A few weeks ago we got word of a rumored botting scheme going on within the Honey Badger Coalition. Such botting schemes are hard to detect (else CCP Games would ideally crush them at first sight). So, whenever one these botting schemes are revealed, it usually comes out from one of the involved parties getting the short end of the stick.

The story started unraveling from the most unsuspecting ways, with an ex-member of The Jagged Alliance which as you might remember was expelled from the HBC citing “cultural reasons”. Shortly after this happened, our “old friend” Horus (a.k.a Krall Amarr a.k.a A PUPPETMASTER) approached EN24. Some of you might not recall who Horus is, but he was and still is one of the biggest illegal botters in game. Yet, he seems to be mostly inmune to CCP GAMES’s anti-botting sweeps and a royal pain in the ass to CCP Sreegs team as he keeps resurging time after time.

In the conversation that ensued, Horus claimed that TEST Alliance leader Montolio had promised space to The Jagged Alliance, but despite complying with required fleet numbers and activity, the promise never materialised. During his tenure as director in The Jagged Alliance was boosted from 400 to +2,000 members in a short space of time and eventually went for Impass; apparently without Montolio’s consent (and according to Horus).

This, combined with several rejected demands (such as hundreds of billions of ISK, giving him [Montolio] roles in The Jagged Alliance’s holding corp, or API keys for their executors) eventually meant The Jagged Alliance was forced to drop their sov in Querious and leave the HBC:

[11/17/12 4:12:26 PM] Horus: you here?
[11/17/12 4:12:37 PM] riverini: yes
[11/17/12 4:12:42 PM] Horus: story is that he know about me being in charge of The Jagged Alliance, since we joined he always promised us shit that never happened, i.e. we where last to get space
[11/17/12 4:13:11 PM] riverini: “shit” like sov?
[11/17/12 4:13:12 PM] Horus: Yes, so I boosted up The Jagged Alliance to 2k member
[11/17/12 4:13:27 PM] riverini: using the same old methods in Imperial Order?
[11/17/12 4:13:29 PM] Horus: let me tell you full story
[11/17/12 4:13:32 PM] riverini: go ahead…

[11/17/12 4:13:34 PM] Horus: we join HBC, he knows its me [to which] I deny, but he know it was me. He assign us a diplo; Viktor Villiance. He join our ts3 and say bring 50 in fleet. “we give you space in fountain , everywhere you like” – we do that – we bring 60, we go for ask space we have been told. Nothing happens. He [Viktor] talked too much, he not was supposed, fine they assign us another diplo. [This one] is low level so after Thorn get space, we ask for space also, we joined 2 day later and even after 2 months we have nothing.

[11/17/12 4:15:19 PM] Horus: so leetcheese promise us space in querious, [the] li-bao constellation plus another nearby. What happens?

[11/17/12 4:15:39 PM] Horus: during the transfer of that space between us and TEST Raiden and INIT join [the HBC]. Montolio blocks the sov transfer and give that constellation to Raiden. Praticly throwing The Jagged Alliance under the bus after 2,5 months of war on theyr side. I got mad and say to montolio we not wanna other space, we got logs with leetchese that we got promised that one, 100% etc, he first lie leet not was supposed to give us space when he assigned him for that on us, then change things 2-3 times. Eat back words, than menace us to get kicked out.

[11/17/12 4:17:24 PM] Horus: raiden know they where in middle of this problem, (not theyr fault) and mediate for us pretty much. We accept less and worst space
so I work and bring The Jagged Alliance from 400 member to 2k in 3 months with my isk and this numbers shadoo offer us Impass. So we go for Impass. Montolio get mad that we almost not asked his permission and at 7 am of 10 day ago, force me in 1h to transfer back the sov in Querious evict us from hbc, and told us to go take Impass. This cause drama and we lose 50% members. After this he approaches me asking [for] money

The following logs submitted to EN24, show Montolio in full Don Corleone mode, and mentioning funds from botting and getting enough ISK to hit all CFC systems at once, among other niceties.

