“What manner of men are these who are of the Black Legion. They are firstly all volunteers, and are then toughened by hard trolling. As a result they have that infectious faith and that offensive mindset which comes from psychopathic illness. They have jumped into combat with no SRP and by doing so have conquered fear. Their duty lies in being the outnumbered: they are proud of this statistic and have never failed to produce killmails. They have the highest standards in all things, whether it be skill in battle or lyrical ability on the forum. They have shown themselves to be as tenacious and determined in Munnins as they are in suicide dreadnoughts. They are, in fact, MEN apart. Every man a Viking.”

The above is my little parody of a famous quote from Field Marshal Montgomery speaking of the British Parachute Regiment. See the bottom of this page for the real quote (

Trolling aside, the Black Legion is a small alliance, by nullsec standards, that prides itself on PVP excellence. It has been through several coalitions but the core iteration, what it means to be Black Legion has remained the same. It is a nullsec alliance that seeks good fights and intense PVP combat above all other considerations. In that sense it is more akin to a lowsec pirate organisation transplanted into nullsec than a territory holding alliance. Competent alliance commanders combined with high calibre PVP pilots have produced what we know as Black Legion today.

The Legionnaire Himself

A member of Black Legion has the following qualities

– A high skillpoint count allowing him to ship into a wide spectrum of doctrines
– PVP experience be it in other nullsec alliances or from lowsec
– Access to capital sized ships
– Self sufficiency, usually from pirate mission running
– Highly motivated to die in combat so he can go to Valhalla


The Black Legion is best described as a roving mercenary-bandit organisation, and so it is no wonder they live in pirate NPC nullsec space where their assets cannot be touched by the ebb and flow of sovereignity changes. They enjoy fighting outnumbered against larger nullsec blobs and swooping down on targets of opportunity. Big game hunters (read: capital and nullsec carebear hunters) are well respected for this reason.

The Legion operates on the “Just in time” business practice. High mobility and versatility is created by minimising stockpiling and encouraging all members to be able to fly and do many different roles. The opposite of this practice is a “Henry Ford” model which forces staff to perform the same role time and time again, maximising proficiency in one role but reducing ability to adapt. The result of the use of “Just in time” practices is a very lean no fat fighting machine.

There is no Ship Replacement Program as this is believed to be a sign of weakness and spoonfeeding. Instead each member is expected to have ships for every doctrine and replace their own losses from their own wallet. This has promoted a greater standard of ship handling skills. Also of note is the “Crystal Fleet” – a fleet of dreadnoughts that are used to gank supercapital ships. The fleet is sustained by the insurance of the dreads but primarily by the sale of Crystal Implants farmed from Gurista missions.

Black Legion’s warriors are available for hire and have been hired several times in the past. Talk to alliance command for serious offers.

Military Doctrine

Black Legion philosophy of warfare is “Brutor” philosophy, that is “simply fit as much firepower onto your ship as is humanely possible.” As such ships are fitted with no EWAR but just have max tank and gank. What support they bring to their DPS ships is either logistics or tackle (be it interdictors or recons). They disdain the use of EWAR or ECM, preferring to use stasis webs and target painters to effect kills.

The majority of fleet doctrines are alpha doctrines preferring them over sustained DPS. Alpha is the use of high damage artillery to volley ships to bypass enemy logistics entirely. Furthermore, Black Legion predominantly uses Minmatar ships with special fondness for the Munnin.

Members are expected to have capital ships, especially dreadnoughts, and the Legion loves using dreadnoughts in fleet combat. Carriers are also used in the whole range of roles and a Legionnaire is expected to be able to mobilise to another deployment zone in a matter of (a) day(s) rather than a week using the carrier as his rucksack.

Modus Operandi

Pewpew in the Legion ususally begins with Jabber ringing off the hook with:


Operations are scheduled in advance with maximum participation expected. Very little time is given to fleet form-up, with a high emphasis on rapid deployment (usually within a few minutes). Fleet doctrines are not announced in advance, instead fleet members have to have all the doctrines ready. Only a couple of minutes before undocking is the doctrine selected, akin to picking the right tool for the job. This is a core tenet of Black Legion success.

