We’re back for the second day of ATX review time with the power of 20/20 hindsight! I doubt many people who missed the fights will care to read this wall of text. However, those who did watch the fights, might want to use this as a quick reference for what happened.

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Welcome to day 3, AKA Loser’s Day.  All teams this day had an uphill battle to make it into the group stage.  The first day of the second round.

Fight 1 – CVA v Noir (video)

Cyclones v Vindis.  Face melters, starting at close range.  This was a furious fight.  CVA showed up with 42 points, in an attempt to get extra points for a win, while Noir stuck to a more conservative 49 point team.  I’m not sure what the CVA guys were thinking when they saw Noir on the field.  If I were one of those pilots, I might have started swearing up a storm.  This was the first of the “we didn’t get points in the last fight” fights.  Both teams needed a decisive win, with extra points on top to progress.  Anyway, the matched started after MBIII and Kil2 spoke at length about zero-point team strategies.  Immediately, the two Vindis point/webbed Sollana’s cyclone… and melted it.  The ASB got maybe two boosts before the ship was turning into a wreck.  25 seconds into the fight, and the first cyclone was dead.  The other two followed by the 1:02 time mark.  One minute to melt three cyclones.  It was clear that several teams who had been practicing had already discovered that Vindis were the counter to the vanilla sleipnir/cyclone teams that were the flavor of the week in round one.  Three minutes into the match, Noir had won.

Fight 2 – Holes v Test (video)

Sleipnir/Cyclone v Vindicator.  One.  Single.  Vindicator.  Both teams came into the match with handicapped numbers.  Test had the more aggressive handicap.  Suicide was Test’s Vindi pilot, and the entire fight rested on his reflexes.  He did not disappoint.  His tank was supported by an Oneiros.  So, the fight came down to whether or not the Vindi could melt the Cyclone/Sleipnir before they could melt the Oneiros.  Holes warped in a zero, so they were at an advantage, as they had the ability to send their dps boats in different directions around the arena to hit the Oneiros.  Instead, Test got lucky, the Holes teams flew directly at the Oneiros.  Right past the Vindicator, with its bonused webs.  Not only did the Cyclone and Sleipnir fly past the Vindicator, but the Scimitar did as well.  The Vindi opened up on the cyclone first, and pushed it into armor before the scimi was able to get reps on it, topping off the cyclone’s shields once more.  The scimi, meanwhile, was burning away from the threat of the vindicator.  Then, two of Test’s Enyo pilots (Helios and Moxyll) lost connection in quick succession, flying deadstick (one ewarped, the other just sat there until connect was restored).  The Vindi pilot, realizing he didn’t have the dps to burn through both scimi reps and ASBs, chased down the scimi.  At the arena edge, the scimi and vindi began dancing along the edge.  The scimi attempting to trick the vindi out of the arena, the vindi trying to get a web on the scimi so he could melt it.  Overheating his mwd and web, suicide was able to catch a web, and the scimi was dead moments later.  Meanwhile, the cyclone and sleipnir were pouring on the dps on the Oneiros, and slowly bleeding it through armor.  Test’s remaining frigates did their best to keep the sleip/cyclone pinned while the vindi burned to back to them.  The Vindicator melted the Sleipnir, as the last Test frigate died, then turned guns/webs on the cyclone.  With three minutes to go, Test had the win, but didn’t have full points, which meant the win would be pointless.  They began offering bribes to the Holes team to allow the vindicator to kill the two remaining frigates.  The last Jag pilot ended up getting too close to the Vindicator, and a quick overheated mwd burst allowed his heavily heat damaged web to kill the Jad’s speed long enough to melt it.  One Keres remained.  With 1:30 remaining in the match, the Holes team accepted a bride of 2 billion isk to allow their Keres to die.  It was close.  It took about 30 seconds for the Vindi and Keres to burn back to each other.  Then another 30 seconds before they worked out allowing the vindicator to track the smaller ship.  With 22 seconds remaining, the Keres went down.  Netting Test 67.5 points with the handicapped win.  Test, meeting the minimum requirements since 2010.  Test won.

Fight 3 – Razor v DNS (video)

Quad Cyclones v Triple Tornadoes.  Both Razor and DNS had unexpectedly done poorly in their previous respective fights.  Both had been up against tough opponents though, so this was their chance to pull out an ingenious comeback kid play.  DNS started the match off by offering to walk away for 5 billion isk.  Razor ignored the offer.  Five seconds into the fight, the Tornadoes had already alpha’d off one of the cyclones.  Unfortunately for DNS, they had to use all three tornadoes to volley the cyclone off, which was a grim sign for the rest of the match.  The tornadoes would only have that one opportunity to get all their alpha on a target, as they began to kite, tracking would become an issue.  Their second DNS volley put a cyclone into deep armor, but wasn’t enough to finish him.  He began to run his asb overheated, to force the DNS team to use multiple tornadoes to finish him off, staving off damage from the two remaining cyclones for one more artillery cycle.  The third cycle barely killed his shields.  The fight was swinging in favor of Razor, as they cyclones quickly made their way under the guns of the DNS team.  The cyclones finished off some frigates, while their support griffins continued to make life difficult for the tornadoes via ECM.  One merlin was able to make distance, as the cyclones attempted to burn down a tornado, DNS was finally able to finish off the damaged cyclone.  Three Tornadoes and a Merlin against two Cyclones and two Griffins.  The cyclones were on the tornadoes though, so despite the the on paper advantage, the match had already shifted in favor Razor.  Unfortunately for Razor, there was not enough time to burn through the other team.  Razor won, but not enough points to advance.