(07:04:08) Montolio heh
(07:04:30) martyr12: busy day, reinforcing everything
(07:04:45) martyr12: we got 68ft-6 station and u3sq- station
(07:05:48) martyr12: first than see a real income we need to take over impass with the moons, so I cant really have liquid until we remove -a- infrastructure, so you need to tell me how much you looking for
(07:05:56) Montolio then you had an awoxer
(07:06:16) martyr12: yeah, kicked the corp, and gonna pay back the pilot
(07:06:51) martyr12: he joined with 5 alt, all fresh, hard to understand that was an awoxer, 5 char no bad history no low sp I gived all names to fras for the blacklist
(07:07:58) martyr12: we even checked thrue, http://ridetheclown.com/eveapi/audit.php story is coven hate a corp we got from inverbass so point on infiltrate on us very hard theyr awoxer
(07:13:22) martyr12: have you 2 min in skype?
(07:13:39) Montolio I don’t do voice
(07:14:18) martyr12: we talk once at voice if you remember
(07:15:53) martyr12: I just wanna understand, you hate The Jagged Alliance, becouse The Jagged Alliance, suck, or becouse of me? I am here just for help pathetiq since they got 0 isk, if I am the reason of all problem with hbc, I can leave np, and you can have back The Jagged Alliance in hbc with pathetiq
(07:16:29) martyr12: but since I joined I tryed to help the coalition, azn story, etc, I tryed all for proof you, that I am here not for cause issues
(07:17:14) martyr12: I am the key factor in this ?
(07:21:10) Montolio part of it yes, and yes I remember talking on voice
(07:21:12) Montolio and it did not go well
(07:21:17) Montolio you refused to give me any APIs
(07:21:34) martyr12: I not like being controlled
(07:21:53) martyr12: you do?
(07:22:02) Montolio I control a lot of things
(07:22:22) martyr12: include The Jagged Alliance, so what you have to worry about me?
(07:22:30) martyr12: I just wanna play montolio
(07:22:53) martyr12: I am here for play with pat, not for do strange things, if I wanna do strange things I can join much better alliance
(07:23:31) Montolio It doesn’t work that way
(07:23:59) martyr12: what you afraid I can do ?
(07:24:16) martyr12: The Jagged Alliance pilot joined hbc fleet fight with tests, thats it
(07:24:32) martyr12: I not even talked almost in badger den, fc chan forums
(07:24:51) Montolio It doesn’t matter, you are still around
(07:25:36) martyr12: so again its only my presence the problem?
(07:25:52) martyr12: you have baki yuku and is not a problem,
(07:26:07) martyr12: you have in tribal developer of botter with an entire corp of botters and is not a problem
(07:26:16) martyr12: why I am ? did I ever did anything against test?
(07:27:54) Montolio I have Baki Yaki under control
(07:28:02) Montolio Baki Yuki*
(07:28:04) martyr12: I not understand all this animosity,i praticly made for you the merge tasha-99%
(07:28:15) Montolio He listens to me and is general helpful and restrained
(07:28:23) martyr12: montolio I am en enemy only if you treath me bad
(07:28:30) Montolio The merge was a terrible idea
(07:28:40) martyr12: you like it -.-
(07:28:45) martyr12: on start
(07:29:08) Montolio Yes but it hasn’t gone very well
(07:29:12) Montolio We are reforming TRIBE now
(07:29:23) martyr12: better than what 99% and tasha was
(07:29:29) martyr12: they where pretty useless divided
(07:29:46) Montolio That isn’t really your place to argue
(07:29:55) martyr12: I am not arguing
(07:30:48) martyr12: again you take bad anything I say, seams a sport, and I really not mean anything for piss you off
(07:31:06) Montolio We have different visions
(07:31:25) martyr12: probably, as any human, but we cant simply respect each other vision?
(07:31:59) martyr12: I just wanna The Jagged Alliance to work, for pat, not for me, I am sinking isk here, not making isk, is all transparent holding and all
(07:32:11) Montolio not when they contradict
(07:33:29) martyr12: in what sense? I may not like some things in hbc, that not means I am against, or I will do something against, is very different.
(07:34:25) martyr12: can say same for cfc, or ncdot or pl, any groups and culture have pro and counter, when I was in ncdot I like the elitism, I hated all that cheastbeating, neverthless I was enjing the fleet and never caused any harm
(07:35:20) martyr12: if my leave will get The Jagged Alliance back in hbc, just say so, or tell me what to do for not have issues between us if I can accept I will
(07:35:50) Montolio You leaving won’t matter
(07:36:04) martyr12: so what you want me to do ?
(07:36:39) Montolio Give me leverage
(07:36:56) martyr12: montolio I dont know what you want from me
(07:37:17) martyr12: I work much better whan I know things, like black and white, very clear and simple
(07:37:51) martyr12: there is nothing I can promise, that will work, so is up to you be direct and explicit
(07:45:57) Montolio The only thing I need right now is ISK
(07:47:27) martyr12: how many
(07:47:38) martyr12: you almost cut in half The Jagged Alliance
(07:48:36) martyr12: we lost 800 members, and now you want isk, The Jagged Alliance not have isk , they will maybe if impass will pay off and certainly not the amount you looking for
(07:49:40) Montolio I don’t want it from The Jagged Alliance
(07:49:47) martyr12: yeah you want from me
(07:49:51) Montolio c
(07:50:09) martyr12: why should i? otherwise you fuck The Jagged Alliance? you already did
(07:50:50) Montolio You fucked The Jagged Alliance m8
(07:51:02) martyr12: for what? for get fusen ?
(07:51:19) martyr12: they field 20 capital pretty much is thx to them we taking over impass
(07:55:21) martyr12: The Jagged Alliance made more kills than tribe montolio, where more active than 4k tribers, sure still an average alliance, but was something. if you let The Jagged Alliance grow, instead cut us in half at first sign of growing, I was all for helping test if you asked.
(07:55:55) martyr12: you cut me a leg, and now ask me to run. what answer you expect?
(07:57:55) martyr12: this alliance need time for recover for return in shape. if ever was in shape., now we depend on hbc for impss, The Jagged Alliance is not certainly in grade to defend it from null2 or -a-
(07:58:17) Montolio You don’t have to defend it from either while we are around
(07:58:33) martyr12: you made more dmg than null2 montolio
(07:58:48) Montolio It was deserved
(07:58:52) martyr12: ok not was all good corp but 2k was better than 100o
(07:58:53) martyr12: for what?
(07:59:03) martyr12: at list tell me exacly for what
(07:59:03) Montolio You lied to me
(07:59:09) martyr12: on what?
(07:59:15) Montolio Denied who you were
(07:59:21) martyr12: you know that since 3 months
(07:59:29) Montolio I’ve known it since the start
(07:59:33) martyr12: and I proofed you I am working for hbc
(07:59:33) Montolio But you’ve still denied it
(07:59:40) martyr12: more for you than for me
(07:59:40) Montolio You are working for yourself
(07:59:47) martyr12: for what? for gain isk ?
(07:59:55) Montolio power
(08:00:02) martyr12: really? in The Jagged Alliance?
(08:00:08) martyr12: worst alliance history in game
(08:00:22) martyr12: I am here for give pathetiq a favour :O
(08:00:33) martyr12: if I wanna power I try escalate much better alliance, here I was executor since day 1
(08:00:39) martyr12: is not even a challenge
(08:00:58) martyr12: a challenge is transform The Jagged Alliance into something at list, “decent”
(08:01:57) martyr12: so why you not told me, leave The Jagged Alliance instead punish 2k ppl ?
(08:02:16) martyr12: I offered you my head many times
(08:03:04) Montolio I don’t want you out, I want you controlled
(08:03:12) martyr12: find a way then
(08:03:17) Montolio I have
(08:03:20) Montolio But you rejected both times
(08:03:23) Montolio So it will end the same
(08:03:41) martyr12: what the api story?
(08:04:31) martyr12: you dont need to know all my accouns for control me. you already control me becouse I care about my friend alliance
(08:04:53) martyr12: and you have e leverage point on The Jagged Alliance, but not on me
(08:06:08) Montolio I don’t need leverage on The Jagged Alliance
(08:06:11) Montolio I need leverage on you
(08:06:21) martyr12: I proofed already I am working on your side, and hbc side, remember AZN? and I can do many more things like that, you dont need to trust me just to control me and use me, yeah I like power I like be center of attention like you do and mittani do, but if you keep cutting my legs, than dont ask me to run for you
(08:07:06) martyr12: I never scammed anybody in eve, I fucked who tryed to fuck me. and usually ended bad for them. thats why I have bad reputation
(08:07:39) martyr12: you wanna a leverage point on me? you have it already, I care about pathetiq and The Jagged Alliance,
(08:08:22) martyr12: you can use The Jagged Alliance as leverage on me, but I will never let you have a direct leverage on me, I will leave The Jagged Alliance, if that will be the case, you can either use me, wich I am fine as long this benefit The Jagged Alliance, or lose me.
(08:10:43) martyr12: I will not harm test or hbc in any way since you can do same on The Jagged Alliance, wich I dont whant you to do. so I will simply leave in peace if is what you looking for, otherwise ask me what you need and if is in my abilities give a hand I will. but right now I dont even know if someone in game is a challenge for you , you can pretty much beat anybody in game with this coalition even cfc. so dunno what my presence can really matter when you alredy have a cannon, in a knife fight.
(08:11:37) Montolio I don’t like any attention
(08:12:05) martyr12: no you dont you play in shadows, but you control everything, even too much if you wanna my opinion
(08:12:15) martyr12: but when you talk, it really matters
(08:12:31) Montolio Only to my friends, anyways, bye m8
(08:12:52) martyr12: cya late
(08:14:21) Montolio Probably not )))
(08:14:33) martyr12: why?
(08:15:18) martyr12: whats wrong now?
(08:15:46) Montolio Politics
(08:15:59) martyr12: regards what?
(08:16:05) Montolio The south
(08:16:19) martyr12: you selling impass to someone elsE?
(08:16:56) martyr12: becouse I not give you isk ? what that matters with The Jagged Alliance? the alliance?
(08:17:00) Montolio Never said that, but I do need to raise my warchest
(08:17:37) martyr12: so what you wanna do ? exactly?
(08:18:40) Montolio Win
(08:18:51) martyr12: vs who ?
(08:19:01) martyr12: solar? they have already theyr problems
(08:19:17) Montolio Whoever I haven’t already won against
(08:20:05) martyr12: and what The Jagged Alliance matters in this? you already win, if ever was a contest tbh -.-
(08:23:19) Montolio Bye m8
(08:24:34) Montolio Good luck with Impass
(08:24:43) martyr12: what that means?
(08:26:46) Montolio Nothing, alert us if anyone is fucking with it
(08:27:30) martyr12: I will, and if you can find a way I can be useful let me know.
(08:27:42) Montolio I don’t think you can ever be useful in any of my plans
(08:28:16) martyr12: ok as you wish, I will not be a problem for sure then, but dont punish The Jagged Alliance cause of me, I prefer leave, let me know that ok ?

