We’re back for the fourth day of ATX review time with the power of 20/20 hindsight! I doubt many people who missed the fights will care to read this wall of text. However, those who did watch the fights, might want to use this as a quick reference for what happened.

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Welcome to day 3, AKA Winner’s Day.  All teams this day won the previous week and need to only bag a handful of points to make it into the group stage.  The second day of the second round.

Fight 17 – Rote v Bunneh (video)

Sleipnirs/Curse v Sleipnir/Cyclones.  In a twist, Rote’s Merlins locked Bunneh’s Mauluses first and damped the damping ships, removing the threat of bonused damps.  The Mauluses burned for range, with Rote’s dps drones shredding them slowly.  The Sleipnirs/Cyclones engaged each other next, and ASBs strained to keep ships alive under autocannon fire.    With both Mauluses down, Rote’s Merlins had free range of the field.  However, despite the loss of the two Mauluses, Bunneh had more dps on the field.  Ripard Teg was ASBing under the withering fire of three cyclones and a sleipnir, while Rote patiently was waiting for Kevin Emoto’s sleipnir to run out of ASB charges.  Kevin went down, followed closely by Ripard.  Rote’s Fatcat began burning Cyclones, while expertly tanking the incoming dps.  He was able to kill off one of the Cyclones before he ran out of ASB charges, while burning down the second Cyclone.  His shields dropped, and mid-way through his armor, his ASB finished reloading.  How was his tank able to hold?  I think this was entirely due to the tracking disruptors on the Curse.  The only thing better than having a logi is preventing the other side from putting their dps onto your ships.  With his ASB reloaded, he finished off the second Cyclone, followed by the last Cyclone.  With 2:18 remaining on the clock, Rote Kapelle won.

Fight 18 – Fearless v Nulli (video)

Vindis v Broadswords.  HICs?  Yeah, you read that right.  Neither side brought logistics.  Both sides warped to zero and began tearing into each other.  The Broadswords had smart bombs and began trying to clear off the Vindicators’ drone swarm, while beginning to work on Larkonis’ ASB fit Vindicator.  Vindicators are universally armor tanked, so no one watching would have realized how important it was to see Lark’s shields falling at the same rate as Tadeu’s Broadsword’s  shields were collapsing.  Raivi was very smug about how terrible an idea it was to bring Broadswords.  With two Broadswords down, Lark’s Vindicator slowly gave up the ghost.  This is the first Vindicator to die in the tournament.  The closest anyone had come previous to this fight was Get Off My Lawn, who had a Vindicator in single digit armor at one point in their match with a Rook team.  Really doubt Broadswords are the counter to Vindicators, this seems like more of a fluke.  Nulli now had one Broadsword and two Harpies to face down Fearless’ Vindicator, dual maulus, and dual ranis.  The Harpies went to work, while the Broadsword stuck to a close range orbit on the Vindicator.  Important to note here, the Vindicator had a tracking disruptor neutralizing its fearsome dps.  Watching the feed from the fight, it is clear almost every single shot on the Broadsword was a miss.  Instead of going for the win by webbing and melting the last Broadsword (should still be possible even with a tracking disruptor on him), Snake began burning away from it, potentially to provide time to reload his ASB.  The Vindicator was then webbed by a harpy.  Once more, rather than shoot web and shoot the Broadsword, he focused on the Harpy.  Clearly, he really wanted transcom caldari to die.  He was eventually able to get the harpy into armor… but was rapidly dying himself, at that point.  Hard to say if this was bad piloting or just Fearless throwing the match, knowing they already had enough points to get into the Group Stage.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say they were throwing the match, simply based on their performance in other fights.  In the end, Nulli won.

Fight 19 – Gypsy v Elysian (video)

Vindicator v Sleipnir/Cyclones.  Gypsy started out with four Ishkurs, but lost one to disconnect before the match even started.  Despite that, Gypsy brought the not-so-secret weapon of a logistics ship.  The Vindi immediately melted a Cyclone to start the fight (with the assistance of a cloud of drones from the Ishkurs).  While Elysian tried to kill an Ishkur, Gypsy began melting a Sleipnir.  The Oneiros easily kept the Ishkur alive, while the Sleipnir’s ASB simply couldn’t keep up with the Vindicator’s massive dps.  The Vindicator continued its face melting and cleared the field in short order.  A strong win for Gypsy Band.

