So that you know my take on this immediately, I argue that Montolio is the only sane person in this ended almost-conflict (even as people try to paint him otherwise), and I argue that Goonswarm has now become everything it once despised.

I’ve written previously of the potential conflict between Test Alliance and Goonswarm Federation. This may be the last post I write on the subject. Sadly.

The Mittani has used his skills at propaganda to masterfully paint Montolio, the CEO of Test Alliance, as a madman, an insane leader bent on perpetuating a pointless and wholly damaging war. Nothing good can from this war, he argues, it will destroy friendships.

Yet, that seems like weak reasoning. Goonswarm has past bitter enemies in the CFC. Test has past enemies in the HBC. It would seem that war does not get in the way of out-of-game friendships. It seems that in-game conflict is kept wholly in context, and that laughs and beers can be happily shared afterwards.

The agitprop machine, themittani(dot)com used to full effect, and some diplo-mancy among economic cohorts, with this the almost-conflict winds down.

Shadoo came to the rescue and talked the crazy man from the ledge. That is, of course, how The Mittani and Shadoo (of Pandemic Legion) characterize the end of the crisis. They argue that nobody wants war, because EVE Online’s sovereignty mechanics are so terrible. It is probably true that EVE’s sov mechanics are terrible, but that didn’t stop three or four Goonswarm initiated wars during 2012.

The only reason why this war will not happen is because of technetium. The Mittani can try to spin it any way he wants. As crappy as the sovereignty mechanics in EVE Online may be, it certainly did not stop The Mittani from prosecuting several wars to capture more of New Eden’s technetium supply. And at least one war to protect the tech cartel he helped create.

Shadoo’s conversation with Montolio? It probably went something like this: “This war threatens our technetium moons. If that happens, Test will stand alone. If that happens, Pandemic Legion will side with the CFC. The Honey-Badger Coalition exists at our whim, not Test’s.

What did Shadoo promise in return? Staged wars. Thunderdomes. Probably more miner and freighter ganking. Maybe a Jita Burns II. Engagements with rules. Conflict without meaning. And consensual warfare, the sort of thing Goonswarm used to cringe at, the sort of thing they used to mock.

Everything points towards technetium. Goonswarm and the CFC hold most of it. They do not want war. Pandemic Legion holds many moons of their own. They do not want war. Executive Outcomes, ally to both the HBC and CFC, holds technetium moons, they are willing to vacate HBC space so that their CFC holdings remain secure. They do not want war. The parties with the most to lose economically are the parties fighting hardest to avoid conflict.

Many point to the fact that Test is no match for the might of the CFC (including Pandemic Legion, because it’s a given that PL would vacate the HBC were war to break out.) That is true, if the war contains itself to only these parties, Test Alliance is very likely outmatched. But Goonswarm has many enemies. And if all-out war were to occur, many of those old enemies would recognize an opportunity. Nulli Secunda. Triple-A. Solar Fleet. CFC and friends would potentially face a many-fronts war. In that event, a Goonswarm victory is not assured. Goonswarm maintaining their chokehold on technetium would be severely threatened.

Mittens would have everyone believe, CCP included, that wars are not initiated for economic reasons, but for rage and hatred alone. Yet, what war in the last two years has Goonswarm not initiated for economic reasons? The only wars, in the past year, that were prosecuted because of an actual dislike and/or rage were between parties that did not include Goonswarm. Solar Fleet and Red Alliance. Any war in the new, nerfed drone regions could hardly be said to be for economic regions. And Test Alliance versus Against All Authorities. Any war in the south, again, it is difficult to make an argument for the economics.

So, sure. Some wars are initiated due to rage and hatred. That’s an argument The Mittani can make. Though it is not an argument he can make with respect to Goonswarm Federation. Goonswarm no longer does anything unless it is economically motivated.

So, the likelihood of a new Great War breaking out is getting slimmer by the day. Technetium would be at risk, and protecting tech is a strong conflict-avoidance motivator.

When Montolio despondently wrote:

I concede … It isn’t what I want, but it is what you want. I want war. I want gigantic fucking battles. I want to crash nodes because people are so fucking interested in this shitty game.

He showed us that he understands this game. That he understands what drives the grunts in their alliance and corporate patriotism. Conflict is what EVE Online is about. Unfortunately, among the great leaders of our time, it’s only Montolio who understands that any longer. Perhaps it’s because he has no great economic engine to protect, that he see war as beneficial. Perhaps if he were in The Mittani’s shoes, he too would start drifting towards carebearism. We can guess, but we can never know for sure. Either way, it is a great shame that he’s been so expertly marginalized.

Montolio is, perhaps, EVE’s last great “give no fucks” leader. People should consider rallying to his cause, rather than just swallowing the crazy man narrative that The Mittani has created for you all.