(08:52:51) montolio: What would you pay for Delve space?
(08:53:47) martyr12: The Jagged Alliance is not in grade to move again montolio
(08:54:44) montolio: in a month or two
(08:54:55) martyr12: I got you need financial help, give me 3 week for estabilish the alliance, we have lot of builder, and we can help financially test
(08:55:08) montolio: I plan to expand the coalition
(08:55:19) martyr12: we have ppl who gonna build 9 titan month, let them build it and sell
(08:55:20) montolio: S2N, NCdot, BAND, RA, INK, WHYSO are joining
(08:55:35) montolio: we are going to expand northwards
(08:55:37) martyr12: thats half of eve O_O you wanna conquer all of eve?
(08:55:41) montolio: yes
(08:55:51) martyr12: wow
(08:56:11) martyr12: if you manage to do that you will be first eve, molle tryed and failed
(08:56:27) montolio: Molle didn’t have the right finesse
(08:56:49) martyr12: but I not think null2 block gonna join hbc, maybe be allied as block, but not join as hbc, or they do ?
(08:57:30) montolio: I told you I work behind the scenes
(08:57:33) montolio: they are already HBC
(08:57:45) martyr12: ncdot is too elistis prick, for wanna be part of a giant block, I mean if you manage to do that kudos,
(08:58:09) montolio: Vince talks to me every week
(08:58:20) montolio: We’ve been talking since Tribute attack started
(08:58:26) montolio: leader of S2N is on my skype, talk regularly
(08:58:32) montolio: Their coalition is lockstep with ours
(08:58:37) montolio: Just not publicly acknowledged
(08:58:38) martyr12: yeah it is now
(08:58:43) martyr12: since you love null2 since a long time
(08:58:48) montolio: Yep
(08:58:54) montolio: and we’ve been helping them with SOLAR
(08:59:00) montolio: Molle was blunt, like a hammer
(08:59:06) martyr12: but honestly montolio The Jagged Alliance, can help financially only after 1-2 months,
(08:59:10) martyr12: we need stability
(08:59:18) montolio: Plans are moving faster then that
(08:59:20) martyr12: you threat The Jagged Alliance good, I will help personally
(08:59:45) montolio: The pieces are in place, plans almost ready to be executed
(08:59:50) montolio: Just need a little push
(08:59:55) martyr12: 3 weeks at list
(09:00:14) martyr12: if I push The Jagged Alliance, they collapse like a card castle
(09:00:32) montolio: You have ISK
(09:00:43) martyr12: me not The Jagged Alliance, montolio
(09:00:59) martyr12: and you threat me very badly,
(09:01:01) montolio: You can play a role in the conquest of EVE
(09:01:10) montolio: Baki Yuki has supplied me with T2 BPOs to fund our war machine
(09:01:28) martyr12: and I helped you gain 3 region and unclaimed from azn story, sure was also other corps
(09:01:37) martyr12: but all pvp assets of rol where in azn a major hit
(09:01:46) montolio: You make ISK like crazy, its not like you need it
(09:01:56) montolio: Baki has been helping out, he has been rewarded for it
(09:02:01) martyr12: you can get banned
(09:02:03) montolio: His group has stability, good access
(09:02:08) martyr12: if I give you isk you now that?
(09:02:18) montolio: Can’t you clean it?
(09:02:25) martyr12: I now many ways
(09:02:32) martyr12: but depends on how much
(09:02:36) martyr12: isk we talking about
(09:02:50) martyr12: 50-100b possible. bigger require times
(09:02:59) martyr12: bigger the amount more the time it need
(09:03:18) montolio: I need to be able to drop four or five office stations in unison
(09:03:28) martyr12: thats not much isk
(09:03:32) martyr12: is 100-125b
(09:04:09) martyr12: you need a month at list montolio
(09:04:25) montolio: I may be able to wait, but what can you get me in a month?
(09:04:34) montolio: When I strike, it needs to be with overwhelming force
(09:04:52) montolio: I have big plans, you can ride on the wave
(09:05:07) martyr12: I just wanna The Jagged Alliance to have fun and be stable in impass
(09:05:10) martyr12: no big plans
(09:05:27) montolio: Thats small time
(09:05:27) martyr12: usually end bed when I am involved, and The Jagged Alliance will pay the price
(09:06:00) montolio: we can give you what you want, you can give us what we want
(09:06:22) martyr12: I just wanna impass and stability, I am done with megalomaniac things montolio
(09:06:31) martyr12: get The Jagged Alliance back in hbc
(09:06:34) montolio: No you aren’t, you are the puppetmaster
(09:06:39) martyr12: I was
(09:06:49) montolio: You will always be the puppetmaster
(09:07:00) martyr12: with ccp on my back hardly
(09:07:14) martyr12: I not bot anymore, if I try I am fucked :)
(09:07:28) martyr12: I only have huge “deposit” of 3-4 past years
(09:07:30) montolio: They’ve never been able to stop you
(09:07:50) martyr12: now is divided
(09:07:57) martyr12: I play only
(09:08:09) martyr12: if I was botting they where banning me again
(09:08:20) montolio: I see
(09:08:21) martyr12: they control any isk who float into The Jagged Alliance holding what you think
(09:08:44) martyr12: I am not even using another ip or a vpn
(09:08:53) martyr12: they know its me theu ignore me becouse I am clean
(09:09:10) martyr12: sure they not know all trillions in other accounts/ip/friends/investment
(09:09:15) montolio: If I can get 150-250b I can hit all CFC systems at one time
(09:09:21) montolio: Already have director spies in most
(09:09:33) martyr12: take 1-2 months for that amount, to be “clean” and safe
(09:09:58) martyr12: if I log now an account and send 250b to test holding, we both end bad :)
(09:10:16) montolio: what can you have for me at the end of November
(09:10:33) martyr12: half december?
(09:10:36) martyr12: 100b easly
(09:10:49) martyr12: maybe more
(09:10:52) montolio: Talk with me when you can put some cash on the table
(09:10:57) montolio: Don’t talk to anyone about this
(09:11:07) martyr12: I can try to accelerate things
(09:11:36) martyr12: during december I can manage 300b at max
(09:11:54) martyr12: now I was getting a titan for myself :O and a sc I spend this month 160b
(09:12:22) martyr12: bu I can reverse a couple of titan production , 2 titan sell is worth 210b
(09:12:28) martyr12: 220b
(09:12:32) montolio: I am getting married in December
(09:12:52) martyr12: 45 day from now our titan builder wiill have 9 titan
(09:13:07) martyr12: cost for us 60b each, sell = 110+ each, so 50 b income x 9
(09:13:25) montolio: what kinds of titans
(09:13:30) martyr12: erebus avatar
(09:13:33) martyr12: any we like
(09:13:41) martyr12: I dont build shield shit
(09:14:08) montolio: we could use more bridges, but ISK for stations is better
(09:14:11) martyr12: but impass must be stable and secure, if there is a things I am good in eve is make isk, I can transform impass into a forge
(09:14:20) martyr12: no my point is resell them for market price
(09:14:29) martyr12: 2 single titan, investment= 120b, on market give 220
(09:15:43) martyr12: but for build that stuff The Jagged Alliance, need logistic thrue catch guarantee, builders and renters ask that for build titans. no need to be in hbc, just remain dunno +5, an announcement in this sense will staibilize The Jagged Alliance situation. and you will get your financial support
(09:16:24) montolio: you tell me what you need in Catch
(09:16:26) martyr12: risk free also, becouse is all in game, I can concentrate myself in purely financing, test war effort
(09:16:29) montolio: forum pm it
(09:16:30) martyr12: 1 station for logistic
(09:16:35) montolio: pick a few
(09:16:39) montolio: ill figure out which works best
(09:17:07) martyr12: ok I will ask guys to make a logistic route, what we need now is dock rights for our “citizen” alliance, in catch from init
(09:17:31) martyr12: alliance name: thx 4 all the fish, and an announcement that say The Jagged Alliance relation with hbc are better like +5 (no need hbc membership)
(09:17:40) martyr12: give me this I will give you a lot of financial help
(09:17:54) montolio: I will need to see something on your side first
(09:18:59) martyr12: man if I not honour my words you can reset us when you want no? you have the control
(09:19:23) montolio: Need some good faith
(09:19:29) montolio: How about 50b deposit for +5 ?

(09:19:44) martyr12: but no I am not going to give you 1 isk, in advance from my wallet. since you already cut me a leg once. now is your turn to put some good faith
(09:20:16) martyr12: I am not stupid montolio
(09:21:17) montolio: I will give you a logistics route out of a good faith
(09:21:28) montolio: But im not going to touch standings until I see you as part of the team
(09:21:33) martyr12: ok
(09:21:49) martyr12: I will do my best for get you first bounch asap
(09:21:59) martyr12: let me complete the production, and sell
(09:22:30) martyr12: I need onyl dock rights for our “citizen” in init space, and 1 station in catch for logistic, is all what we need
(09:22:47) montolio: Lets work on the logistics route first
(09:23:08) martyr12: GJ0-OJ
(09:23:25) martyr12: OR V-3YG7
(09:23:44) martyr12: jump point from 4oiv-x (our station in impass)
(09:23:49) montolio: forum pm
(09:23:57) martyr12: test forum? k
(09:25:43) martyr12: not accepting new registration
(09:25:50) martyr12: The administrator is currently not accepting new membership registrations.
(09:25:57) montolio: you don’t register
(09:26:04) montolio: you use auth username + services password
(09:26:09) montolio: See what I mean about integration m8
(09:26:13) montolio: you never evne logged into forums
(09:26:18) martyr12: I am not a forumer 8-/
(09:28:50) montolio: I will teach you
(09:28:55) martyr12: done
(09:29:09) martyr12: I write bad, I hate gramar nazy 😛
(09:29:13) montolio: you need to learn the art of goodposting
(09:30:14) martyr12: I not ask you to improve our standings, but a “distention” announcement can make miracles in that sense
(09:30:58) martyr12: Your Sovereignty Blockade Unit in 9ZFH-Z is under attack!
From: The Jagged Alliance Holding
Sent: 2012.11.10 08:22

The Sovereignty Blockade Unit is being attacked in 9ZFH-Z.