Fight 20 – Intoxicated v Revolution (video)

Sleipnir/Cyclones v Vindicator.  This is basically a mirror setup of the Gypsy/Elysian fight.  The difference is that Mildly Intoxicated brought a tracking disruptor or two.  A huge difference.  The Sleipnir/Cyclones burned for the Oneiros, who was armor tanked.  The Ishkurs threw their drones at a worm… who just kited them.  Meanwhile, the Ishkurs attempted to put some ewar on cyclones, which led to the Intoxicated team switching targets to clear off those annoying neuts/webs/scrams.  The Onerios got range, but the Ishkurs melted.  One of the Cyclones then made the mistake of allowing a Vindicator to get too close.  If you have never been shot at by a Vindicator, you may not be paranoid enough about keeping range on that disgusting “kill all things” ship.  Two minutes and the Cyclone was down (fairly slow by Vindicator standards).  The Oneiros was once more primaried, after the destruction of two Ishkurs.  The Oneiros entered structure, then proceeded to hero tank for an entire minute.  Of course, real men hull tank.  His hero play allowed the Vindicator to survive the match.  Though Revolution was unable to get enough points to proceed.  Mildly Intoxicated won.

Fight 21 – Goons v Sight (video)

Tornado/Cyclones v Vanilla Sleipnirs.  Both sides brought Scimitars.  The match started off with Viktrix turning on his mwd before getting to speed, thus blimping his sig before gaining enough transversal to not insta-pop.  So, he insta-popped.  Then, under threat from the Tornado, a Merlin jumped the boundary and Sreegs assisted his former Goon Bros by zapping him.  Goons then began laying into one of the Sleipnirs with this full dps.  Out of Sight had still failed to get tackle on the Tornado, and continued to eat the dps of that glass cannon.  Once the scimitar began putting full reps on the Sleipnir, the Goon team switched to the scimitar, with a side-blap of the last Griffin, removing the last threat to the Tornado.  Out of Sight continued to try to cycle targets to overwhelm Jenya Lin, but the logi pilot was on the ball the entire match.  With 3:30 remaining on the clock, flawless victory for Goonswarm Federation.

Fight 22 – Terrorists v Liquid (video)

Legions v Tengus.  Tech 3 fight!  Dead Terrorists, though, brought logi.  Once more, it was the deciding factor.  The Legions were fit with HAMs, while the Tengus were traditional Heavy Missile fits.  Tengus started off with damage spread across the Terrorists’ three punishers, who were charging them to web them down for the Legions.  The Oneiros pilot juggled them, but lost one just as the Legions got into range on the first Tengu.  2:30 into the match, the Tengu went down and the punishers burned off for their next target.  With the Tengu down, Dead Terrorists were guaranteed a slot in the Group Stage.  Terrorists traded another Punisher for another Tengu.  Team Liquid continued to struggle (Starcraft acclaim does not provide to Eve Online success – I am jealous of their IRL sponsorships though, not going to lie).  The last Punisher got a web on the last Tengu with 1:17 remaining.  The Punishers overheated everything to finish him off.  With ONE SECOND remaining in the match, the Tengu went down.  Dead Terrorists won.

Fight 23 – Darkside v Collapse (video)

Sleipnir/Cyclone v Kronos/Brutix.  Because, if a Vindicator can do it, its Tech 2 cousin can do it better?  I guess.  Both sides brought logi, a Scimitar and an Oneiros respectively.  A Kronos is a Vindicator… with better local reps (about 50% more), healthier cap (half the guns, and a better recharge rate), less dps (about 9%), and gimped sensor strength.  However, this is the type of fight that is the Achille’s Heel of a Gallente Rush team.  The Darkside team just kept out of range of the Kronos.  After three minutes of Verge of Collapse chasing Darkside around, and Sreegs stating in local “I highly recommend shooting someone,” they rushed in and got tackle on the Sleipnir.  Darkside fought back, driving off the Enyo in armor.  Darkside had managed, however to circle around far enough to get into range of the Oneiros, and began laying down the dps on it.  Collapse put a scram on Faffywaffy next and the Kronos lumbered up to it and the field turned into the expected massive brawl.  Faffy’s shields bounced from almost nothing to full shields repeatedly and the Kronos’ volleys fought against the ASB plus Scimitar keeping the ship alive.  Meanwhile, the Oneiros was going down.  Both Oneiros and Faffy’s Cyclone entered structure almost simultaneously.  M0rdin’s Sleipnir became the Kronos’ next punching bag, as the Oneiros finally fell.  With three minutes remaining, the Sleipnir went down.  With 41 seconds remaining, Verge of Collapse won.

