The new DUST 514 version seems promising as they seem to have focused in polishing already existing elements of the game rather than bloating it with unfinished features, to this we say huurayyy!

Uprising 1.4 Patch Notes:
Size: 2.3GB


* We have introduced a new “Recent Updates” screen. This screen will be shown the first time a player logs in each day (with the day rolling over during downtime). It contains: mail notifications, SP progression, augmentation countdown and a main panel that switches between market, event news and daily bonus
* Added timestamps in chat
* Polished pop-up windows, tuned background and blur effects
* Hooked up the end of match summary screen for the previous battle to the Neocom. Players can now access the last match’s stats and player list


* Mouse rotation speed caps have been removed
* Mouse sensitivity settings have been updated
* Replaced old mouse smoothing with a new system
* Tuned radial menus for mouse settings (weapon/equipment select) to make them easier to use
* Overhauled, retuned and reactivated aim assists for the control pad


* Fixed a bug that was making dropsuit strafe speeds too fast
* Increased the strafe speeds for all dropsuits from their values in Uprising 1.1 (net result is slower speeds than Uprising 1.3)
* Removed rotation modifier on heavy frames – all frames can now rotate at the same speed


* Added squad leader icon for player tags
* Added RDV drop off location icon for HUD
* Shared passive scanner vision for squads disabled (results of active scanners are still shared with squads)
* Team member chevrons now only visible when they are in line of sight. Squad chevrons remain visible and will still stick to the edge of the screen
* HP bars and name tag visible only for what you are aiming/firing at
* Hit indication from allied sources when friendly fire is disabled
* Updated name tags displayed while in the War Barge


* Updated LAV free cam view when using the mouse so that it is more dynamic
* New vehicle/infantry collision system & damage tuning to lower the effect of the ‘murder taxi’
* Improved dropship camera view
* Improved turret aiming and camera view


* The Amarr Laser Rifle has a new red-dot sight, replacing the old iron-sight
* Increased ADS (aim down sights) aiming speed with the Amarr Laser Rifle
* Swarm Launcher base lock-on time has been increased to 1.4 from 1.2 and its fire interval has been reduced from 2 to 0.3


* Improved animation LOD switching for better visual display
* Added new vehicle shield and vehicle armor effects
* Optimizations made to vehicle models and dropship thruster effects to decrease performance cost
* Made Visual improvements to SSAO, rays and dynamic tone mapping
* Added HUD translucency option
* Environment Mood color values reset to match the corresponding level moods
* Fixed particle lights so weapons and objects around the player will be illuminated when firing a weapon
* Fixed shield impact effects for small handheld weapons so it’s visually easier to recognize if you are inflicting shield or armor damage


* Adjusted Armor Plate attributes – HP bonus of 85/110/135 (Basic/Enhanced/Complex) and speed penalties of 2%/3%/5% (with full skill bonuses this equates to 93.5/121/148.5)
* Adjusted Ferroscale Plate attributes – HP bonus of 35/50/75 (with full skill bonuses this equates to 38.5/55/82.5)
* Adjusted Reactive Plate attributes – HP bonus of 25/40/60 and speed penalties of 0%/1%/1% (with full skill bonuses this equates to 27.5/44/66)
* Made deployed enemy equipment detectable with the active scanner
* Active Scanner now causes detected objects to pulse on the HUD/minimap/overview map so that you can more easily identify scan results
* Updated equipment deployment system to prevent deployment failures


* Implemented Surface Infrastructure Sets so now medium and small socket components are defined by the large socket component in the map
* Introduction of the “Research Facility” Surface Infrastructure, comprising one large outpost with several integrated medium and small sockets
* Three new battlegrounds in a brand new mission terrain: Impact Ridge, Fracture Road, Border Gulch
* Added new night mood layer


* Matchmaking has been rebuilt from the ground up to offer more balanced matches, more flexibility, and future proofing
* Matchmaking will now vary wait times in order to try and build better teams
* In conjunction with the new matchmaking system, the Battle Finder has been rebuilt to take advantage of the new matchmaking features
* Instant Battles are now all combined into Public Contracts; players can now select which game modes they wish to queue for allowing them to now queue for multiple game modes
* Factional Warfare battles are now available as a queue known as Faction Contracts; players can choose which faction(s) they wish to queue for
* Corporation Battles are now found under Corporation Contracts
* Implemented idle timer to prevent AFK farming in battle ground or MCC. Players not performing any PVP action in a certain period of time will be kicked out of the game


* New daily activity bonus: 3000SP for the first day, increasing by 500SP every consecutive day. Daily bonus is capped at 6000SP (attained after 7 days of consecutive logins)
* All handheld weapon reload skills now have a cost multiplier of x3 (down from x6) and their skill book ISK price reduced to 203,000 from 774,000
* All heavy weapon reload skills now provide a 5% bonus, up from 3%
* The Forge Gun, Mass Driver, Swarm Launcher, and Plasma Cannon ammo skills now provide 1 extra unit of ammo for each level of the skill (for a maximum of 5) instead of a % bonus per level
* The HMG Operation skill bonus has been changed from reducing heat build-up to reducing recoil by 5% per level
* The Swarm Launcher Operation skill bonus has been changed from increasing the clip size to reducing the lock-on time by 5%
* The Scrambler Rifle Operation skill bonus has been changed from reducing charge time to increasing cooldown speed by 5% (does not affect overheat cooldown speed). This affects the base and Assault variants


* Corporation tax: Corporations can now set a tax rate. The tax rate is the same for both EVE and DUST players in the corporation and can be set in either DUST or EVE. To set the tax rate in DUST you must be either a director or CEO of the corporation and go to edit the corporation details; the same location you would edit the corporation description. Tax is set as a percentage and will be deducted from all corp members whenever they receive income from a battle. Only rewards of 100,000 ISK or more will be taxed


* The Starmap now has better planet rendering
* Colors on the Starmap have been reassigned and NPC empires will now have their appropriate colors

Bug fixes and polish

* Fixed a bug on vehicles that prevented them from using the correct view distance at certain angles
* More hit detection improvements
* Various visual effect bug fixes
* Resolved voice chat connectivity issues related to Vivox


  1. Shana Zera

    Many people here seem to consider DUST 514 to be dead, a failure by CCP and a waste of time and money.

