Ripard Teg predicts EVE Valkyrie to be Oculus Rift’s killer app. He doesn’t even use his normal weasel words to softball the prediction. That’s something he normally does so that he can still claim being right if something does come to be, or to waive off claims that he was wrong if a guess doesn’t come to be. To make such a straight-up, unequivocal prediction, that’s unusual for Ripard. Ripard is a dude who is always right, even when he’s wrong. (He’s still a good guy though, and he’s still an excellent CSM representative.)

He must have been damned impressed by EVR at Fanfest 2013 to be this excited and positive about the game.

What is a killer app? Basically it’s must-have software that drives sales of a given piece of hardware. Usually the software is an exclusive on said hardware. Space Invaders was the Atari 2600’s killer app in 1980. Halo was the XBox’s killer app in 2001. There are lots of other examples, but those are two of the best known examples.

I’ve never played Valkyrie. I can’t say if it’s a killer app or not. All I’ve seen of Valkyrie (since the Fanfest presentations) is the new announcement trailer. If the very quick snippets of in-cockpit gameplay that we do see, if that is actual gameplay and not some gussied-up, fancified, not-actual-gameplay trailer magic, then the game does look pretty f-ing amazing. And if the footage in the trailer is actual gameplay, then it’s alpha-gameplay and is only going to look better at release. So Ripard may be on the money proclaiming Valkyrie the killer app for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display.

(For the sake of the rest of this post, I’ll assume that what we see in the trailer is actual gameplay.)

Valkyrie will not be without competition, though. So making bold statements about killer apps could be premature.

One space combat simulator is already supporting the Rift, though it can’t be considered serious competition. The game is Vendetta Online. Similar to EVE Online in a scaled-back way, and it does not seem to have progressed much, technologically, from its 2004 release date. It kinda looks terrible.

Strike Suit Zero, an indie title that has already been released, now has beta compatibility with the Rift. It looks somewhat promising (video.) The graphics aren’t on par with Valkyrie.

GoD Factory: Wingmen is the strangest entry. It’s space combat, but it looks wholly bizarre in terms of ship design. Some people will no doubt find it attractive. I find it a little off-putting. They currently have an alpha release available for download. And you can watch a gameplay video.

One title that will most definitely be competition is Strike Vector. The demonstration video is spectacular. Nice graphics, and then fifty seconds in they start showing us the ships in flight, zipping in and out of those industrial structures. It looks like a rush.

And then there is Star Citizen, which everybody, except myself, seems to care about. The combat will support Rift. What it will look like is anybody’s guess?

Will Valkyrie be a killer app? We’ll have to wait to see. There’s already one solid contender in the space sim category, and another people expect much of. I’m not even considering games from all the other categories (racing, mecha, FPS.) Hell, Euro Truck Simulator 2 looks like a nice relaxing way to spend a couple hours with an Oculus Rift.

If CCP can add some EVE Universe integration into the Valkyrie experience, then they’re giving themselves a leg-up on the competition. Oculus Rift into a living, breathing existing universe, or a simple arcade game. The former I would play, I would buy a Rift for; the other, meh.

Poetic Stanziel

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  1. CCCP

    Get a grip into reality… it’s CCP… That will be the new Dust514. By the time they want to release it it will be obsolete and beaten up by competition. And I really hope for that.

    August 21, 2013 at 5:08 pm Reply
    1. Meh

      stealth nerf falcon comment.

      And i really hope you smash your head hard today…

      August 21, 2013 at 5:25 pm Reply
    2. wilson

      People will give you shit, but come on.

      It took CCP ten years to get EVE where it is today. Why do these fanbois keep thinking CCP is capable of producing new polished innovative content? There is not one single example of this happening. During the last decade there has been an explosion of mobile integration with everything. What has CCP done to capitalise on this? nothing. Everyone agrees Dust is rubbish. Everyone agrees WIS is rubbish.

      The one thing they have done well is take ten years to get EVE to perform as a pretty good political/economy sim. Is it a great space sim? Hell no! It’s closer to a submarine sim. But it is pretty.

      August 22, 2013 at 2:37 am Reply
      1. LOL.

        You should learn the difference between a simulation and an mmo rpg. Eve is the later and doesn’t claim to be a sim.
        I do know quite a few people who enjoy dust (I would definitely play it myself if it wasn’t console only)
        WIS is technically well done, just doesn’t add to the game much. But you should not forget that this was CCP working on trying to fulfill a very common and popular player request at the time.