Fight 24 – Godfathers v Ronin (video)

Sleipnir/Cyclones v Modified Sleipnir.  Ronin dropped a Scimitar for a Cyclone and I have already made my point about the value of logistics in 6v6 matches (especially when you aren’t going full out dps).  At this point, many had been discounting the strength of the Godfathers’ team.  Assuming Test had been a very weak opponent, Godfather’s flawless victory against them had been as expected.  In the eyes of many, this match was supposed to be a rude awakening for Godfathers.  It wasn’t.  Godfathers put one cyclone at zero, while the rest of the team warped in at a bit of range.  At the bell, both teams charged.  One of Ronin’s Sleipnir pilots turned on his ASB too late and was in structure, clawing his way out in seconds.  Godfathers expertly split dps onto the second Sleipnir, letting the first waste charges, thinking he was still fighting for his life.  After counting the ASB boosts, Godfathers switched back to the first Sleipnir and melted him, switching back to the second one immediately, as it was beginning to run out of ASB charges.  The Ronin managed to pop both of Godfathers’ Griffins as the second Sleipnir died.  Not even 3 minutes had passed, and Ronin was down to support ships and a Cyclone.  Twenty seconds later, Godfathers had pushed through the Cyclone as one of their Cyclones began to run out of ASB charges.  With five minutes remaining, Godfathers had mopped up the remaining Ronin ships.  The G0dfathers won.

Fight 25 – Spaceships v RvB (video)

Vindi/Cyclone v Deimoses.  Both sides brought logi, Scimitar and Oneiros respectively.  I have been saying for months now that the Deimos is a freakishly powerful ship in the hands of pilots who know how to fly them.  RvB had a chance to prove me right.  The damage ships for both sides warped to zero.  The Vindicator immediately webbed one of the Deimoses.  Suddenly Spaceships made the mistake of putting their Scimitar in close though, and he was also instantly webbed down.  While the vindi pushed through the first Deimos’ shields like a puddle of warm butter, the Deimoses began melting the Scimitar.  I think this is owing to the Scimitar’s fit.  No buffer means no margin for error or thinking, for that matter.  With a reflex tank, and a full 10 seconds hesitation before mashing the ASB, the scimitar was doomed.  45 seconds into the match, Suddenly Spaceships was without logi, traded for a Taranis kill.  With the first Deimos at half armor, RvB began melting through the Cyclone.  He was a bit quicker on the ASB button and outlived the Deimos.  He outlived the second Deimos as well, surviving the fight in deep armor.  Both teams advanced.  My Deimos theory… looks to be wrong.  Ah well.  Suddenly Spaceships won.

Fight 26 – Evoke v Gorgon (video)

Rattlesnakes v Vindi/Feroxes.  Because a Vindicator wasn’t enough dps, why not add two Feroxes?  I’ll tell you why.  One Logi is more valuable than an additional dps battlecruiser.  Especially when facing the kiting, massive tank, drone platform that is Rattlesnakes.  Gorgon’s Merlin spooled up with a hefty dose of speed, topping 4 km/s, which for a tier 4, tech 1 ship is wtf territory.  He shot across the arena and put a tackle on the first Rattlesnake.  The Vindicator and Ferox trailed a few seconds (obviously) behind, but began laying into the Rattlesnake with their ferocious dps.  The Rattlesnakes (probably not expecting speedy-mc-speedyson Merlin) ditched their sentries for Ogres and began laying into the Vindicator with their full dps (which is fairly substantial against a battleship hull).  Both the Rattlesnake and the Vindicator were ASBing for their lives.  It came down to Rattlesnakes having superior resists (and more buffer) in the end.  Gorgon’s FC was not a fool though.  He realized quickly the direction the match was going and began calling the frigates as primary.  As the Vindicator began to bleed into armor, he began to burn out.  Meanwhile, Gorgon’s Harpies quickly melted the first Merlin.  The Ogres had trouble keeping up with the Vindicator, and were kited while the Rattlesnakes rushed back to pick up their sentry drones.  Of course this meant the pressure was off the Rattlesnake as well, which allowed him to also take time to recharge his ASB.  Meanwhile, Gorgon’s Merlin/Harpies continued to decimate Evoke’s frigate support.  With about a quarter of his armor gone, the Vindicator’s ASB reloaded, and he began repping his shields back up.  Meanwhile, another Merlin went down.  The Vindicator seems to have run out of cap, and the Ogres quickly began putting their guns on it once again.  The last Merlin went down and the Vindicator was once again in armor.  Evoke’s Hawk charged in and webbed the Vindicator.  It had to be removed from the field before it could get back in play once more.  It was a suicide mission, but it was successful.  The Vindicator was in low structure when his ASB reloaded for the final time.  He was able to stave off destruction for one last cycle before going down. Fifteen seconds later, the hawk died as well.  His mission, though, was accomplished.  Gorgon pulled in just enough points to advance, one Ferox was destroyed before the match ended, but Gorgon was careful to prevent more points from being awarded to Evoke.  Ev0ke won.

