From the perspective of a Ninja Unicorns pilot, this details one of the battles in the attempt to control all POCOs in the Maut system. When an obvious trap is sprung, Ninja Unicorns/Suddenly Spaceships bite off a little more than they can chew when what would appear to be a simple gank to save a POCO results in an overwhelming capital escalation in the enemies favor.

Battle for Maut POCOs

Ninja Unicorns have succeeded in creating a monopoly with the POCOs located in the Maut system. This has not gone unchallenged, however, as Quantum Cafe has been hard at work trying to bring them all down. With a single Quantum Cafe carrier assigning fighters from a POS to finish off a POCO that recently came out of reinforcement, Ninja Unicorns teamed up with Suddenly Spaceships to gank the carrier and try and save the POCO.

Being unaware of Quantum Cafe’s standby fleet and throwing caution to the wind, Ninja Unicorns/Suddenly Spaceships jump at the chance to kill the carrier when the hostile carrier warps directly to the POCO. As soon as the friendly cyno Rapier lands on grid with the Quantum Thanatos he lights the cyno and in comes the cavalry. Ninja Unicorns/Suddenly Spaceships drop a titan, 5 dreadnaughts, 3 carriers, and few webbing battleships on the poor helpless carrier and get to work. Right as the Thanatos goes down a hostile Anathema uncloaks about 20km off the gang and lights a cyno. The Ninja Unicorn Erebus piloted by Protaa quickly warps off the field to safe up and the bloody battle for this POCO commences.

The hostile fleet consisted of Quantum Cafe, GaNg BaNg TeAm, Spies R’ Us, and HUN Reloaded bringing 13 carriers and a support fleet of close to 40. Ninja Unicorns/Suddenly Spaceships lost their webbing battleships almost instantly and both fleets decide to primary each other’s Nidhoggur. Despite the logistics power of the heavily carrier based fleet the GaNg BaNg TeAm’s Nidhoggur goes down first due to the overwhelming DPS of the friendly fleets dreadnaughts. However, the Suddenly Spaceships’ Nidhoggur quickly follows and the rest of the fight is a somewhat painful reminder that overwhelming numbers usually prevail.

The Ninja Unicorn fleet tries to down another Thanatos while the Quantum fleet focuses on the Unicorn’s Thanatos and Moros. It is at this point where the Ninja Unicorn fleet starts feeling the effects of the hostile fleet’s neuts and DPS starts going down rapidly on the targeted Thanatos who is able to get free and warp away due to lack of points/scrams. The friendly Thanatos and Moros who had been taking a beating for quite some time now finally succumb to their fates and the decision has been made to try and pull out all remaining forces.

With the fight rapidly diminishing to what amounts as a turkey shoot and intel suggesting that more hostiles are incoming, the Ninja Unicorn/Suddenly spaceship fleet starts preparing to leave. Once most of the fleet had enough capacitor the call is made to jump out the remaining caps to try and save what was left. Two Moros and an Archon successfully emergency evacuate while a third Moros and Naglfar are left behind as sacrifice to the POCO gods.

With the Ninja Unicorn/Suddenly Spaceship fleet out of the way, the remaining hostile forces make quick work of the POCO and remaining Ninja Unicorn/Suddenly Spaceships forces then jump out leaving Quantum Cafe the task of putting their own POCO in its place. However, as fate would have it, Ninja Unicorns were able to slip back into the system and get another POCO up in its place.

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