Attacker: mgmsergey

Corporation: X-Com inc

Alliance: RED.OverLord

Sovereignty Blockade Unit status is as follows:

Shield: 0,0%

Armor: 4950,5%

Structure: 10000,0%
(09:31:05) martyr12: rol usin super and caps in impass right now
(09:31:13) montolio: numbers, system, etc
(09:31:24) martyr12: 9ZFH-Z.
(09:31:37) montolio: numbers/types etc
(09:31:40) montolio: can you get a bubble
(09:31:42) martyr12: couple of sc
(09:31:47) martyr12: some carriers
(09:31:57) martyr12: going personally to scout
(09:32:10) montolio: if no bubble we prob can’t help
(09:32:41) martyr12: all sleeping now, is russian time, not eu/us 8-/ is just an sbu but they do this on that sys all nights
(09:32:45) montolio: okay
(09:32:51) montolio: I relayed information, probably won’t do anything
(09:32:57) martyr12: we can prepare with PL hictor logged out
(09:33:19) montolio: talk to me again sunday
(09:33:28) martyr12: will do
(09:33:56) martyr12: I will prepare a trap for this rol sc, but hbc have numbers around this time? for a hotdrop ?
(09:34:10) montolio: not at this moment
(09:34:23) martyr12: I am sure tomorrow they will do again, like yesterday
(09:34:48) martyr12: only in that sys only around 8-10 eve time
(09:37:08) martyr12: dreadnought! in siege
(09:39:04) martyr12: I go sleep. I will give you an estimation of isk income for next 45 day n8, if we have logi I can accelerate everything o/

However, the most interesting thing from our conversation is not whether Montolio was getting married or not, or voiced plans of conquering all of EvE via diplomacy and backstabbing, but the names of corps and individuals supposedly involved in botting for the HBC. He knows who he is dealing with and despite this, Montolio is giving him protection within the game. There was the mention of Tribal Band’s ‘Blood and sand’ and, specifically, the character known as Gummi Worm (link), an important name which also got mentioned later by other sources.

Riverini confronted Montolio with his findings:

test.montolio: yeah was going to petition it and hand over whatever we had to CCP. fucker has been buzzing around us for too long

test.montolio: I did something similiar when he tried to take over TRIBE

riverini: really?

test.montolio: yeah, I forwarded all his information to CCP when he tried to take over TRIBE we are about to close down a botter corporation

riverini: what about the ones inside test I was a fool not to consider this when i saw those big donations

riverini: it is the one inside TEST or the ones inside PL or ur proxy ones in empire I got all the list already sent to Sreegs, will see if true or no

test.montolio: what list, of what?


We kept talking to Horus, who went lengths into explaining Bloods & Sands importance within the HBC.

[11/17/12 4:35:16 PM] Horus: blood & Sand is a bot corp who is financing Tribal Band, if you notice [there is] is only one who own an outpost or two in tribal, all other are in hands of holding corp. They probably financing test also. Fun fact is Gummi Worm (a char in game) is developer of questor part of the team know as bbday. Another bot corp is Infinite Covenant. 2 year ago I was botting in venal together with a german guy. He is one of biggest EVE botters and is in Infinite Covenant, he run all theyr supercap production and was all funded by bots Horus: you there?
[11/17/12 4:38:58 PM] riverini: (09:07:00) Horus: with ccp on my back hardly

[11/17/12 4:40:02 PM] riverini: GUMMI WORM writes some questor code, right?
[11/17/12 4:40:05 PM] Horus: all my chars in The Jagged Alliance where. [GUMMI] is the one who fix it and keep it forward at moment and [he] is in tribal band practically [the] real CEO of Blood & Sand. I can even give you theyr empire corps of bots. How I know this? 3-4 months ago I was running it for them. They tryed to fuck me [so] I stolen to them all :O. But they not changed the chars or better they did but not all, so when they remade bot corps I was able to track them I menaced them they where forced to sell everything again. [Their] current bot corp I dont know but ccp can easily track them http://evewho.com/corp/Blood+and+Sand this is the corp and this are theyr ex 2 bot corps: http://evewho.com/corp/Fly+Away+2/joinhistory, theyr first bot corp. I forced them to sell chars but they not selled all of them a couple remained in theyr 2nd corp.

[11/17/12 4:45:30 PM] riverini: ahhh

[11/17/12 4:45:38 PM] Horus: http://evewho.com/corp/Heavy+Disco/joinhistory. I forced them to sell all, even on 2nd corp.

[11/17/12 4:45:48 PM] riverini: How much money do you think TEST received from botting corps monthly?

[11/17/12 4:45:57 PM] Horus: because they keeped zradax char, a vargur bot. Now they selled all again, you can check names and find all sell thread in eve forums.

[11/17/12 4:46:24 PM] Horus: consider this 10 characters, 800ml day almost all Vargur. 800 x 10 8bil day. 8bil x 30 day. 240b / month. In last 4-5 months. consider this are the one I know and are owned by Gummi Worm/thranodi but for sure many others are owned by other members. If you check many members are ex Untouchables; my ex corp [and] they practically tryng to replicate what I did with untouchables char like animals, or nessuno ita are ex untouchables.

[11/17/12 4:49:05 PM] Horus: http://evewho.com/pilot/Animals check history
[11/17/12 4:49:09 PM] riverini: dude
[11/17/12 4:49:17 PM] riverini: this shit is acid
[11/17/12 4:49:19 PM] Horus: http://evewho.com/pilot/Masta+Killa
[11/17/12 4:49:28 PM] Horus: http://evewho.com/pilot/Mister+Alfa
[11/17/12 4:49:32 PM] Horus: all ex outlaw.
[11/17/12 4:49:37 PM] Horus: and untouchables
[11/17/12 4:49:46 PM] Horus: http://evewho.com/pilot/NeSSuNo+Ita
[11/17/12 4:49:52 PM] Horus: there is a lot of material eh ? :)

A week and a half after Evenews24 was chatting with Horus, several other sources were trying as usual to raise our interest on botting schemes within all major power blocks (as usual). However some went into detail about alleged botting corps within HBC, and also about Gummi Worm and Questor. We got the chance to confirm some of this intel via an unrelated source. Apart from getting intel regarding Fallen Nova (allegedly a 16 member Pandemic Legion sleeping cell corp within Tribal Band), more info was uncovered in what seemed to be a large botting operation under the auspices of HBC leadership.

1:11 PM Riverini: keep going, am reading bro. BTW, what about the bots?
*edited name*: the ratting Bots? they exist

Riverini: yup,gimme a sec to copy / paste:

1:13 PM [11/17/12 4:35:16 PM] XXXXXXXXX: blood & sand

[11/17/12 4:35:28 PM] XXXXXXXXX: is a bot corp
[11/17/12 4:35:31 PM] XXXXXXXXX: who is financing
[11/17/12 4:35:35 PM] XXXXXXXXX: tribal band
*edited name*: let me look at my logs.

Riverini: how true is this statement?

*edited name*: Triget told me not to tell anyone but..

*edited name*: now that I see he can scam his Friend mandozer out of 20 something bill… what makes you think he wont scam the alliance out of isk?

*edited name*: this is what trig told me about corp Blood and sands. Blood and sand: Mostly italian, lots of supers. no pvp partic. HAVE GIVEN alot of isk for i-hubs and SRP. Gives alliance 10 bil a month for SRP. GUMMi WORM / Thranodi.

Riverini: there we go. GUMMI WORM –> talk me about this guy?

Apart from accusing Tribal Band of a certain scam involving fit Navy Geddons at really high prices and welping fleets of said ships so that members have to resort to those sell orders (which, if true, would deserve a separated article), Gummi Worm/Thranodi is, again, said to be a Questor developer.

In case you are not familiar, Questor is a bot for running missions in EvE Online. As such using it can get you banned, but it is said to be used by large sov holders to fund themselves extensively. As The Mittani himself said, it “makes moon goo look silly” in comparison:


Our source, at one point, decided to contact EN24 and Gummi Worm at the same time and feed us the resulting logs, which we reproduce for your pleasure here. He was also pulled into an IRC private channel by Gummi.