Poetic Stanziel

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  1. BntyHunter

    Fly with yes…the same as you fly with Rzr, or not really the same.

    Im NCDOT, remember the guys who kicked your teeth in while being swarmed 3:1

    January 25, 2013 at 8:55 pm Reply
    1. Dave from FA

      We still have your space and you could have flushed before you left the station geez


      waiting for the didn't want that anyway comment

      January 26, 2013 at 11:23 pm Reply
  2. BntyHunter

    I cant argue with that assessment. Its pretty right on.

    But let me just say. HBC has a lot more true fighters than people think. True they have more rifter/Drake pilots but so does the CFC, I promise you when you fight Goons you arent scared 1 bit until they line up 4:1. They are as bad of pilots as 14 day old trials, partially because they dont adhere to strict doctrines except super newbish easy ones.

    So HBC has just as many talented pilots, also it has groups that are just as solid as Rzr who really is CFC`s allstars, for instance Thorn, they really are very very skilled pilots, look at there record and the SC`s they have trapped etc, most of them are very similiar to 401k but except for old BoB guys they are old NC, but the tough ones who lead during Max1,Max2, they are very chosey who joins them and that = Solid players who are all very self motivated. Then you have Init who some argue are turncoats, but talented PVPers still, in a head to head with GSF, Init beats them in Skill hands down and really stacks up well vs a Rzr. Next you have Raiden who has seen better days but is still very Exp and a very tight knit group, like Init they had little Morale fighting HBC with -A- but once they got on the winning side and felt like they were listened to and not pets they really thrived, so where they were both sending 20-40 men in battles now they are 60 from R/Init meaning a solid 120 guys who are all 30 mil min SP`d toons.

    So with just Raiden/Init/Thorn and we see a solid 300 member group which is half of what CFC will throw out but they could be in all Hellcats/Tengu`s/HACs vs all Drake/Maels.

    Problem with CFC and GSF specifically is they just run out of gas to quickly….They are purely driven off of results [as are most of us] but with 10k players, they are like a gas guzzling SUV vs a Econo hatchback :) , they are easily beat by a group like NCDOT/Thorn/Nulli/BL who live for war.

    In tribute the first 2 weeks was 600 players from CFC [no less] being hurled at us, then we stopped them dead in there tracks and had 8 straight days of victory, [I remember I had 600 kills and 2 deaths in 8 days]

    All of the sudden they went from 250 GSF players to 50 just like that, also I got contacted from CFC buddies who asked were they should go if CFC falls.

    Already only from 2ish weeks and a very hard 1 week were the player base thinking they were done. This is because they were used of the enemy breaking at the sheer site of them. I know I use it a lot but it was like the Spartans. The Persians were so used to people simply looking at there army and pissing themselves the Persians didnt know what to do when some small elite force stood there ground.

    Point is when Mittens says we are going to war, what a Goonie hears is "Yah we are calling out all Carebears from the fields and we get to gangbang a guy 5:1 and have him run and we will laugh while he either joins us or dies" but the second they are not just held back but beaten soundly, they lose hope very very fast.

    January 26, 2013 at 11:15 pm Reply
  3. BntyHunter

    Pt 2
    Also what I noticed was they care HUGLEY about Killboards [just like us] even though they act like they dont and start using our "Green KB`s" as jokes. But difference is we fight until we get Green KB`s they fight then when lose bail and let other CFC try to wear us down.

    they threw there meatshields at us next and had them all attack till the ycaused a rift between us and BL…Then instead of realizing we were weakend by losing 1/3rd our guys, they jumped in and said we lost our best FC and couldnt do anything without him, they came hard the next 5 days, until we beat them again soundly.

    Then wouldnt you know they went from 200ish GSF guys back to 50 at max.

    The key to victory vs CFC is doing well very fast and breaking them [which is easy because its hard for them to talk shit when they are being raped and everyone knows it] and then outlasting there Bteam/Meatshields and then staying in the fight.

    So thats why Non-Sov holding allies will do best, they do well vs Carebears because the longer the war the less powerful a CB is, while us professional soldiers get stronger as the war goes on.

    Basically GSF is king of the carebears and is basically made to beat all other CB`s, but if you give professional armies like NC./Nulli/PL/BL groups with massive numbers who like fighting they will be beaten soundly.

    Sorry for long posts but it`s all true.

    January 26, 2013 at 11:16 pm Reply
  4. BntyHunter

    They dont do well in protracted war… They do well, when they threaten Carebears Sov and the CB`s give up very soon after.

    Name 1 time CFC did well in a real war?
    Also name once it wasn`t using massive numbers.

    January 26, 2013 at 11:17 pm Reply
  5. srsly man

    new tech moons discovered throughout 0.0, drones/new drops actually worth something, there, game fucking fixed, not that hard, CCP is obv in bed with the CFC

    January 30, 2013 at 9:14 pm Reply

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