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Are you participating in the New Eden Open or are interested in watching it? If so I suggest you put on your dev blog pants and start reading. In this dev blog we will be publishing the schedule for the first two weekends and addressing some of the points and complications that have been raised in the run-up to the New Eden Open. So let‘s begin shall we?

Where and when can we practice?

We understand that our testing on the Buckingham and Singularity test servers has made it more difficult than usual for our tournament teams to practice. In light of this, we‘ve talked to the appropriate departments and made all the blood sacrifices necessary to get our teams a server to practice on. As we update Buckingham to begin the testing of Retribution, we will be opening up Singularity so that our teams can practice using a tournament current build. We will be seeding the server with every tournament-legal module and doing our best to provide the teams whatever they need.  Tournament accounts that require reactivation on Singularity can send a petition to the community team and CCP Dolan will take care of you. Look for Singularity to be up and open tomorrow, November 6th, after downtime. We will strive to have the maximum amount of uptime that our testing allows so that our teams can prepare as they see fit. Tournament teams may also be interested to know that we are talking about ways to make practice as easy as possible for future tournaments, with special accommodations and adaptations to team testing environment.

Only 27 teams purchased a spot in the auction, what now? And what about the teams that paid more than 10 PLEX?

Unfortunately we did not manage to fill all the 32 slots as we had hoped for this tournament but we won‘t let a little thing like that slow us down. It is actually worth noting that behind those 27 teams are 524 players registered. And with those 524 players we are moving forward with the tournament. We will not be allowing any additional teams to enter at this point, we felt that it would simply not be fair to the players that were dedicated enough to form teams and show up for the auction. Fortunately the double elimination format we are using is very forgiving and we will simply be giving first round byes to 5 randomly seeded teams. We will explore this further in the schedule section.

Now for the teams that paid more than 10 PLEX for their spot. The PLEX entry fee and auction has always existed to make sure that only the most dedicated teams enter and compete to be champions. We obviously have the 27 most dedicated teams in New Eden, and with slots left open it is obvious that the bidding process only served to punish the most enthusiastic teams. As such, any team that spent more than 10 PLEX in the auction will have their excess PLEX refunded to their team captain.


Glad you asked! Here it is in all its glorious glory! (At the end of it there is a picture of the brackets that makes things a bit easier to understand). It is important to note here that the seeds are random and the teams that get a free pass for round 1 are: Guiding Hand Social Club, My Little Nulli, XXXMity, Team Ineluctable and 8 CAS.

Day 1: November 17th

18:00 – Broadcast starts

18:12 – Match #1 – Raiden. 58th Squadron vs. Last Huzzah

18:25 – Match #2 – Why Dash vs. RONIN and pixies

18:38 – Match #3 – Expendables vs. The HUNS

18:53 – Match #4 – Tinkerhell and Alts vs. Tengu Terror

19:06 – Match #5 – Oxygen Isonopes vs. Africa‘s Finest

19:19 – Match #6 – Something Else vs. The Exiled Gaming

19:34 – Match #7 – Perihelion Beryllium Duralumin vs. Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters

19:47 – Match #8 – ISN – Incursion Shiny Network vs. Baaaramu

20:00 – Match #9 – Asine Hitama‘s team vs. EFS

20:15 – Match #10 – Much Crying Old Experts vs. DeepWater

20:28 – Match #11 – Blue Ballers vs. The Gentlemen Renegades

Day 2: November 18th

18:00 – Broadcast starts

18:12 – Match #12 – Loser match #2 vs Loser match #3

18:25 – Match #13 – Loser match #4 vs. Loser match #5

18:38 – Match #14 – Loser match #8 vs. Loser match #9

18:53 – Match #15 – Guiding Hand Social Club vs Winner of match #1

19:06 – Match #16 – Winner match #2 vs. Winner match #3

19:19 – Match #17 – Winner match #4 vs. Winner match #5

19:34 – Match #18 – Winner Match #6 vs. XXXMity

19:47 – Match #19 –My Little Nulli vs. Winner match #7

20:00 – Match #20 – Winner match #8 vs Winner Match #9

20:15 – Match #21 – 8 CAS vs. Winner of match #10

20:28 – Match #22 – Winner of match #11 vs. Team Ineluctable

Day 3: November 24th

18:00 – Broadcast starts

18:12 – Match #23 – Loser Match #1 vs Loser Match #18

18:25 – Match #24 – Loser match #17 vs Winner Match #12

18:38 – Match #25 – Loser Match #16 vs Winner match #13

18:53 – Match #26 – Loser Match #15 vs Loser Match #6

19:06 – Match #27 – Loser Match #7 vs Loser Match #22

19:19 – Match #28 – Loser Match #21 vs Winner match #14

19:34 – Match #29 – Loser Match #20 vs Loser Match #10

19:47 – Match #30 – Loser Match #19 vs Loser Match #11

20:00 – Match #31 – Winner Match #15 vs Winner Match #16

20:15 – Match #32 – Winner Match #17 vs Winner Match #18

20:28 – Match #33 – Winner Match #19 vs Winner Match #20

20:41 – Match #34 – Winner Match #21 vs Winner Match #22

20:56 – Match #35 – Winner Match #23 vs Winner Match #24

21:09 – Match #36 – Winner Match #25 vs Winner Match #26

21:22 – Match #37 – Winner Match #27 vs Winner Match #28

21:27 – Match #38 – Winner Match #29 vs Winner Match #30

Day 4: November 25th

18:00 – Broadcast starts

18:12 – Match #39 – Loser Match #31 vs Winner Match #35

18:25 – Match #40 – Winner Match #36 vs Loser Match #32

18:38 – Match #41 – Loser Match #33 vs Winner Match #37

18:53 – Match #42 – Winner Match #38 vs Loser Match #34

19:06 – Match #43 – Winner Match #31 vs Winner Match #32

19:19 – Match #44 – Winner Match #33 vs Winner Match #34

19:34 – Match #45 – Winner Match #39 vs Winner Match #40

19:55 – Match #46 – Winner Match #41 vs Winner Match #42

Day 5: December 1st

Dependant on Day 1-4 results.

Day 6: December 2nd

Dependant on Day 1-5 results.

(Click To Enlarge) (Bracket courtesy of CCP Dolan and MSPaint)

Now that we got that all out of the way I can briefly tell you that we will be running some awesome competitions and giveaways for our viewers during the tournament stream so make sure you tune in to catch all the action!

As always if there are any questions you can file a petition under community, find me on the forums, or hit me up on twitter @ccp_bro.

On behalf of the tournament team,

– CCP Bro

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  1. DarthNefarius

    Only 27 out of 32 slots filled o.0 where did all the 'LEET PvPers go? 10 PLEX too stiff a price to pay? 😮 I do see 2 Incursion teams at least are going any FW funded teams?

    November 6, 2012 at 1:18 am Reply
    1. -A- asdf

      No one cares enough, and as 0.0 (most PvP oriented people) is very grouped, there were less teams to be formed. This as different teams with strong alligiance to each other were not allowed.

      (For instance; HBC with 10K members can only form 1 team)

      November 6, 2012 at 9:12 am Reply
      1. Null bear tears

        So HBC's inability to game the tourney with fake registrants & meta gaming made it unappealable to them… makes sense they can't fix the game & play fairly they won't because they know they'll lose without a BLOB strategy

        November 8, 2012 at 7:31 pm Reply
    2. buahahah

      For 'Leet PVPers' it's simply not worth participating in it, too much hassle for such low prizes, even if you win 1st place it still will be quite shitty when you divide it between all team members.

      November 6, 2012 at 11:00 am Reply
  2. Its meant to be an open tournament yet you have to pay for entry.

    Not very fucking open is it, if you want a true test and some decent PVP make it so that its free to join and anyone can do so.

    Youll probably find some random poor guy from a corner of nowhere thats really good at PVP.

    I for one didnt enter because of the cost to enter. There is no way in hell I would ever pay anything to enter a tournament, it defeats the object.

    November 6, 2012 at 1:37 am Reply
    1. Thank you for confirming how much of a idiot you are!!

      November 7, 2012 at 5:49 am Reply
    2. Egren

      "Open" isn't defined by being FREE to enter. It means anyone who wants to pay the entry fee can enter. There is a fucking prize pool for crying out loud.
      Coverage would suck if anyone could join.

      November 7, 2012 at 2:22 pm Reply
  3. blind/deaf/stupid

    Sigh. An open tournament does not mean a free tournament. It's "very fucking open" because it's not an invitational. Tournaments of all kinds all over the world–including opens–very often require an entry fee. You are a complete idiot.

    November 6, 2012 at 2:07 am Reply
  4. Kiyohime Ronuken

    More than a few PVPers have better things to do with 10 plex than hose it up this spout.

    Still – good luck and good fights to all who registered. Unless you're a goon. Then well. Yeah. :)

    November 6, 2012 at 2:09 pm Reply

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