Channel ID: 35212982
Channel Name: Private Chat (alone)
Listener: XXXXXX
Session started: 2012.11.28 19:31:52

[ 2012.11.28 19:33:56 ] *edited name* > I heard you where the person to talk to for this thing I downloaded and need help setting up. wondering how much it would cost me to get it set up properly?
[ 2012.11.28 19:34:23 ] Gummi Worm > what do you need?
[ 2012.11.28 19:34:48 ] Gummi Worm > I don’t know what people said about me
[ 2012.11.28 19:35:13 ] *edited name* > you have a email or out of game thing we can talk on?
[ 2012.11.28 19:35:52 ] Gummi Worm > C——[email protected]
[ 2012.11.28 19:36:56 ] *edited name* > kk. give me a few. you have IM?
[ 2012.11.28 19:37:09 ] Gummi Worm > ya
[ 2012.11.28 19:38:08 ] *edited name* > kk. let me download the IM live messenger
[ 2012.11.28 19:38:44 ] Gummi Worm > http://webchat.freenode.net/
[ 2012.11.28 19:38:55 ] Gummi Worm > channel #dummyfordummy
[ 2012.11.28 19:39:03 ] Gummi Worm > you don’t need to downloading 😀
[ 2012.11.28 19:41:36 ] Gummi Worm > are you in?
[ 2012.11.28 19:52:08 ] *edited name* > one sec
[ 2012.11.28 19:52:10 ] *edited name* > srry IRL

In the IRC channel:

[14:32][14:32] o/ srry disconnected
[14:32] <@Guest37345> can happen
[14:33] This is gummi right?
[14:33] <@Guest37345> maybe
[14:33] Dont want to be talking to some CCP dev or something xD
[14:33] <@Guest37345> maybe are you a ccp dev 😀
[14:34] <@Guest37345> ccp don’t have any power on freenode 😀
[14:34] true true ahha
[14:35] so eyah anyways. so now the question is. what bot should I use. have you tried it? does it link back to CCP in any way? (Srry dont want to get caught)
[14:35] srry caps
[14:35] <@Guest37345> you can use questor
[14:36] <@Guest37345> there is the only mission running
[14:36] <@Guest37345> but require > innerspace (ccp approved for multiboxing)
[14:36] <@Guest37345> innerspace is around 15$ every 3 months
[14:37] <@Guest37345> than 1$ every 30 days for every bot tha you wanna running
[14:37] okay. So Questor you can dual box?
[14:37] I assume you cant move the mouse when its running right?
[14:38] <@Guest37345> wrong
[14:38] <@Guest37345> this is not ocr bot
[14:38] <@Guest37345> you can doing anything that you want 😛
[14:38] really?!? so i could have my bot running while I am in a strat op or something on a second account/
[14:38] <@Guest37345> you can also running 10-15 bots at same time to same computer that using 5% of cpu and gpu power
[14:38] ?*
[14:39] <@Guest37345> require only 800mb for istance
[14:39] <@Guest37345> this is not ocr bot
[14:39] Interesting. how do you know this? I dont think my laptop could handle 15 clients at once.
[14:39] <@Guest37345> this is a “injection bot”
[14:40] Interesting. First time I can say I have heard of a “injection bot”
[14:40] I am assuming it puts command codes in? rather then macros that move mouse
[14:40] <@Guest37345> using eve code don’t using user interface like ocr bot
[14:40] <@Guest37345> for example you don’t see the space around your ship
[14:40] <@Guest37345> you see a black screen
[14:42] So does it dock up when neutrals are in local?
[14:42] <@Guest37345> also
[14:42] <@Guest37345> but this is a mission running
[14:42] <@Guest37345> you doing level 4 on empire (hisec)
[14:42] <@Guest37345> you don’t need to care about local
[14:42] oh gotcha. will it warp out if it can’t handle the tank?
[14:42] <@Guest37345> is not a anomalies bot that you need 0.0
[14:43] <@Guest37345> sure
[14:43] <@Guest37345> but with this fit you don’t care about thank
[14:43] yeah I just thought it would go in to lowsec for the angle missions.
[14:43] <@Guest37345> with my fit you can tank every missions
[14:43] <@Guest37345> you never going on low for doing mission
[14:43] ok
[14:43] <@Guest37345> bot auto reject mission on low sec 😛
[14:43] and how much isk did you say it could pull in?
[14:45] hello?
[14:46] <@Guest37345> i told you around 400m daily for a tengu
[14:46] <@Guest37345> and 800m for a marauder (vargur)
[14:46] == Guest37345 [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.]
[14:46] == realname : – http://webchat.freenode.net
[14:46] == channels : @#dummydummy
[14:46] == server : rowling.freenode.net [Corvallis, OR, USA]
[14:46] == idle : 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes 3 seconds [connected: Wed Nov 28 14:29:16 2012]
[14:46] == End of WHOIS
[14:46] <@Guest37345> don’t try to use kronos 😀
[14:46] oh thought I DC’d again haha
[14:47] Do i need to get in game boxes in certain places pinned for it to work? or is it as simple as download client and then run it and it takes it from their
[14:48] <@Guest37345> no
[14:48] <@Guest37345> you don’t need to doing anything
[14:48] okay. do You have a link with the download deets for the bot?
[14:49] and do they take paypal?
[14:49] <@Guest37345> sure
[14:49] <@Guest37345> all with paypal
[14:49] kk
[14:49] <@Guest37345> http://www.lavishsoft.com/
[14:49] <@Guest37345> innerspace < [14:50] <@Guest37345> you must take innerspace only
[14:50] <@Guest37345> than you need to take the directeve
[14:50] <@Guest37345> http://support.thehackerwithin.com/
[14:54] <@Guest37345> then you require the softwer
[14:59] <@Guest37345> https://github.com/ISeeDEDPpl/Questor
[14:59] <@Guest37345> that you need to compile
[14:59] 1 sec
[15:00] <@Guest37345> is not so easy
[15:06] kk back
[15:08] okay. I will look in to it. Srry getting ready for work atm.
[15:09] Well thanks for the help. If you want I can send a donation when i get back from work (7 hrs) for the help :p Not much but its something
[15:11] well I am getting off here. thanks for the help and save me as a contact ingame. Might get ahold of ya again. Thanks. o/

The fact that Montolio could be aware of the procedence of the ISK which Horus could procure in the past and didn’t care (and asked for more, in fact) is not at all surprising, seeing as a well-known botting guru acts sheltered by the HBC. The corporation he belongs to, Blood and Sand, has by the way zero fleet participation in operations, according to the spreadsheet sent to us:

HBC Fleet Participation Sheet

but the corporation is still a member for some reason, unlike some corporations that have been removed. It clearly contradicts Triget’s policy in this very long analysis he wrote. In it he speaks bitterly of people not participating enough and leeching off of the benefits of belonging to the band:

Pastebin is pastebin

We want to direct your attention to this section:

“This corp, in this entire month has sent precisely one member on one fleet when there were 20 fleets run with around 100 members in each. I allowed them to be terrible. I brought them under our roof, hoping, gambling that they would make good on their promises, that they would live up to their potential, that my trust would be repaid. Instead, I got mining drama, military ratings V, and only one person, one time working to contribute to alliance goals.”

And last but not least, a very serious piece that looks like this:

*edited*: okay. Also.
1:39 PM not sure if you care to know
Fallen Nova Quisarious Alt of PL Main Several are PL alts.
that is the sleeper corp PL put in TRIBE

Riverini: ofc am interested
1:40 PM bcz those corps are the botting corps I was told about

*edited*: From Triget telling me PL has sleeper corps in ALL alliances that I am told of. Big alliances that hold 0.0 space I mean.

1:41 PM And yes I believe so. Since PL does not Hold sov, they set up bots as an alternate source of income. So I know they have bots set up

(I didnt buy the ISK fyi.)

I don’t partake in RMT

1:42 PM Riverini: can u get me the name of the duder who can sell some good RMT cash?

*edited*: Centra Spike – log on to PL #games Jabber channel. idle in there and he will be on around US timezone

https://gate.eveonline.com/Profile/Centra%20Spike (deja vu incoming…)

Closing Comments

It’s obvious that everyone and their mothers are constantly saying that “this is normal behaviour for the biggest powers in EvE”, and also that those coalitions are precious for CCP Games as they bring a certain “feeling” to the game: that you can gain power over other players, real and measurable, and that human interaction builds things to a level not achievable in other major games.

