stock not hitting the market, the pressure mounted. We needed to supply enough ships. There was no excuse. 

Anyway, I kept this to myself expecting this negative news would dampen logistics efforts or even the alliance officers. I went to the alliance officer meeting that was organised 1 hr 30 after the first battle of YHN, then having spent an hour of the downtime at a cafe with a colleague discussing work. I was tired as fuck. 10 hours of importing on 2 hours of sleep. I fell asleep during the meeting, woke up when AHAC’s were mentioned. I lit up thinking of easy mode logistics, but it wouldn’t be. 

Typhoons would be called. Fuck. Okay, it can be done. Why not? There were also special requests made which were going to be handled by other corporations (or so we were told). With the recent experience from other corporations… I didn’t trust them, so I brought back-ups because they were too essential for the strategy. Sorry John Landierr, was just doing my space job. We bought everything, contracted everything to red-frog, and went to bed having handed over reins to the corp mates. Their alarm clocks were set.

~Last Stand Prep~

Astradari here. I alarm clocked to cross over into Shaks time zone so he could hand over the reins. We had done this the day prior to handle the incoming Megas at a 7:30am alarm. I love life. I begin taking over contracts, all looks well, and I’ve grabbed the bros I need to jump and cyno etc. This will all go according to plan. Yeah… Right. ~Plan~. The couriers are taking a while to deliver and I’m getting twitchy. The knowledge that these are the only ships we have today is weighing heavy on all of us and a sense of utter disappointment that we’re the only ones importing in these dark times pervades the organisation channels. 

Contracts begin landing and we begin jumping them to the lowsec staging point. Just after DT (downtime) the final contracts drop, isos are here, and I begin ferrying to the midpoint. 67 ships with fittings, support ships, Sabre’s, and bombers. Eventually, everything gets moved and I’m prepared to jump to YHN. I had been monitoring YHN for most of the day, and noticed reds had been sitting here consistently. 

I called in alliance for help, I needed protection for the JF and cynos or these ships weren’t getting in. Shout out to those who undocked for me, you guys are epic! I began jumping in and not three jumps through, a cyno goes up. Incoming 30 man talos gang. 

Fuck. General consensus was that they would leave soon..I was not so sure…

I started to get twitchy again.

Three hours passes and they only grew in numbers. I had to do something. The future of tribe was sitting in a midpoint and all I could do was ship spin my JF and beg the 65 people in local to x up and help defend. I got no such joy.

I approached Grym for help but unfortunately there was nothing he could do at the time, and neither could Lezari. Feeling the pressure mounting all I could do was sit and watch as rusrus bridged in 180 men to hell camp the station. I had ~no words~. They knew how much we needed these imports, and they weren’t letting us have them. The undock was perma-bubbled. Fuck.

Time passed. It hit 6 hours of being camped and I feared for what would become of us. No defence. No ships. What to do? More couriers landed and I did all I could do and got them with the rest and waited. I spammed Shak with all of the details I knew he would be logging into, and hated leaving him to sort it. But RL called, and rusrus won that one.

-YHN Armor Timer-

I slept in. Zzz’s were just too tempting, and apparently corp chat was in HYPER PANIC mode. The russians were camping YHN, and no jump freighters were allowed in with that gate camp. DICKX members tried to get the fc’s to clear undock but apparently didn’t get a response. Okay… FUCK! This camp was in place for apparently 5 hours. 67 battleships and fittings were sitting at a midpoint, and going nowhere. At the same time Red-frog landed the last few contracts… but russians were camping staging station with dreadnoughts. Well FUCK x2

I got on TS (Teamspeak) and asked for a convo with Grym. We tossed ideas around and he said he could buy me maybe 10-15 mins, or some insanely short time time that and said to get all the JF’s we can here. We logged on the reserve JF’s and started moving them to Catch. I started swearing again, and there was an incursion in the way. FUCK! I told Grym the bad news, and only one JF was available. He HAD to win the undock. We still had some Megathron’s left over GREAT. So we gave those out at a loss to get the undock cleared, and wow Grym won me the undock, and the battleships jumping in commenced. 

Previously I had convoyed any significant Typhoon stocks from Karan to be brought into YHN. Yes, they would be the wrong fit, but I know a meat grinder when I see one. Fuck. FUCK! these didn’t come. Okay, no pressure. Only 67 battleships. I didn’t mention a word to anyone so I convo’d responsible persons in Red-Frog and they found me freighters. We moved one JF load in 60 mins, got those in – up to 74. A corp mate found some in a corp members hanger in NRT. Only 5. We jumped those in. Now up to 79. I told Grym he had 75 for the fight, plus 40 logi, 100 bombers, 10 Sabre’s, and various ammo, etc. He said to not put anything on contract until the last minute so we can get all the ships into the fleet.