Fight 27 – AAA v NCdot (video)

Quad Cyclones v Vanilla Sleipnirs.  Both teams only needed a few points to advance.  NCdot, however, were not in a giving mood.  NCdot started one Griffin down, by way of a disconnect.  I would like to think they were throwing a bone to their OTEC bros by helping Test advance (a favor we didn’t repay, if that was the case), but it is more likely that they were out to dominate Against All Authorities.  Colonel Kurtz, once more, was filling the role of hero tank for NC.  One minute in, NCdot polished off one of the kitsunes.  With one Griffin down, they were the most immediate threat to the NCdot team.  Meanwhile the Sleipnirs had gotten into range and began laying into their first Cyclone.  While the Cyclone ran his ASB, Kurtz relied on the reps from the scimitar as long as possible.  The Sleipnirs used their slight range advantage against the Cyclones as well.  Again, it looked like they were out to deny AAA the Group Stage.  They polished off the last kitsune next (potentially the threat of ECM on their scimitar was the reason they held off brawling).  With the kitsunes gone, and the Scimitar no longer threatened, the Sleipnirs moved in to brawl.  The first Cyclone had practically run out of ASB charges in the meantime, and was quickly removed from the field.  One of cyclones then produced their ace up the sleeve and sensor damped the scimitar.  Suddenly, Mafia Matt’s Sleipnir was stuck with only its ASB to keep it alive.  While the Scimitar burned back to save the Sleipnir, the Sleipnir struggled to pull range.  As Mafia Matt entered armor, the Scimitar was finally able to put reps on him.  In a nail biter, the Scimitar kept giving him shields, but not quite enough to overpower the incoming dps.  Meanwhile, one of the Cyclones had run out of ASB charges.  It was a race to the bottom.  The sleipnir entered structure as the Cyclone’s shields failed.  Unlike the Sleipnir, the Cyclone had no additional reps at all, and died with the Sleipnir at two-thirds structure.  Seconds later, Mafia Matt began cycling his ASB again.  Combined with the Scimitar’s reps, and the loss of the Cyclone, Against All Authorities were doomed.  With 53 seconds remaining, NCdot finished off the last ship.  It would have been a flawless victory, if not for the disconnect.  NCdot won.

Fight 28 – Alpha v Pandemic (video)

Absolution/Rook v Vindi/Brutix.  Both teams brought Oneiroses.  I’m sure the Alpha Volley Team started crying as soon as they saw what Pandemic Legion was fielding.  Good luck using your Rook against a field of Gallente ships.  Most Rooks in ATX fit a Gallente ECM, since Oneiroses are in style.  This one… I don’t know what to say.  It had five multispecs and a minmatar tech two.  Who fits Tech 2 ECM?  I guess they last a little longer overheated, but that seems a weak reason to me.  Anyway, as is obvious by the linked killmail, the Rook didn’t have a long life.  Pandemic went straight for the Oneiros.  1:30 in, the Oneiros was down.  Fifteen seconds later, the Rook was webbed, and thirty seconds later, it was also dead.  The match was only a quarter through the allotted time, and Alpha Volley Union had already lost their ewar and their logi.  The rest of their fleet lasted almost two more minutes.  They were able to kill Pandemic’s Oneiros a minute before their with the dying gasp of their Retribution, netting enough points to advance.  Both teams made it into the Group Stages.  Pandemic Legion won.

Fight 29 – Agony v Exodus (video)

Dual Kronos v Dual Kronos.  Agony brought a Brutix and Exodus brought an Oneiros.  Needless to say, the logi, once again, was the deciding factor.  This was supplemented by the Exodus Griffin, Marauders being weak to ECM.  Agony warped one Kronos to zero, and the other at 10km, while Exodus dropped onto the beacon.  Both sides started the match by shooting at a Kronos.  Exodus quickly switched to the Brutix.  As the Exodus Kronos entered armor, the Brutix did as well.  Agony’s Incursuses had rushed the Griffin and were forcing the Oneiros to put a rep on the Griffin (who was seemingly unable to break the locks of the opposing Kronoses, because who fits Gallente ECM).  The Griffin went down with a full rack of Caldari ECM.  Clearly Agony had won the metagame.  It did not win them the match though.  Exodus polished off the Agony Brutix, with their Kronos in deep armor.  Suddenly, with the removal of the Brutix, it was able to almost stabilize its tank.  It died as the Agony Kronos was entering structure.  Thirty seconds later, it both sides were down a Kronos apiece.  Two minutes into the match, Exodus’ team was down to a Kronos and an Oneiros.  Exodus’ Kronos was able to tank Agony’s dps, but Agony’s Kronos was unable to do the same.  The match lasted four minutes, beginning to end.  Insane, fast action, brawl.  Exodus won.