However, with checkable logs and related information sent to them (our readers will kindly understand that certain names and chat-log details could not be published here, but were sent to CCP Sreegs when the source agreed)… perhaps it would be in the best interest of CCP Games to set an example?

It will be of great interest to see how – if these allegations end up in bans – would scalate throughout the powerbloc ladder. You might recall how back in October CCP Sreegs mentioned how alliance leaders would be accountable for harbouring botting corps / renters.

The fact that household botting names like NeSSuNo Ita and Mister Alfa – all named and reported for botting in our previous Botwalk Empire exposé – weren’t hit despite clear proof of botting activity doesn’t bring too much of hope into getting us to see results. Another involved character who happen to have a history of botting would be TEST Alliance’s Leetcheese, who (thanks for NozyGamer for pointing this out) has a history of being banned due to botting activities. We live in a New Eden where getting a ban for botting is more akin of a pat in the hand than anything else. Whether this is CCP GAMES’ fault for either a lack of capacity or interest to crack down the biggest botters in Eve Online and while cynicism is the last refuge of the bitter-vets, many are of the opinion that there are protected characters – like Montolio – and groups in the EvE community. Mostly those which bear the large paying customer base for CCP Games.

Once again, the ball is in CCP GAMES’ court.

– Credit goes to Darius, Mino Noud and Riverini.

Send us Intel/Corrections via dropbox or shoot us an e-mail


  1. Lugalbandak

    All the botting aside , i do hope for a massive invasion to the north , may all be destroyed on both sides. 2010 is too long ago atm

    December 31, 2012 at 9:43 am Reply
  2. split

    If montolio uses the /me command for chatting (perhaps on purpose?) logs will end up looking likd that

    December 31, 2012 at 10:04 am Reply
    1. ViperRum

      What, he uses it halfway through the convo, then stops? Sure. Makes loads of sense. The logs look fake.

      January 8, 2013 at 9:02 pm Reply
  3. maybe

    PL sleepers? more like PL botters.

    " Yeah, we need to sit down and figure out what to do here. I need to know what you need, so I can tell you what's down there and how transferring systems would disrupt the area. Of course, if its just an alt corp instead of alliance, you could just move the corp into TRIBE.


    Re: Re: o/
    From: Rebnok
    Sent: 2012.09.08 18:46
    To: Triget,

    I was looking at possible aquiing a couple systems for a alt corp, Maybe the old MC constellation as I was told you where holding that for us, or wherever as long as we had at least one system with .9 or better and abc rocks in the belts"

    December 31, 2012 at 10:15 am Reply
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  5. Sweet noob

    Did you check the eve forums thread? LOL.

    Three Goon spammers in charge of damage control posting non-stop until CCP locked it, thanking each other.

    Riverini posted there too, saying CCP had been told in early December.

    December 31, 2012 at 11:40 am Reply
  6. 11822

    TEST director Leetcheese was banned in 2011 as well, for botting.

    He has joined Pandemic Legion today LOL:

    December 31, 2012 at 11:54 am Reply
  7. smao

    OLD check the corporation comment here <3 http://evewho.com/corp/Blood+and+Sand

    December 31, 2012 at 12:31 pm Reply
  8. All seeing eye

    You did the right thing riverini! This game works like the real world because the economy and other things are in the hand of the gamers. You can find the biggest criminals on the top of the pyramid and ccp does nothing. We see some parade and rainbow statements about their fantastic achievements but where is the proof?

    December 31, 2012 at 12:40 pm Reply
    1. CareBearStares

      Indeed. I'd like to see an offical response from CCP Sreegs, and a statement from the CSM.

      December 31, 2012 at 4:36 pm Reply
  9. Time for some hefty banhammering and Consequences ™

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    1. the vet

      this is a news site, why bother visiting if you cant be arsed to read eve news

      December 31, 2012 at 2:31 pm Reply
  11. arlekyn

    Well, not going into botting issues, but if Montolio manages to bring Solar block and CFC block into HBC, he pretty much conquered all of 0.0 :))
    Seriously, what's the point of fighting others when you can just make them all blue and bot in peaceful harmony?

    December 31, 2012 at 1:21 pm Reply
    1. Nobody Important

      But the only reason to get isk is to buy ships to fight. If you're blue to everyone, then there is no one to fight, and no need for isk. So why would you need to bot anymore?

      December 31, 2012 at 7:39 pm Reply
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        to pay a mortgage.

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  12. the vet

    ccp will do nothing against PL/Test/CFC, they never have done, they never will

    In Fact they give them jobs like that prick MB3 aka ccp dolan

    December 31, 2012 at 2:06 pm Reply
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      Why are you bringing CFC into this? I thought was HBC? Half of HBC is either neut or -5 to CFC.

      December 31, 2012 at 2:18 pm Reply
    2. former eve player

      When devs play, which alliance do you think they are member of? eve is more corrupt than Zimbabwe lol

      December 31, 2012 at 3:05 pm Reply
  13. Gunny

    Capt Obvious strikes again, why do you think all of null is blue, not only HBC but CFC have been RMTing there ass's off from the getgo and someone in CCP is getting a kickback to look the other way. Now that its out in the open, watch the rats scurry to & fro.

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    1. Solar pet=Best pet

      He claims everything is doctored but yet uses the document for self defense


      December 31, 2012 at 4:07 pm Reply
    2. War observer

      Heh, how odd that his response ignores admission he provided protection to known boters in exchange for t2 BPO and other services.

      If that sleazy SOB does not get ad lest temp baned and those BPO confiscated I’m fucking quitting eve. And no, you can't get my stuff!

      December 31, 2012 at 5:10 pm Reply
      1. lol

        He wont even get a temp ban, it wont happen.

        December 31, 2012 at 5:42 pm Reply
      2. Guest

        Also note his reply doesn't deny getting ready to turn on the CFC

        January 1, 2013 at 3:20 am Reply
      3. Montolio

        I don't have any T2 BPOs.

        January 1, 2013 at 8:56 am Reply
    3. itsaname

      there you have it:

      "With regards to botting – our policy is that we don't enforce the CCP EULA in general"

      That sentence is poison. He would not write it, if he had no hidden agenda on botting. He shuts down botters, who not give him enough money. That is, what he says. He is right, all big guys do this.

      January 1, 2013 at 10:48 pm Reply
      1. Urziel99

        It's a standard position. The players aren't CCP's cops. That's what Screegs is for.

        January 2, 2013 at 4:10 am Reply
        1. lol

          Maybe CCP can give Montolio a job as a CCP cop, his name can be CCP Cop, good idea right? 😉

          January 2, 2013 at 6:22 pm Reply
  16. gummi worm

    it is the very funny thing, because a lot informations are provided by krall amarr (that we kicked out from our corp because he done stupid thing, and he don't love us).

    I read our corporation have a lot of supercapital, i can give you a screen screenshot with our numbers we have 3 supercap in corporation (3 is a lot? so funny).

    I read we give money to test, we never given money to test or another alliance, except we gived for 3 months 10b to tribe alliance when we started this adventure. There are another corporation that gived a lot of isk to tribe (i remeber who stolen 250b from FA). this is a not a secret who given isk to alliance is wrote on alliance forum (only officials can read this).

    Tribe's members must provide api on test service, (test alliance alias montolio can check where we are, what type of ships and our isks). We don't have a lot of billion like somebody said (krall?) And somebody sold supers for isk, you can check on eve forum.

    the must funny thing:
    is IRC private chat: that are a mixed with truth with falsehood.
    It true one people (ceo of alliance was kicked from tribe) convo me on eve. the part of eve chat is true.
    Then we gone on irc channel (because him don't wanna talking in eve, i don't ask to him to going out eve, he said not me), but what he wrote on irc channel is not true, we talked about how we doing isk, how make a scam (you can check our contract, yes we doing money also with this).

    What he said about bots it is something that he invented. I don't know why tribe's kick their corp but put shit on my corp is not a good choice, Why you don't ask to triget about how aliance doing isk? why you don't ask to him to give you a screen about alliance wallet? instead to put bullshit about people? don't say B&S give billion and billion from botting to alliance without evidence.

    And then why we need to pay to stay in tribe (a lot of people don't think tribe is the best alliance in game) ??? We don't farming, we doing only pvp.