I was convo’d by a Tribe bro at this point who wanted a Megathron. I forget his name but this guy helped me out when I needed it & was running on fumes. Don’t remember who this bro is but he is a fucking hero and deserves a medal. He fitted the extra left over Mega’s I had from the previous day. Will they be used? Yes.

I had ZERO Isk in the wallet, and Grym gave the call to put up the contracts I started. I still had the Red-Frog bro’s on stand-by waiting for Isk as they started selling, and I was buying more in Jita. Why things were slow I wondered? This is why. 20 more on the way, SWELL.

The fleet went up. WTF wrong mids? Wow we screwed up. Pulled up program to check transactions. We bought the right number of damps, why are half missing? NFI fuck. FUCK. What to do? Toss a MJD in mid and tell Grym we fucked up somewhere. Do realise we all were running on 3-4 hours of sleep for the week thanks to evac’s and these were inevitable (obligatory excuse) 

Poked on TS, “WHERE ARE THE SABRES, FOR SPECIAL SQUAD?!??!” … Oh, god. It happened? They didn’t bring them in? I had my back-ups so I loaded them in my JF and got ready to jump to DSS were I went and spoke to the corporation. Turns out they didn’t forget. PHEW! bullet dodged. 

Someone bought all the cap boosters on market???? Wtf… WTF! 200 on the market earlier in the day. WOW WHAT TO DO? Panic would ensue as they were desperately needed. I checked open market, tried to get myself a cyno in systems that had them to emergency buy. No luck, and then a HERO – Demerlis said there’s plenty in FAT and he can cyno me in. I undock, jump, and back list on market 

Grym asked for undock and I still had 15 phoons in hanger PLUS more on contract. Fleet had 13 Mega’s. WTF they won’t work here with that strategy! What to do? I announced I will replace all Mega’s on field with phoons for free. A straight fucking exchange because we needed the right ships. I got 7 Mega’s stripped of all fittings. FUCK YOU! You wasted my time.

-The Battle-

It began. Grym warped everyone in, and I re-checked if everyone was supplied up. I undocked with my Phoon and joined the battle. I killed 2 Rokhs and then died to Ammzi’s bomb. Grrr Ammzi. Back to Logistics in station. 

Keeping the contracts flowing, Red-Frog was 8 jumps away with more Phoon’s. The prices dropped everything was given at a loss from this point onwards to keep Tribe on the field. I knew this was it, I ran out of Phoon’s. I gave out Mega’s between the exchanges, jumping stocks from NRT from the Karan days, etc. I actually now had a decent amount. The battle progressed and we were killing more, but they were also bringing more. 

Anyone that traded me at this point got some ship. I didn’t care about isk I had secured most of the investors isk. Red-Frog landed. THANK FUCKING GOD. I loaded up the second JF, managed to move 1 load down in the middle of the battle, plus 6 battleships. I listed everything on contract. My hanger was empty apart from that one mega that was stripped of fittings. I was tired and said in alliance officer chat: “I am out of ships, I hope you start winning soon,” and stepped back. I started biting nails waiting. 

FUCK! I forgot to hold a ship for myself! The rest is history. I hope you all enjoyed.


Until then,
Signing off.

-The End-


Written By:

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Proofread by:
Sobaan Tuan’s mom
Arkon Olacor

Special Mentions:
Astradari’s mom for thinking this needs to be copyrighted 


Fun Facts:
Isotopes Used: Roughly 16bil worth.
Liquid Ozone used: 550k M3.
Office Rental: 480m.
Ships handed out on YHN timer for free: 1.8b worth.
Number of JF runs: 450?
How many JF’s DICKX have? ~12.
Do we hate industry? No, DICKX just sucks at it so we don’t do it.
How Much did you Profit? – I am in the red by 3 billion+, corp 14 billion+, various JF pilots also are in the red by 500 million to 2 billion.

Do you care? A tad – but not much


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    September 16, 2013 at 6:48 am Reply
    1. Almost.

      First reply?

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      1. Dennis the Dreamer

        Yeah my first comment was “first” but i edited & ended up trolling. :)