    However, I’d like you people who think DUST is worthless to remember what EVE Online first looked like when IT was first launched. It looked pretty terrible, to be perfectly honest. It took a lot of time and money to get to where EVE is now, and I believe that the same approach will work with DUST.

    Not many companies take this approach because it’s such an investment, but this is CCP guys: they’re the ones that made EVE over the course of 10 years. Comparing the first expansion to the latest expansion, they look like entirely different games. DUST has been barely out for a year; imagine how much it might change in only 4 or 5 years.

    True, DUST has a lot of areas, too many to count, that need improvement. However, CCP IS working on it, even it it may seem slow, amateurish, and inconvenient. Give them time, patience, and the encouragement, and I can’t wait to see what DUST will turn into.

    September 4, 2013 at 9:35 pm Reply
    1. iskbot#1337

      it will turn into a waste of time and money.

      September 4, 2013 at 10:25 pm Reply
      1. Time will tell, but i agree with Shana that CCP has shown themselves able to sharpen up their games. They probably could have been more ‘efficient’ with their development approach to Dust though. Feels like their way of cooking games is like lifting a steak constantly off the bbq to check the done-ness… tsk tsk…

        September 5, 2013 at 7:46 am Reply
        1. Jordan Geldart

          The difference being that EVE was born during a time when there were very few MMOs. It was pretty much the only Space MMO. No other games had a single shard. In short EVE had a small niche with almost no direct competition.

          Dust is being born into a world where there are hundreds of FPS games. Many are backed by HUGE franchises and even bigger publishers pouring billions in. To top it off people are also loving the current gen of FPS and are looking forward to the next (its not a segment thats struggling).

          Even though CCP talk big about dust being different, it really isn’t. Its an ok FPS with long skill grinds and poor controls. The whole Eve/Dust link when you boil it down to whats there today iss totally pointless. A couple of shared chat channels and letting a eve player press a button every now and again (if the eve player isn’t there an NPC does it anyway) isn’t two games integrated.

          While its possible one day Dust might get better. Does anyone really see it catching up to COD and Battlefield? CCP work slowly, there is zero chance they are going to keep up nevermind catchup.

          September 5, 2013 at 6:53 pm Reply
          1. What do you define as ‘very few MMOs’? Just before I continue, I define ‘young’ in the MMO market as less than 3 years. While other genre of games can get old very quickly, MMOs tend to have longer strategic outlooks.

            Now, 3 years on either side of the EVE’s launch in 2003, we had MMOs that were very popular (at the time) like EverQuest (I and II), WoW, Ragnarok, Runescape (I know, even this was quite popular -_- ) and the list goes on, getting progressively more obscure, as you are right, MMOs were young in those days ;D. The MMO genre was picking up speed during that time and soon to be joined by many games 3-4 years down the track. I’d say that Eve was launched in quite a competitive environment.

            Further, the earliest of these games (late 90s to 2002) were competing in a niche market. Not until after WoW, did MMOs explode, as you will be able to search the number of MMOs that were released in the forth coming years, especially during 2006/7/8. What is important to pull from this is that Eve was growing during these times of intense competition in the MMO genre, despite the genre itself being so young.

            Eve Online’s single shard system, was its competitive advantage, not what defined the market it competed in. In other words, by having a single shard, this did not protect it from competition with other MMOs. In short, I’m saying that it did indeed have many direct competitors, as the MMO market began to boom, especially as the years progressed to 2006/7/8 and it’s way of differentiating it’s product was the single shard most importantly, but also space ships, destructible possessions, etc. In this I agree, it was probably the online space MMO to note of… for which we are all thankful 😉

            So, for Dust 514 to compete in today’s FPS market, I’d still say that CCP ‘can’ do it. They are carrying the same competitive advantage they had with Eve, a single unified gaming universe. And while, they may get a stomping by forth coming titles (i’m looking forward to TitanFall ^_^), I believe their strategic outlook will provide them some saving grace, in that they simply have more time. By launching Dust 514 early, they get the game onto the map, and though it maybe close to a skid mark on the FPS map, it still has its definable characteristics and a player base history to draw upon to support it. I still say time will tell, and hear you on your thoughts, but I’m just a bit more optimistic than the average Eve OnlineR :p

            September 6, 2013 at 1:47 am
          2. Shit I should have done this reply in a blog lol

            September 6, 2013 at 1:47 am
          3. Jordan Geldart

            Do it. I have another long post I need to write in reply to your last message :-)

            September 7, 2013 at 7:27 pm
          4. haha just slap it here, not much chatter on this so we might as well have at it 😀 Interested in hearing your thoughts!

            September 8, 2013 at 6:32 am
  2. Meh

    men i love the 1.4 patch

    September 8, 2013 at 10:42 am Reply

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