Riverini’s Note: Even if you don’t care about the CSM, you should take the time to read this and vote.

If you're having EVE problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems to set the devs on.

About three weeks ago, the 8th Council of Stellar Management (CSM8) asked you for suggestions for improving EVE in what we are calling the "Reasonable Things" Initiative. The response was staggering — a grand total of 1363 suggestions were submitted!

With so many suggestions to consider, reducing the list to the final 99 that you will be voting on — and doing it in less than a week — was a significant challenge.

We ended up keeping it simple. Each participating CSM reviewed the list and upvoted all the ideas they thought were good. They were then sorted by number of upvotes and subsorted by their order of submission, and the top 99 made the final list. 10 CSM members submitted upvote lists, and items that "made the cut" had between 3 and 9 upvotes.

Now it's up to you to vote. Here's how to do it (please read carefully):

  1. Review the list of items, which you can find here, and select as many of them as you want (we suggest at least 10-15).
  2. Rank the items in order of importance — first is most important, and so on.
  3. Post a message in the devblog discussion thread that contains a line formatted as follows: <your character name>,<your favorite item>,<your second favorite item>,…,<the item you care enough about to rank, but less than all the other items you picked>. For example, this voting list: "Angus McRanker,13,19,37,4,12,87,56,99,2,5" – means that for Angus, 10 items were important enough to rank, and of these, #13 was the most important, and #5 was the least important.

Important notes:

  • The character name of the poster of the message must match the character name in the voting line — this is how our software recognizes a vote.
  • Vote only once per account. People who try to sneakily vote their alts and trial accounts may find themselves faced with The Wrath of CCP Dolan. Take it from us, you don't want to risk that!
  • To make assembling your list easier, CSM has created a Crowdsourcing Prioritization Assistant. This lets you view all the suggestions, filter them, add them to your list with a single click, and easily rank them in order of preference.
  • We currently plan to use the same STV ranking system to rank your preferences that was used in the CSM elections, but will also publish all the votes so interested players can analyze the data in different ways.

The CSM would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to make your preferences known. We can't wait to see the results! With the upcoming CSM August Summit we hope to bring up many of these ideas and suggestions with CCP and discuss them face to face.

One final note: Because of the limited amount of space in the final "ballot", hundreds of good suggestions didn't make it. But all is not lost! The complete list (including what CSM's liked what ideas) is available on the Wiki, and is also available as a filterable list. We hope that it will be useful as a source of ideas to CCP in the future or as talking points in casual conversation with CCP devs.

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  1. 2.4

    27: Make it so you cannot use a gang link module inside a POS Shield, only outside it.

    Is useless now…!!!

    Also, I like how alot of these “Top” Suggestions are things that nullsec (mainly goon) CSM Members have been pushing.

    Way to go on pushing your personal agendas instead of helping out the whole game!

    August 1, 2013 at 7:39 pm Reply
    1. TiredOfAllTheStupid

      There’s several non-goon CSM members.
      Theres also a few WH members this year, which is nice.

      If you don’t like the lack of highsec reps, get your friends together and vote for them.
      Democracies are representative of those who vote, not those who simply exist.

      August 1, 2013 at 8:53 pm Reply
  2. your mom

    stop having stupid and useless idea must be n°1

    August 1, 2013 at 9:06 pm Reply
  3. Devore

    #35: shift-drag
    #89: this is a restriction on all modules where only one can be fit on a ship, like probe launchers. It is annoying, those modules are not movable, when obviously you intend to move a module from one slot to another when dragging it, and not trying to duplicate it. Ie, order should be “unfit first”, “refit second” when dragging modules between slots, like simple logic dictates, which it obviously is not today.

    August 2, 2013 at 3:07 am Reply
  4. See See Isnt

    I’m disappointed that several are duplications; can’t they merge them and add a couple more requests, or was there really only 97 decent suggestions in the entire 1000+ list?

    Also they should remove any that are already in the pipeline; as it’s meaningless if CCP carry on as normal and can still say ‘Hurrah we fixed 10% of your 99 problems’.

    August 2, 2013 at 10:28 am Reply

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