I took an extra-long early lunch today and watched the Fanfest keynote on CCP’s HD Twitch channel. Don’t  worry, I’ll work extra next week to make up the time. I wrote that just in case my boss reads this. I’ve tried to talk him into playing Eve but he’s got small children and way too much going on otherwise. At least that’s the excuse he gives. I think he just doesn’t want to get pwned. *LOL*

So here are some of the things that really got my attention on the keynote. But first, I’ll start off the list with something CCP Soundwave said yesterday. He said he’d like to see POCOs in high-sec. Yes, that’s right, he wants to see player owned customs offices in high-sec. He mentioned that they would also be vulnerable to player attack. You know, that’s not a super new idea as it’s been mentioned before but I’m glad to hear that it’s not forgotten. I don’t know if it’ll ever come to be, but it is something I can support. After living in one wormhole or another these past eight months I think that would certainly make high-sec life more interesting. It’ll give me more things to criticize the goons over. 😉

So here are the items that caught my attention during the keynote address.

  • Null-sec stations (not POSes) equal to Empire Stations. I know this has been requested for a long time. We’ll see what the “instigators” and “enablers” in null-sec do with it. I think this decidedly falls into the “you can lead a horse to water” situation.
  • Adjusting Mineral Composition and Asteroid Clusters. This will no doubt cause massive ripples in the Eve Economy as industrialists scramble to adjust their production lines. However, the idea of asteroid clusters is fascinating. Isn’t that what a grav site is now? Obviously CCP has something else in mind and I am very interested to find out what.
  • Ice Belts to Anomalies! This is a very, very interesting move. It will make ice interdiction harder, which is not a bad thing. One comment to note, the ice fields will respawn after 4 hours upon depletion. There will be no waiting for down time. This is a very wormhole thing and I very much like it. I hope CCP continues to convert spawns to this sort of timetable rather than downtime respawn. That always left us at the back end of the day at a disadvantage whether one realizes it or not.
  • Jump Gate Transitions. “Nerd boner!” I could not have said it better.
  • New Pod and Death Transitions. I think we saw a little of this when CCP Soundwave was popped and podded during the demonstration. I didn’t get a good look at it though. Still, I like pretty and fancy  so I’m for it so long as it entertains.
  • Probe Formations!!!!! I admit, I love to scan. The addition of automatic formations is very, very welcomed by this capsuleer. This comes with the ability to launch seven probes at once. That to will make wormhole live that much easier – or should I say deadlier. Probe launch is perhaps the only time you can catch a scout in a wormhole. This takes the discover time from five seconds to one. That’s really significant and will affect wormhole play. Also, scan percents are changed to color coded bars rather than just numbers – nice.
  • New D-Scanner. THIS IS AWESOME WITH SAUCE. D-scans are shown on the main window. Objects show in space with brackets. The pilot determines if the detected items remain on the HUD or not. This is where I point out I was correct.
  • Crypto Challenge. An interesting game within a game. I’ll need to play this before I’m convinved but it certainly peaks my interest. Once solved, containers scatter and you have a limited (very limited?) amount of time to grab loot.  There are no NPC’s in the site so this isn’t a combat mission and that’s good. However, you can be found. That seems like the right balance but only actual play will determine if it is.

And after all this, CCP Seagull outlined CCP’s vision for Eve Online over the next year (and I will add ‘or so’ because .. well, wow, it’s a huge leap.) It seems to revolve around players building the “right kind of stargate” and “space colonization.” Where have I read about this before?

Something was also mentioned about Singularity, the test server, and checking some of this stuff out. I most certainly will. I’ll take videos and post my findings here for you to see. Stay tuned.

And lastly, I will just point out that Hilmar’s first social experience in Eve Online, his epiphany moment, was due to carebears. His second was due to a PvPer. Now isn’t that an interesting order of events – and proper.

Fly Careful

– Mabrick

He’s been around the block a time or five. With over 15 years of MMO playing under his belt and a memory that reaches back to pencils and dice, he offers his insights into the not so virtual reality we call Eve Online.

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  1. guest

    That was the system scanner, not the dscan.

    April 26, 2013 at 10:34 pm Reply
  2. Namib

    nobody is interested in the gewns test shitthead pooo fanfest stick it into a dark place that never sees sun

    April 26, 2013 at 10:41 pm Reply
  3. Nyv

    Meh. Still static sites you can know everything about by browsing a wiki. Still not real exploration. This is just and overhaul of a bad system, and not enough to cut it, I think. It won't feel more like exploration.
    But at least the sites will be interesting to run.

    April 26, 2013 at 10:50 pm Reply
  4. rkanon

    So yeah…"Space Colonization" is their theme and they're still dragging their feet on a POS revamp? Something seem a little off with that logic?

    April 30, 2013 at 5:06 pm Reply

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