Roams, gatecamps, fishing (hotdrop fleets) and other PVP activity happens in abundance as well. While a Black Legionnaire strives for the good fleet fights, hunting capitals and ratters is also a popular past-time. PVP content is predominantly US-AUS with a light smattering of EU ocassionally.

Legion Culture

Black Legion culture is not for the weak of stomach. It is a wolfpack culture and has a strong drive towards elite standards. Trolling of various levels is normal and often very amusing. Local smacktalk is usually centred around tossing lowblows to the opposition and chanting “USA USA” in local (with the odd few, like myself, chanting UK UK or AUS AUS). At the end of the day, the Black Legionnaire does his best to have fun.

The association with Vikings and Valhalla does not only come from a wolfpack warrior mentality. Given that the two favourite ships of the Legion are the Munnin and Huginn, there is a mythological connection. Munnin and Huginn were the two ravens of the Norse God Odin. This is also the inspiration for the alliance logo (seen at the beginning of this article). Black Legionnaires therefore believe that death in glorious combat will send them to Valhalla – usually this results in waking up in station and reshipping.

Recruitment Procedures

There are a variety of corps in Black Legion with their own histories and identities. While the reader, if interested, should do their own research, I point them towards the Black Legion forum. As always, Read The Question and Answer The Question applies and please inform yourself by reading the fallen broken applications that have been rejected and left by the wayside. All applications are centrally processed and expect to be interrogated and probed during application. Keep in mind that not everything is at it seems and you should expect to answer riddles and sing songs of Valhalla (uploaded onto soundcloud so we can cross-examine).

Also note, while the Legion does not hold killboards in high regard as a perfect record of PVP skill, it does show PVP activity and highlights stupid mistakes (dying in faction pimped ships with salvagers in the highs might be an example).

– Ezek Price

Having started PVP on Day 5 of his EVE career, Ezek Price is devoted to PVP and frequently commands fleets. He rose through the ranks of the Caldari Militia while in the Kraken alliance and later left to become a member of the mercenary community. We invite you to read the musings of a spaceship op commander and soldier of fortune in his Civire Commander Blog.


  1. Forest Troll

    Seriously had to post this given the article:

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    1. OmenNihilo

      It was a group effort. Op was organized by Verge of Collapse but it wouldn’t have happened without BL. and everyone else!

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      1. Forest Troll

        a great effort indeed! GW!

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      Q-CAB2 V – We Definately Revenant Now

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    There, I just wrote your article and made it a lot shorter too.

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          edit: yeah yeah, typo, fuck.

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  10. Dave The Rave

    The last line bother me some, the use of salvagers in the highs is more commenly used as a heat sink, as they are cheap and act well to soak up heat when overloading, most will be offline, they work alot better then a empty slot giving you the ability to overload longer, any1 that knows what they are doign in pvp knows this.

    Clearly you dont.

    July 8, 2013 at 7:32 am Reply
    1. Buh Buh

      for your information, CCP changed that over a year ago! that doesnst work anymore!

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      Offlined module = empty slot when overheating, learn your shit before you fail to call someone out.

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    3. Ezek Price

      I meant ALL salvagers in the highs…

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        Ofc you have to point out that BL killed a revenant, but that doesnt change things. (look, we are cool, we killed a revenant and we will be 4 weeks smug about it)
        rly? how old are you?
        you still suck mittens cock and you ruined your reputation in eve with that “contract”

        July 8, 2013 at 4:15 pm Reply
        1. Ezek Price

          And if BL had done a contract with TEST (or NC) would anyone mind? Nope, it’s been done before.

          But do a contract with the guys we shoot all the time for fun?!? I fail to see how the alliance compromised its principles.