Fight 30 – Heretic v Raiden (video)

Vindicator v Sleipnir/Cyclones.  The Sleipnir/Cyclone composition has been extremely hit or miss.  I have mentioned before that the comp relies heavily on individual pilot skill far more than many of the other compositions fielded.  The Vindicator was supported by an Oneiros, the Raiden team was local tanked.  The Vindicator came in at zero, the Raiden team came in at close range, with frigates/logi at 50km for both teams.  Raiden came in at a sharp angle though, so their frigates were actually not too far from Heretic’s logi.  The Vindi laid into a cyclone to start things off, while the rest of the Raiden team burned for the Oneiros.  The Oneiros ran ASBs as did the Raiden Cyclone.  The Oneiros went down first with the Cyclone following seconds later.  Raiden’s battlecruisers burned to zero on the Vindicator, and began the death dance with it.  Meanwhile, Heretic Nation’s frigates were chasing down Raiden’s Griffins.  Two minutes into the fight, Heretic finished off the last Griffin.  Meanwhile, their Vindicator was bleeding into armor.  The Vindicator was able to finish off one last Cyclone before dying just after the three minute mark.  The next two and a half minutes were spent by Raiden popping the Heretic frigates.  Both teams advanced.  Raiden won.

Fight 31 – Tribal v Fatal (video)

Rook/Brutixes v Vanilla Sleipnirs.  Both sides brought logistics, an Oneiros and a Scimitar respectively.  14 seconds into the match, Fatal Ascension killing one of Tribal Conclave’s Griffins.  First blood.  Ten seconds later, the second Griffin died.  FA was off to a good start.  At the minute mark, FA killed off the Rook.  Tribal was melting fast at this point, and began asking FA for points so they could advance.  Tribal needed six points to have more points than Test Alliance.  Zagdul shrugged off the initial billion isk offer.  Three billion was the next offer, as only the Oneiros remained, ASBing to survive.  Zagdul was a bro to Test Alliance though, and killed off the last of Tribal Conclave’s ships.  Flawless victory for Fatal Ascension.

Fight 32 – Hun v Police (video)

Vargurs v Triple Talos.  No logi for either side.  The Taloses warped in at max range with blasters.  Probably planning on the eventuality that the other team came in with a close range brawler team.  Vargurs, on the other hand, can still put damage on targets at 100km with AC Barrage.  Police’s two Keres, however, were doing their job by damping down the Vargurs.  It came down to a frigate brawl.  Hun’s hawks had to chase down and destroy the Keres as well as the Griffin, which could also cause trouble with the sensor weak Mauraders.  Nothing happened in the first minute as the chase was on.  Suddenly, the Hawks were in range and laid into the first Keres.  Surprise: ASB.  Meanwhile, the Vargurs had used their abnormal speed (for a battleship) advantage, and caught up to one of the Taloses.  Neuts plus autocannons began to shred the Talos.  Surprise: ASB.  In structure, it was able to pull out of range once more, and boost its shields back.  Meanwhile, the first Keres went down.  The second Keres followed 20 seconds later.  Meanwhile, the Vargurs were looking for a squishy target, and content to force the other side to burn ASB charges for the time being.  With the Keres gone, the Vargurs split targets to run them both out of ASB charges faster.  The griffin had been doing well kiting the Hawks, but then it ran out of bounds and was zapped by Sreegs.  Three and a half minutes in, the first Talos went down, the second followed moments later.  At the four minute mark, the last Talos went down.  Space Police were denied the six points they needed to advance, locking Test in for the last place slot in the Group Stage.  A Flawless victory for HUN Reloaded.

With the qualifying stage a thing of the past, hopefully I can get caught up quickly on the group stages.


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  1. Silentskills

    I've missed every single match because of work. Thanks for posting the write ups and video links.

    July 18, 2012 at 12:57 am Reply
    1. FW Pilot

      +1 – Love the writeups.

      July 18, 2012 at 5:52 am Reply
  2. The Observer

    As far as the fearless. v nulli match goes, it was pilot error on the Fearless. side. The Vindi pilot burnt out almost all of his guns, so he wasn't doing much damage. Apparently, nanopaste is over rated.

    July 18, 2012 at 1:06 am Reply
    1. Eve player

      Nano paste doesn't do much good after the gun has burnt out.

      July 18, 2012 at 4:38 am Reply

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