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  2. Johann Landier

    As I commented yesterday, Shak and Dicxx did a insane job getting the ship in for the fight to save YHN. In the end we lost that battle only because RUSRUS were able to reship more times then we could. But then again they had a station with their doctrines that they had been in and stockpiling for a while in preparation. In the end our plan was to hold off the Russians and keep them off the station long enough for the carriers to rep it. That part of the plan worked. However we failed to field enough carrier pilots to save the station. We had over an hour and 20 minutes to rep YHN station and the 4/5 carrier pilots who showed to fight put ever ounce they had but in the end it was not enough. I have been in several battles now that made the history books. 9V and 6vDT where amazing fights that earned there place in EVE History. The Fight of YHN was a fight that every EVE pilot should hope to be in one day. I was in a carrier repping the station and I watched Grymkhaos Badazz(TRIBE FC and Campaign Commander) repel wave after wave of Russian attacks. When they ran to the sun he chased them. When they reshipped and reformed he again pushed them off the station. It was also great to see our friends stand with us that day. In one particular point of the battle as it looked at RUSRUS might end run around our fleet which had ended up out of position TEST dropped in with a large AHAC fleet and warped in to block rusrus from moving. Our friends in Bombers Bar and TEST made run after run after run consistently murdering the Russians. Hell even Ammzi and Pizza Showed to help the cause as well as PL. The fight in the end was more fun then I can ever have imagined having. I received convo’s from people in -a- and -dd- I know who all stated they were stunned at our plan and we had fought like “Lions”. And to be honest the Russians earned that station and paid the Iron Price for it. They fought like hell. All in all none of that would have been able to happen had it not been for the insane work that Shak and Dicxx put in.

    September 16, 2013 at 6:57 am Reply
  3. Soulxlight

    This could have been entertaining I suppose . . . but it was just so badly worded in tons of places. Not sure if English is your first language(??) . . . either way you should have someone really, really edit your writing for sentence structure in the future.

    September 16, 2013 at 7:36 am Reply
    1. anonanonamous

      I personally think he done good he did! 😉

      September 16, 2013 at 7:48 am Reply
  4. I just do not know

    I enjoyed the read very much, thank you for sharing taht with us, I have to say what an awesome effort you made, total respect!

    September 16, 2013 at 7:50 am Reply
  5. Ex-TRIBE

    Where’s BARF? Isn’t he gonna try to make Steel Shitty look less shitty?

    September 16, 2013 at 10:18 am Reply
    1. BARF

      I am here nothing to say, just more DICKX stroking their epeen. I see a lot of people have plenty to say tho behind an alias man up with your real game name.

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        Because you did so much, amirite? Give it a rest.

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          Sold hmmm that name does not ring a bell? Who are you again someone hiding behind a alias I see. I gave it a rest but you bitches want to call me out where is BARF so here I am lol

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          1. Lazari

            You still suck though… Just sayin’.
            No matter which alias we use on this site, the facts remain the same. Whether you can send angry mails to us in-game or not. All you have achieved with posting under your in-game name is to present yourself as a 100% asshat.
            Hope to blops you soon, kthnxbai.

            September 17, 2013 at 12:59 pm
          2. BARF

            No hiding behind a alias is something that shows how much of a coward you are. So I can send angry eve mails LOL that’s a good one, in game I don’t send mails I prefer other things to do.

            And yes I am a 100% asshat this is eve you have to be.

            Blops me ROFL bring it Lezari if this is you which I hope it is, keep sitting down there in Derelik with those delusions of grandeur. Even DICKX did not join your new alliance LOL

            September 17, 2013 at 2:32 pm
  6. dichzor

    nice story.

    September 16, 2013 at 10:30 am Reply
  7. WowYouMovedSomeStuff

    After gouging everyone in the alliance for years and getting embarrassingly spacerich we finally did something that wasn’t completely motivated by greed and profit.

    Gratz, you are the Ferengi of Eve

    September 16, 2013 at 11:56 am Reply
    1. Mr Twinkie

      Facts… and nice star trek reference

      September 16, 2013 at 4:25 pm Reply
  8. jeanluc

    “DICKX Unleashed”

    I am easily entertained…

    September 16, 2013 at 5:24 pm Reply
  9. Wulfy J

    Secured the investors isk? How about repaying your debt? Still short here..

    September 16, 2013 at 8:54 pm Reply
  10. Provi Miner

    hmmm interesting story, your team did an incredible job. I am curious as to why though? I was there that last day and to be honest everyone in comms thought this was the funniest thing they ever heard of INT was losing space to DD and -a- so Int gives it to tribal. Oh BTW Tribal picks -A-‘s old home system as their base of operations. And loses it less then two days later. The best part was how carrier pilots of the alliance were using your iso’s to move their own stuff on a one way trip. Not sure how this worked out but shouldn’t the alliance been on the hook for the iso and monitoring it.

    September 16, 2013 at 9:41 pm Reply
  11. Valfodr

    Fun Facts:

    Tribal band died after the temporary coalition failed to hold Fountain and TEST forfeit Delve solve. Should’ve fought harder then, when it counted.

    Steel City brought ~900 ships to Fountain which was a lot more than any other corps, yours included. The majority of this logistics was done by a single person.

    No-one wants to hear you QQ on a news forum about logistics.

    September 17, 2013 at 3:31 am Reply
    1. Turades

      Thats funny, I remember hauling a bunch of ships for a member of yours. Not 900 ships. learn to count guy.

      September 17, 2013 at 4:06 am Reply
  12. Random Scrub

    tribe where bad, enough said

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