          July 8, 2013 at 9:25 pm Reply
          1. anonymous

            You flipped sides for a little bit of isk and left everyone that had been helping you hanging

            July 8, 2013 at 9:39 pm
          2. scrub

            What you fail to grasp is that BL. is a merc alliance, they go where the ISK takes them. Some of BL.’s allies were given the same offer by CFC and declined and then were butthurt when BL. said sure, we’ll take more ISK out of your wallets. Can the butthurt express leave station now?

            July 8, 2013 at 10:24 pm
          3. anonymous

            300 bil is nothing especially when you consider the amount Cfc will make if they take fountain and its moons. For an alliance that says it is nothing like PL they sure are trying hard to be like them

            July 8, 2013 at 10:37 pm
          4. scrub

            Who gives a fuck what CFC will make? That’s irrelevant, BL. was made an offer and considering their size and principles, I would have made the same choice. You sir, are so full of butthurt that you cannot see the forest. BL. gives 0 fucks about moons or sov or any of the nullsec faggotry and politics that permeates EVE. They are here for good fights and content; if taking contracts brings that to fruition, more power to them.

            July 9, 2013 at 12:55 am
          5. Laserzpewpew

            We have no sov, we have no attachments, only have an interest in good fights. If someone wants to pay for our pvp, it’s their isk and our reward. Besides, goons only paid us to stop taking their stations and systems, they are still red and still a target we shoot constantly.

            July 9, 2013 at 1:25 am
  12. Rah

    If members replace ships themselves, then what does the alliance money from contracts and such get spent on?
    Does this get distributed to the members? If so, how do you determine who gets what share?

    July 8, 2013 at 11:15 am Reply
    1. Elftor

      fuel and dreads and shit. ship replacement is a bonus, and not expected.

      July 8, 2013 at 11:53 am Reply
    2. Fionn

      Fuel, towers, dread kits, super kits, link alts etc

      July 9, 2013 at 4:00 am Reply
  13. observer

    read more like a long winded recruitment piece for pro PvP pilots to join black legion than actualy being news

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    1. Ezek Price

      Didn’t know news sites just published news articles.

      July 8, 2013 at 3:22 pm Reply
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    Shame you guys dont have a strong EU TZ. that would help alot in boosting your numbers.

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    TLDR; Respected alliance which hates goons…are now Goon pets looking for crumbs

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  19. Ex-BL Realist

    Lol, this article is simply masturbation. The are not Vikings or MEN, they are just insufferable nerds and trolls… like the rest of us.
    Still, some chill guys in BL, nice to see them Mercing right, may many more more Supercaps grace your boards and more ISK fill your wallets x

    July 9, 2013 at 12:43 am Reply
    1. Delta Al

      After reading the title and first paragraph you weren’t expecting a serious analysis of BL were you? This is posted on a public news site by a BL guy, its going to have some pats on the back and a bit of tongue in cheek.

      July 9, 2013 at 1:16 am Reply
  20. war anyone?

    BL used a dead corps plan to wox a revenant. Might cost 250-330 bil, but still just a ship. if goons lose this war PL will give BL the -A- Treatment.

    July 9, 2013 at 4:08 am Reply
  21. war anyone?

    I don’t blame BL for being themselves, but whores get raped and killed when their city burns.

    However, mercenaries must accept the fate of their employers. Their is no reason to distinguish between them, and other CFC alliances for the purpose of this war. They accepted the offer to become agents of the CFC and thus they are.

    July 9, 2013 at 4:14 am Reply
  22. NulliBro

    Whatever I like shooting BL so stay neut pls, these guys normally won’t run from a fight and I like having an enemy that fights and doesn’t stay docked.

    July 9, 2013 at 4:19 pm Reply
  23. Derpotle diplo

    This whole article is a sham and a farce. WSHOT Organizes assassination attempts on fleet members who are long term friends of alliance members and are there to partake in sweet kills. The legitimacy of this article must be questioned. Reproted.

    July 11, 2013 at 1:31 am Reply
    1. Delta Al

      Satire and humour are things that you seem to fail to understand.

      July 12, 2013 at 3:07 pm Reply
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