Leaked from the NCDOT member base just today, we have a report detailing the new NCDOT member and recruitment policies. It is not clearly signed, nor clearly dated, but apparently they don’t fit their jeans like they used to and want to go down a few pounds by restricting what they eat/recruit in the future. If you’re thinking of applying your spy alt to their alliance, here’s something you should read!

NCDOT on a DIET, Cut Fats and Sugars!

New new-member requirements:

1) 1000+ (All Time) Kills on
2) Must have a PROVEN working microphone
3) Must have ATLEAST 2 people from the alliance or your corp say “Yeah they are cool ill put my membership on the line for this pilot”
4) Must have a MINIMUM of 35 Million skill points
5) NO taking members from HOSTILE alliances FULL STOP!
6) EVERY SINGLE APPLICATION SHOULD BE POSTED ON THE ALLIANCE FORUMS ANYONE WHO FAILS TODO THIS AFTER 17/09/2011 I WILL KICK YOU INSTANTLY FROM THIS ALLIANCE. (This doesnt apply to returning members returning to the SAME corp; members attempting to join a different corp in NC. need to reapply on the forums.)
7) check out there all time kills on
Check there characters againt (to make sure they are not PURCHASED MAINS) if they have just baught a toon they claim to be there main REJECT them instantly!

I find this really cool because I’d be rejected from the get-go. As I utterly fail at PvP I’m unlikely to EVER reach 1000+ kills. Not that I care to join, mind you! Also notice it says 2011, so either it’s a typo, this shit is old or the changes must be retroactive. Lots of care bears are getting kicked out I guess!

The lifestyle changes don’t stop there however, new members who pass the rigorous Seven Point Checklist must also endure:

New member monitering.
When your new dudes join if they fuck up more than 3 times doing some of the below things.
Fail fits
Not following orders (Aligning the wrong way)
Doesnt join CTA fleets

They need to be kicked I will be telling FC’s on sunday to post in a thread I am going to make on there forums of fail members so them people that ALWAYS do stupid shit, you will have a chance to remove them. should you wish not too. I will prob ask you corp to leave. THE NAME AND SHAME THREAD

I can’t help but laugh at all this, as I imagine the current state of affairs when recruiting:

Recruiter: You have a mike?
Prospect: Errr yeah… second cousin or something.
Recruiter: Excellent! You ever been in Goonswarm or any other People-we-hate alliance?
Prospect: Uh yeah, sure.
Recruiter: Cool. You’ll be much happier here as I’m sure you’re not a spy. Last question then, if I say align right, what do you do?
Prospect: Uhh. dunno. I turn left I guess?
Recruiter: Awesome, you’re in!

NCDOT fleets must be a riot! No wonder Vince Draken is having fits!

Liposuction is in order. Cut out the love handles!

Not wanting to stop at changing their eating… I mean recruiting habits, NCDOT leader wants to reduce their membership numbers by cutting what he see as useless:

i do not wish to have a fleet of 250 people and 90% of them are shit! id rather have 100 dudes that know what the hell they are doing in ANY fleet not just abaddons or Tengus.

So in a move guaranteed to make friends out of lots of people the following edict emerges:

We currently have 1500+ members you all have till end of september to get that number to 1499 or below this is very very easy todo kick the shit that sit on comms during CTA’s that NEVER join fleets.

anyone that doesnt wish to follow the above please arrange direct with me to have a time gap for your corp to remove there assets from tribute / D-G

Vince reminds me of my dad, only with worse grammar and spelling!

So there you have it folks! NCDOT will now become an über-fleet of hot-shot pilots, each and everyone of them proven killers with nerves of steel, hawk-eyed precision shooting and ready to pod you in seconds. Or they will failscade into oblivion.

You never know in EVE!

– MM506

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  1. hmmm

    i miss Tri Mk1, where people where just good and just killed stuff without anyone telling them to.

    July 20, 2012 at 2:36 pm Reply
  2. kewl

    Well, Vince is kind of reatrd and coward lol
    I remember once some 40ppl blob was chasing me and I went to POS we had nearby and vince afking in titan on pos lol. dumb asshole probably pissed his pants as logged the shit out of game when only came back lol… now i think I could have bumped him away, would be at least fun 😀

    July 20, 2012 at 3:40 pm Reply
    1. taffelmester

      You just proved he's not a dumb asshole. A dumb asshole would've stayed logged in with his tit. Don't believe me? Then you should check under titan losses. There's loads of "dumb assholes" there.

      July 21, 2012 at 2:18 am Reply
  3. Waukesha

    Your all Faggots.

    July 21, 2012 at 4:13 pm Reply
  4. Derpy McBeachurface

    Your all retarted

    July 25, 2012 at 8:01 am Reply
  5. Emmerich

    When I started working out for my strength and conditioning training, I avoided trans-fat and sugar coated foods. Minding your diet while bulking up is most essential as even the best creatine supplement are rendered half-effective if we persist on trans-fat and sugar.

    October 23, 2012 at 3:03 am Reply
  6. "As I utterly fail at PvP I’m unlikely to EVER reach 1000+ kills." I'd like to review some of your strategies doesn't think what you doing is not working.

    December 20, 2012 at 3:32 am Reply

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