    Krall is famous for said what he want also manipolate and put bullshit on people. He don't love us like we don't love him (maybe he need a girl friend), it is simple. This is not the first time that he tried to put bullshit on us:

    he tried to threaten me with 100b about "i said to ccp that you are a botter" i told to him perfect petition me, i don't have anything to hide.

    When he don't received isk. he wrote some post on italian forum with bullshit (same thing that you wrote on your post): http://gaming.ngi.it/showthread.php?t=557105

    Then he traied to said to tribe leader about we want "conspire" with lee chanka (when tribe have few systems in PB and AAA was in powerfull) with some evidence (copy and paste a text, very very evidence) you can ask about this to triget.

    Don't trust in people that don't play eve, only botting for doing RMT: waste the game (doing bad things like this, dispand alliances) and waste CCP incoming $.

    December 31, 2012 at 4:25 pm Reply
  17. Solar pet=Best pet


    He change alliance this morning and is asking ppl to stop mailing him.

    Poor guy! xD

    December 31, 2012 at 4:41 pm Reply
  18. Eyes of eve

    This is all expected, and information of this nature was filtered to CCP 3 months ago. Anyone watching what was happening in the HBC space that was conquered could see what was going on. It's not rocket science. For any alliance to have 10K in members is a large indication that something odd is going on.
    If CCP is true to their word they have been watching for a while. They like to have their ducks in a row I am sure. Just watch the alliance numbers , the rats will leave as soon as the flashlight hits them.
    Nice thing is, with that much isk being thrown around, it's an industrialist dream. They will buy stuff and not even think of the prices… LOL, so even if your alliance is sitting in empire, your making isk off these people of limited honor. I will just wait for the other shoe to drop. and then laugh my ass of watching them scatter.

    December 31, 2012 at 4:44 pm Reply
  19. Lithia Tsanov

    All major alliances have botters. Reporting botters to alliance leadership results in an STFU. Reporting alliance botters to CCP results in an alliance wide broadcast that reporting alliance botting operations is considered goon/pl/tribal-fucking.

    Are alliances currently pretending that this is not the case? Are alliance members pretending that they have not received these broadcasts?

    December 31, 2012 at 5:23 pm Reply
    1. Kicker

      Its easy, those who bot have advantage against those who don't bot. Therefore you have to bot. Its same in real world, there is one sucker who is going to do politics, send army whatever to get what he wants, if you don't do the same, you are dead. World is cruel place cause most people don't care at all. Same in EvE. Most people don't care, they care about them, therefore there is only few people who care about botting, and those people care because they do botting so they are not banned. 😀

      January 1, 2013 at 6:46 pm Reply
  20. guy

    From CCP Screegs:

    "Oh I also want to mention in case anyone is paying attention that if you really care about this issue this is the polar opposite of how to get a result.

    We'll use the security world as an example because that's what I'm most familiar with. If I discover a vulnerability on a website it is completely irresponsible for me to go and publish that vulnerability in the public without first notifying the responsible parties and giving them time to act.

    In this case you're basically telling these people someone's watching them and you think they'll continue doing bad things if they think we're going to look into this?

    This is completely irresponsible and in the future if you honestly care about an issue you will report it to me and give us time to look into it before telling the world about it. I'm not saying not to write about it at all, but saying we've been notified and publishing all the potatoes without giving us an opportunity to look into it is more than a bit disingenuous."

    December 31, 2012 at 8:02 pm Reply
    1. guy

      oops sorry already posted…

      December 31, 2012 at 8:03 pm Reply
    2. cunty


      December 31, 2012 at 10:01 pm Reply
    3. Pantera

      Sreegs is writing such a bullshit.

      This is not a vulnerability in the code that now can be abused by the public.
      He's just butthurt now. If this was handled in secrecy he wouldn't have to present results at some point.

      Now as a known Goon he has to investigate against Montolio with the knowledge he's planning to start a crusade against goons.

      He should actually give this investigation into the hands of someone not aligned to any of the involved powerblocks.

      January 1, 2013 at 11:05 am Reply
    4. some dude


      January 2, 2013 at 9:26 am Reply
  21. random dude

    Well, stuff like this:

    (07:05:56) Montolio then you had an awoxer
    (07:06:16) martyr12: yeah, kicked the corp, and gonna pay back the pilot

    There's no colon after to the name Montolio for the greater part of the logs.


    Missing colon :::::::::::::: seems to be a giveaway that something's been changed.

    December 31, 2012 at 8:58 pm Reply
    1. BntyHunter

      Sorry man but this was affirmed from Monty, he just said it was a trap to get Horus.

      January 1, 2013 at 3:19 am Reply
      1. lol

        And if you believe Monty's excuse then you are a retard.

        January 1, 2013 at 11:28 am Reply
        1. BntyHunter

          I don`t believe monty, but he never deny`s the conversation, meaning he said it.

          Of course he wasn`t doing Eve police work, he was trying to get ISK.

          But he said a ton of shit not true. Just like saying he needs ISK for his warchest and making it sound like he was going to arm the NCC, that is Lol`s, we have more SCs than Test+all HBC [- PL] whats he gonna arm us with Rifters :)

          January 1, 2013 at 7:49 pm Reply
  22. droljica


    December 31, 2012 at 9:06 pm Reply
  23. loldude

    You know, its not all about making a big news article … as CCP Screegs says here:

    CCP Sreegs wrote:
    "Oh I also want to mention in case anyone is paying attention that if you really care about this issue this is the polar opposite of how to get a result.

    We'll use the security world as an example because that's what I'm most familiar with. If I discover a vulnerability on a website it is completely irresponsible for me to go and publish that vulnerability in the public without first notifying the responsible parties and giving them time to act.

    In this case you're basically telling these people someone's watching them and you think they'll continue doing bad things if they think we're going to look into this?

    This is completely irresponsible and in the future if you honestly care about an issue you will report it to me and give us time to look into it before telling the world about it. I'm not saying not to write about it at all, but saying we've been notified and publishing all the potatoes without giving us an opportunity to look into it is more than a bit disingenuous."

    Nice fucking job EN24, way to really get this shit fixed

    December 31, 2012 at 9:09 pm Reply
    1. cunty

      FUck Screegs and fuck you, botter.

      December 31, 2012 at 9:59 pm Reply
    2. poastin toaster

      ccp have logs. they might not show anything, but they have them.

      January 1, 2013 at 1:55 am Reply
      1. BntyHunter

        Lol yeah CCP logs are about as useful as a 1 legged man in an ass kicking contest unless of course you are RZR and get a bunch of losses…….Then those logs work :)

        January 1, 2013 at 3:17 am Reply
  24. Someotherguy

    I find the vagina whine about HBC so amusing. Can't fight the blob, so CCP should break up HBC cuz it's just too hard to break up such awful EVE players on the field when they use those nifty rifters. I say, if CCP investigates botting, then ALL botters go, and ALL alliances and coalitions including HBC are banned, so there will be tons of empty space and about 10k players left to enjoy it all.

    December 31, 2012 at 9:11 pm Reply
    1. CUNTY

      So.. You are saying the rest of us would miss a bunch of entitled cheaters? LOL.. I would be happy to see this. Would teach CCP a lesson. And I would go multibox my way to a nice little empire. I'm sure plenty of people would re-sub for this. Fucking cheats need their shit kicked in.

      December 31, 2012 at 9:57 pm Reply
  25. leetnessmonster


    Say what you want about WOW, GW2, and any other mmo… but you will never hear the companies that own those MMOs give in to the corruption of a in-game guild/group/alliance

    So when you look at the way CCP is favoring, covering, and even sanctioning botting/cheating by a few power blocs it shows CCP isn't doing well at all especially if it can't even govern/stop IN GAME corruption but GIVES IN TO IT like a paid politician whore.

    If EVE/CCP is so fragile that it fears angering and punishing botting 0.0 empires, then one must look past the "EVE has been dying for 10 years" meme and start asking "Why is this company afraid to punish/govern in-game groups?" AND "Is this MMO worth playing if the company that owns the MMO is reluctant/resistant to punish blatant cheating from "The chosen" 0.0 groups that even have devs as members

    As I said you can't fight CCP backed botting empires

    December 31, 2012 at 9:51 pm Reply
    1. Oh Dear Oh Dear

      The game is going to die faster if it continues.