        As I’ve mentioned before I have played evr before and I belive it will be a great product

        August 22, 2013 at 8:11 am Reply
        1. CCCP

          “I do know quite a few people who enjoy dust (I would definitely play it myself

          if it wasn’t console only)”

          Another great management decision to have Dust 514 console only… CCP at its best.

          August 22, 2013 at 1:16 pm Reply
        2. wilson

          Yip – replace sim with rpg then, the point is still the same. CCP announced WIS, what, 5 years before it went live? Any public pressure they created was their own doing.

          You say you believe it will be a great product – me, I am not so sure. It looks promising. But CPP is big on promise and bad on delivering (see DUST, WiS etc)..

          August 26, 2013 at 6:15 am Reply
  2. nigger jim

    war thunder also is getting rift support. soon we will all have awesome ww2 dogfights with this cool new toy. (also yea i guess theres eve stuff with it too)

    August 21, 2013 at 6:08 pm Reply
  3. justanotherwasteoftime

    I’m sure they’ll find a way to fuck it up, make it a nightmare in playability and promise a ton of features that will never ever make it into the game.

    thinking of all those resources that could have been spent on improving eve … :(

    well, that’s how nerds are. throw some eyecandy at them and they are all yours

    August 21, 2013 at 9:13 pm Reply
  4. LOL.

    i do own an oculus, and i’ve played most of the demos available. During fanfest i’ve played EV-R (which is now named valkyrie) and i really wish CCP would release the tech demo anyways, since its the best demo so far and would make it easy to show people how amazing the oculus rift is. Most other demos are hardly a playable game, and even the well made tf2 integration just doesn’t feel like its made for it.

    In your article you mention for example Strike Suit Zero – while the Integration itself ain’t bad, its one of the more awkward titles to play on the oculus, basically since its 3rd person view. Also you don’t gain any advantage by the head tracking.

    Vendetta Online is a nice title, however i’ve yet to see the oculus integration. With it being based on virtual huds and not cockpit views it might feel quite weird. Not to mention its graphics don’t compare to the graphics that the EV-R demo showed. (actually EV-R has outstanding graphics for a unity3d game)

    GoD Factory is very likely to have the same problem as Strike Suit Zero has

    Strike Vector i’ve honestly never heard about (but will look into)

    Star Citizen, well i pledged a huge amount of money on that, and from what i’ve seen so far, once they deliver there is a high chance it will work greatly. With Roberts having already put alot of work into its immersion, with full cockpits and full animated pilot bodies, this game seems predestined for the oculus – but its likely to be a lot more simulation heavy, while EV-R played like an perfect arcade title.

    There are a few indi-space games in works for the oculus as well, but all of ’em that i’ve seen so far looked like they where made by a 12 year old student who tries to learn development that way – not a bad thing to do, but unlikely to be a good game.

    Non-Space titles for the oculus that i’m looking forward to are definately MechWarrior Online and War Thunder. The later already has a rift integration, which is getting better with each patch, but still needs a lot of interface work to be really fun.

    August 21, 2013 at 9:22 pm Reply
    1. Poetic Stanziel

      If you watch the Strike Suit Zero developer video, they are creating an in-cockpit view for their Oculus integration. (I still don’t think it’s a very good game, though.)

      Strike Vector looks really quite cool. Check out the videos.

      August 21, 2013 at 9:56 pm Reply
      1. LOL.

        I did, and it’s not really a space game 😉
        Also their faq said that they don’t have time to add oculus support, and that they will add it when they have time. Something an indie studio usually doesn’t have.

        As for strike suit zero: oculus integration is build in, it is actually released and it doesn’t have cockpits. I will re test it if they ever release a cockpit patch, but I don’t build my opinion on marketing videos where developers claim something.

        August 22, 2013 at 8:03 am Reply
        1. Poetic Stanziel

          They tweeted last week that they just got their developers Rift … so hopefully they’ll prioritize adding Rift support.

          August 22, 2013 at 12:38 pm Reply
  5. hello there

    hey, I just checked by and noticed something, you always write about something you didn’t use by yourself but you have a strong opinion about it that fill some rows of text. Shouldn’t you use the occulus before you write a text about it?

    August 22, 2013 at 1:45 am Reply
  6. spelling... what spelling

    So CCP has gone – ohh shit Starr Cit… and been working on getting something out to reduce the impact swapping subs before it – well done CCP trailer looks cool.
    I had never considered getting PS3 for Dust514 but I def want the occulus rift to play Valkyrie

    August 22, 2013 at 3:31 am Reply

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