So, I was fondling my alt’s Bouncing Buddha’s the other day and I realised something. If only these Luscious Orbs were a tad bigger. I could swear CCP Games hear my prayers and delivered me a miracle!

Apparently, along with the Odyssey update, CCP sneakily increased the maximum Boob size of character creation. Now everyone knows how reliable the internet is, so, I decided to do a little bit of investigating.

Fortunately, I already have a character with maximum sized Sweater Stretchers that is pre patch. Lucky me, so we have our base line. Now I just need to create a new character and start messing around.

Here is my character with her Lung Protectors. With those sexy eyes and firm supple Hooters she… ok then.. back on topic.

And here she is with no top on! For only 2 bill ISK, she could be stripping for you!

Next up I went and created another sexy vixen. After all the tugging and yanking I could muster (with her Airbags gentlemen) I managed to end up with these perky Siamese Twins:

Comparing the two images side by side, I came to the conclusion that the only true different I could see were slightly perkier Traffic Stoppers with a minor amount of more.. fullness.

So, this had me wondering.. How did the OP of the “Massive Breast Enlargment” post make their characters Mammary Glands so big? Clearly under the same conditions there is little change. So I delved deeper into the motor-boating realm. I went and *gasp* added sag. I added weights to my new character and gravity took its toll. Now we see something that looks big because it actually looks like it is affected by weight:

I was still left wondering, how else can I make these Puppies grow? Well, apparently, adding a high neckline top can do the trick! With a little material, these Quafe can Holders looked bigger! Take a look at the comparison!

It turns out CCP didn’t do too much of a change. Just a little perkiness here and a bicycle pump here.. The true trick is to simulate weight and cover it, leaving the viewer to fantasize more!

This is the Boob-man Novus, signing off until my next retarded article!

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