      January 1, 2013 at 2:12 am Reply
    2. lol

      CCP as a company is a fucking joke, cheap, greedy, never made more than 1 game, last 10 years everything except for dust so far in development has been cancelled or failed. They have been caught 3 times before for cheating. Iceland was a country full of bankers that went bankrupt, shit country. Almost all of the original devs have left CCP, their new main devs are goons. PL has hacked the alliance tournament 3 times and been caught but keep their winnings. Devs all play in PL, goons and test. Botting has never been dealt with unless it is some small shit corp by themselves working for no one.

      I could go on and on but yeah, CCP and EVE Online sucks. Blizzard at least never had a dev get legendary weapons or server restricted titles etc by cheating.

      January 1, 2013 at 11:36 am Reply
    3. LOL.

      nothing here is ccp-backed, moron.

      January 1, 2013 at 11:47 am Reply
      1. leetnessmonster

        Dude shut the fuck up, you're not gonna convince people to keep playing a rigged game just to give the botting/rmt empire something to shoot at while they print isk with CCP's blessing.

        The fact that CCP as a company can't even hire devs outside of their game should tell you the shape of the company, I'm hoping Star Citizen does a better job of running a MMO

        January 1, 2013 at 6:57 pm Reply
    4. itsaname

      basically it is like in RL

      "this botter bank is too big to fail."

      well, then it is game over.

      January 1, 2013 at 10:37 pm Reply
  26. ViperRum

    Nice fake logs with Montolio. I love how Montolio's responses first have no colons, then colons (08:52:51).

    Fail Riverini…very fail.

    December 31, 2012 at 9:55 pm Reply
    1. ViperRum

      At least you seem to have randomized the response times. Kudos on that one.

      December 31, 2012 at 10:03 pm Reply
  27. Captain Obvious

    So now all of the sudden Montolio was trying to be a big boy and run his own sting operation and hoping he could keep whatever he scammed (RMT ISK by the way) and CCP not take that away? Is this kid like 14 or something?

    December 31, 2012 at 11:27 pm Reply
  28. Night

    Next time you accuse somebody of being a master botter like Centra, it might help if they logged in enough to actually make the isk transfers and such.

    January 1, 2013 at 2:28 am Reply
  29. BntyHunter

    CFC times up from the sound of this chat…..

    Iove how Monty says NCDOT/Nulli is already part of HBC, then he says, well they are lock step with us, with same goals….Lol those aren`t the same.

    Anyways if I was CFC and say this I would shit my pants…..Monty wants to show everyone he is smarter than his old master Mittens, it was only a matter of time, but I guess we will know when it starts from the Death of SOLAR, once HBC comes and fights 100% strong vs SOLAR CFC is next.

    CFC, the end is Nye

    January 1, 2013 at 2:32 am Reply
  30. Uncle__Bob

    Mmmm sources from within HBC say your post is full of lies and the convo has been faked.

    > > Riverini can you provide proof that these accusations are true? or is this post & comment going to disappear….


    January 1, 2013 at 5:04 am Reply
    1. Guy

      'Sources from the HBC' huh?

      January 1, 2013 at 5:08 am Reply
    2. hmmm

      Unlike mittensdotcom, evenews24 doesn't delete comments and IP ban people for saying even the slighest remark against CFC/HBC.

      January 1, 2013 at 5:49 am Reply
      1. War observer

        Indeed. Not even CFC but his alliance too. I often made negative comments about Vince Draken (he is opportunist, backstabbing, spineless peace of shit) and generally expressed dislike of NC. under his leadership and riverini never censored any such comments despite him being member of NC..

        January 1, 2013 at 9:33 am Reply
    3. War observer

      Uncle Tom your post won't disappear because it is manifest of your intelligence and integrity, it will say to shame.

      January 1, 2013 at 5:50 am Reply
  31. jesus

    I went through a lot of this, a few things i felt were bullshit. Then i read the part about gummi funding TRIBE, as well as INCOV being a botter corp….

    Jesus man, riv you really need to get more sources before you publish lies. Maybe you had a story here, but this sure as hell isn't the truth of what the story would become…

    January 1, 2013 at 8:21 am Reply
  32. provitamin

    'By riverini'
    stopped reading right there

    January 1, 2013 at 9:48 am Reply
  33. Youaskedforit

    Wow.. people are really stupid.. i'm not fan of HBC but still i can see that this was a load off bullshit. I have personally experience with puppet master and that dude is just a fucking idiot. If you believe in him then you are stupid. There is so much in those logs that seems to be fake and its full of lies. Puppet master is one of EVE's biggest trolls so just take your tinfoil hats off and chill the fuck out.

    January 1, 2013 at 1:49 pm Reply
  34. Selth


    January 1, 2013 at 2:20 pm Reply
  35. Random guy

    I would love a follow up on this story…

    January 1, 2013 at 2:26 pm Reply
  36. Reklan


    Posts: 652
    Karma: 3

    Confirmed INCOV is full of German RMT botters that run in venal and pump out 7 supercaps e'eryday for us. We couldn't survive without them. And we're 100% funding TRIBE from that.

    January 1, 2013 at 2:46 pm Reply
  37. Mr. Roche

    Some of those logs look suspicious.

    The CFC is full of botters just as much as the HBC.

    You know who doesn't seem to have a lot of botters, IRC. Notice how folks make fun of them a lot of the time, but they don't have the moon goo others do, don't seem to run botter operations (or if they do they are very small scale), and still until recently they were fighting the good fight against most odds. You can only resist such unsurmountable odds so long though, which is sad.

    Gummy as far as who they pay off its CCP Soundwave who was in Goonswarm. Its why everything implemented since he took over has strongly favored CFC to the detriment of all their enemies.

    January 2, 2013 at 3:11 pm Reply
    1. Goonsrvirgins

      CCP doesn't come out of this very well. They are looking as bent as a nine pound note.

      January 2, 2013 at 4:20 pm Reply
  38. Shana_Zera

    WOAH, TL;DR please? ^^;;

    January 4, 2013 at 10:47 pm Reply
    1. Anti

      adults are talking here. if your attention span is so low go back to the kiddie pool and let the adults talk.

      January 26, 2013 at 10:57 pm Reply
  39. SomeoneNobodyKnows

    Well we already all know CCP isn't going to do anything about any member of HBC or CFC, they will say they did and MAYBE ban an alt, but other than that they fear if they do anything to bad it might cause their game to die. Then they will be back to answering noob questions all day long and losing their cut of the RMTs that's paying them to keep quiet. But, that's what happens when players show you what can really happen within your game and the MONEY always takes top prize.

    Plus, if they did ban him to "MAKE AN EXAMPLE" CCP will just set him up with another account and give him all his SP and ISK back. It's already been stated, CFC will own 50% and HBC will own 50% of 0.0 and when someone else feels froggy they will just team up and kill them and go back to their normal "friendly fights".

    But hey, nobody gives a hell what anyone else says, until all the kiddies get bored of playing and CCP has to come up with new ways to get all the new players to stay. I believe CCP knows who's botting and who does all the RMT but if they start banning them, like someone else said, the PBASE will go down to like 10k at peak times. I've seen some insane Eve setups and people make so much money from selling ISK and accounts they just buy 5 more computers and run 6 miners full time and keep doubling their profit each week.

    I've even sent CCP a few links in to some RMTs where the people are stupid enough to type in their eveboard link on the website but by time CCP answers me the account is already sold and they just tell me "Sorry, nothing at the provided link could be found" or they tell me "Whenever we get time time to look at it we will" and they never do look at it, Simple fact, they do not care. But every week I keep sending them links and ever week I get the same response, hoping one day someone will actually look and take action.

    January 6, 2013 at 7:05 am Reply
  40. ZwoZateki

    EVE's FUN-to-time ratio is inadequate. 0.0's chaotic nature is DEAD. CCP have given in to corrupt empires. No more small groups or roleplay. And Star Citizen is coming in a year. What perfect timing!

    …and the only thing that will remain is Jon Hallur's music 😛

    January 8, 2013 at 7:42 am Reply
  41. Soldarius

    Tribe kb for Blood and Sand: http://kb.tribalband.net/index.php/corp_detail/34

    No fleet activity there. Nope. None at all.

    January 10, 2013 at 1:15 am Reply
  42. lolopti

    always new people in pl bot'd lol it's the old "everyone does it" this is good shit.

    January 12, 2013 at 5:52 pm Reply

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