Gevlon Globin is famous in the Word of Warcraft circle for having mastered the “gold cap”. His EVE journey show a very interesting “outside the box” approach to the game, PVE and the trade hubs, reason for which we invite you to pay a visit to his blog.

Better late then never, I dipped my feet into solo PvP. You know, like the other people, in a small ship, blowing up mostly, killing some frigs, having fun…

Did you believe that in a second? Me wasting time in frig nonsense? Don’t you remember when you were telling that I have to start from below, learning “the art of pew” and I replied with screenshots flying logi in fleets taking 3 regions and winning the largest supercap battle of 2012?

This is me (related shipkill) doing solo PvP literally the first time of my EVE life:

Here is the butcher’s bill from my first day (Jan 27) spent solo PvP-ing:

  • 12 ships and 8 pods killed
  • 12 ships and 0 pod lost
  • 4890M (2 more B over that pod) destroyed, 132M lost, 97.4% efficiency.
  • 168M looted, 21M peacefully acquired on the side

Before you’d think I just hit the one-in-a-million Jackpot, here is one from Monday. If it’s not luck,
I must be a natural-born PvP God, right? Of course not. You could have learned that I don’t attribute anything to personal “skillz”, but to knowledge that anyone can gain. It’s always the method that is awesome, not the guy following it. These numbers are stellar for a solo PvP-er, because he is hunting for fellow pirates, lost newbies and cyno noobships in lowsec. I went where the money is: highsec. When I finally could fit T2 small blasters to my Catalyst, off I went to solo-gank Retreivers, covetors and Hulks.

Ganking these is much easier than ganking exhumers. They have little natural tank and they rarely fit with Damage Control or adaptive invulnerability field (and even more rare to have them switched on). The barge itself is 4x more expensive than the Catalyst killing it, so 80% efficiency is guaranteed even if you take no pods. Unless you made some newbie mistake, the kill is guaranteed, since they are AFK/bot.

Barge pods are suprisingly expensive. I mean the New Order found all the expensive pods in barges, not exhumers. The reason for that is exhumer pilots are dedicated miners, who have a set of +5s at best. On the other hand barge pilots are either newbie miners (their age tells) or part-time miners. You know, fearless missioner at night, AFK-miner at day. Or nullsec PvP-er when he can play, mining all day when he can’t play.

What you need to solo-gank barges?

Two accounts: one is the scout/looter, the other is the ganker. The scout should drive a Procurer of Skiff to prevent rage-ganking. Don’t forget to fit strip miners or ice harvesters depending on what belt you are after. Fit tank, afterburner, passive targeter and ship scanner to the scout, go to the belts, scan down Retreivers, Covetors, Hulks and if they are not tanked, go near them and start mining. You warp your ganking Catalyst to the target and collect pod. Don’t forget to pull concord first in all systems you want to hunt by shooting customs office in the first, docking with your pod in the second, undock in noobship, dock in the third and so on. If there is a stationless system in the hunt area, start there shooting the customs. In a 0.6 system you can hit up to 10K EHP with chance to catch the pod and 12K without it. After Concord destroyed your ship, warp your pod away and the scout should loot your wreck. If there is no one else around, you can also loot the target, which makes you suspect so you have to dock up. If 10-20M dropped, it worth waiting a few mins. Don’t forget to dock up even if you are not suspect and unload your small cargo hold and ore hold. You can get significant amount of minerals while ganking.

The main benefits of solo ganking is independence.

If you can supply yourself (can be done with an Orca or even with Red Frog contracts), you can set up shop anywhere in the Highsec, you aren’t bound to any group. Solo you probably won’t gather vultures who camp gates or belts in order to pad their killboard with destroyer kills. Vultures are collecting concorded Catalyst wrecks (they are available to everyone) and try to pad their killboard with Catalyst mails.

The main downside of solo ganking is newbie-unfriendliness. It needs you to know what you are doing and also good skills in driving Catalyst. If you are new to barge ganking, I recommend joining the New Order and taking your first steps in a fleet. Don’t forget to add your limited API with kill-log only to

Remember: every barge you kill increases mineral prices, bringing consequences back to the game.

– Glevon Goblin

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  1. Testion

    <3 Gevlon Goblin…

    TEST may have not worked out for you, but seeing you gank miners gives me warm fuzzies <3

    Gevlon has at least learned the art of making people cry in EVE.

    January 30, 2013 at 7:45 pm Reply
  2. Grunt

    slaughtering weaponless mining barkes has nothing to do with pvp

    January 31, 2013 at 1:11 pm Reply
    1. Wescro

      Killing players has nothing to do with player versus player?

      February 4, 2013 at 11:17 am Reply
      1. Just_a_Decoy

        Ganking miners is PvE – your only opposition is CONCORD, not the player who owns the miner.

        February 4, 2013 at 5:22 pm Reply
  3. ...

    Wow, great PVP prowess.. you should be proud. Please never call this solo PVP again, kthx!

    February 2, 2013 at 4:20 pm Reply

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