Calling all Bloggers

We are making a new bloggers call, we have found a formula which ensures a high turn out of traffic from our syndicated articles to these blogger’s pages. EN24 also wish to provide an advisory role for new bloggers willing to setup their own blogs and just don’t know where to start.

For both syndications and blog creation consultancies, feel free to contact me either on skype: ebenezerriverini or [email protected]

EVE and DUST 514 Channels Owners

First there are the solo streamers, those who own their own channels at Twitch.TV, streamers like Daopa, Mad Ani and Ryan’s Revenge. For these and other streamers we wish to allow their broadcasts to reach a bigger audience, with the proper immediacy and within their own schedules.

This means the need to give them a self-serve method of posting their own live feeds and once their broadcast is over, these feeds would be taken down from the EN24 front page listing to reduce the article clutter.

The idea is to let these streamers to get a video views kickstart and build their own audience whenever they wish to stream and without building someone’s else channel views.

I have never streamed, can you give me a hand?

Yes, we can. We are also interested in helping players interested in giving streaming a try to provide them with the technical knowledge and know-how to setup their own streaming channels and give them a hand with the visual identity of their channels, as well getting them promoted on Eve News24’s social networks.

Contact [email protected] – subject: EN24 Twitch Channel Owner Call.

The EN24 TV

I am doing something different with Eve News24’s video plans. We wish to roll out an actual Online Television channel for EVE Online – pretty much the same way EVE-Radio filled in a niche a few years ago.

In RL, I am the CPO of a Revision3-like Web Television Network for Latin America, the experience gained from the last year and a half has been priceless to say the least and I see in EVE Online a pretty good ecosystem to implement the plans I got in mind.

This project will include both Pre-Taped Shows, Live Shows, Live Streams and News shows. TweetFleet! Live with Darth AE0NZ was a good proof of concept of some the ideas we wish to allow out associates to come up with. We are pursuing interested bloggers, podcasters and players in general who are wiling to commit to deliver EVE Online / Dust 514 relevant content and be rewarded for it.

The most important thing is that we will give a heavy focus on the production values of the project, with proper format for shows, help with content creation and providing the ID’s to compel a coherent visual identity. Creating such project takes a fairly large overhead in the production and planning phase, for this reason don’t expect this to roll out next month.

If you have in idea for a WebTV show and consider yourself to be willing to commit to it, write to [email protected] with the subject: EN24 TV Shows.

A Smashing New Website

Our non-EVE online sister site finally comes to life on August 2nd, YAY!. I have taken the necessary measures to ensure a successful launch – including taking a well deserved leave from my RL commitments. For this site I won’t be the Editor in Chief, we already have a pretty nice team and we are willing to open up spots for for writers and bloggers who wish to make a name for themselves in the wild internets.

If you wish to write for this new project, fire an email to [email protected] subject: NON-EVE Writing.

– R


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