Fight 4 – Lawn v Holders (video)

Rooks/Cylone v Vindi/Rook.  An ECM duel.  The gnomes are a pretty good skirmish crew, but that Vindicator is an extremely dangerous opponent.  Especially with an ECCM hardened logi pilot to support it.  Especially with an ECM boat to play havok on your team the second you miss a cycle on it.  Right from the beginning, Holders had the advantage simply because their strange mismatch of a team was well suited to counter Lawn’s team.  Lawn’s Cyclone and Holders’ Vindi mixed it up immediately.  It went badly for the Cyclone.  The Lawn Rooks were clearly having trouble jamming out the Holders’ team.  Lawn killed off the light ships, but were left unable to burn through either the Oneiros or the Vindicator.  They came dangerously close to killing the Vindicator, but the Rooks lost ECM jams and the Oneiros was able to rep the vindi back from something like 5% armor, while the Vindi quickly melted the Rooks who had burned into range.  Not enough points to advance, but Wormholes Holders won.

Fight 5 – Solar v Brick (video)

Dual Proteus v Vindicator.  Both sides had an Oneiros for logi, and a handful of support.  Brick fielded a handicap team of of 44 points, while Solar fielded a full 50 point team.  The Proteuses and Vindis started brawling it up at close range.  All three were blaster boats.  It was a knock-down, drag ’em out brawl.  The quad Sabres were potentially the deciding factor, coupled with the Solar Oneiros fit, which was… buffer tanked.  They were able to clear off the Solar support ships (kill one, run off the other), while remaining out of range of the Proteuses.  Then began ripping apart the Oneiros.  If that Oneiros had been properly fit, Solar may have been able to turn this around, but it wasn’t, so they weren’t.  Even after the Oneiros went down though, the Proteus buffer tank was substantial enough that it was unlikely the Vindicator would be able to melt both in time (without which, Brick would not advance in the tournament).  The brave sabre pilots once again won the day for Brick by making suicide runs on the Proteuses, adding their dps to that of the Vindicator.  With 53 seconds remaining, the second Proteus died.  Thus sealing a slot in the Group stage for Brick Squad with a handicap win.

Fight 6 – Punishment v Veyr (video)

Triple Cyclone v Vargurs.  Vargurs are beasts, but with neither side fielding logi, this was going to be a bloody match of last man standing.  Capital Punishment was fielding a handicapped team of 42 points against Veyr’s full 50 point team.  Veyr had zero points from their previous fight, so either they were trying to play spoiler or they had simply missed all the talk about handicapping being the only way for a zero point team to advance.  It didn’t matter much though.  Both teams started at range, but had picked side-by-side warp ins, so they ended up only a short range from each other, despite being 50km from the beacon.  Veyr’s Vargurs were… I don’t know what to make of the fit.  Capital Punishment’s Harpies started off by hunting down, then killing, one of Veyr’s Hookbills, followed by the second Hookbill.  That was the excitement of the first 1:30.  Dizeit Thomas played hero Harpy for quite a while, being the focus of fire from Veyr, but without webs, he was able to keep transversal up enough to leave the Vargurs simply wasting ammo.  While he played with the Vargurs, his Harpy brothers ganged up on another of Veyr’s frigate hulls, a hawk.  He didn’t last long.  I love Harpies.  They went after the last Hawk as the Cyclones and Vargurs collided.  The last Hawk went down, as… the Vargurs and Cyclones bounced away from each other, having done little more than burn each other’s ASB charges.  Capital Punishment was able to web down one of the Vargurs next, and with seven minutes remaining in the fight, there was plenty of time to burn through that, then the second Vargur.  With 4:30 remaining, the second died.  Flawless victory, with a handicap, securing a spot in the Group Stage, for Capital Punshment.

Fight 7 – Manifest v Fourth (video)

Sleipnir v Blaroxes.  Both sides had handicaps.  Manifest Destiny fielding an excessively handicapped 36 point team against The Fourth’s 41 point team.  With a handicap that severe, I can only assume they were planning to spoil the match for Fourth or hoping for something magical to happen, like The Fourth’s primary dps to disconnect.  With two rather gimped setups fielded, the match was an interesting, drawn out fight.  Fourth was able to web Manifest’s scimitar quickly, and the lumbering blaster feroxes trundled into range over the first 45 seconds of the fight.  Fourth’s basi pilot juggled the incoming fire well, while Manifest’s Scimi melted in short order.  Manifest’s Merlins tried a hero move by engaging the Basi, but Fourth’s Merlins were able to tangle them up and kill them off.  By that point, the Feroxes were on top of the Sleipnir.  Blaster power v ASB power.  At this point, some deal making began.  Fourth knew they were unable to advance, because Manifest’s cripplingly low handicap had undercut them.  Fourth’s frigates burned out of the arena, and exploding gloriously to dev hax to show they were willing to deal.  The basilisk followed suit and also exploded.  Fourth offered 4 billion to give the match to Manifest.  Manifest said no, then died.  Without a handicap bonus, The Fourth District won.

Fight 8 – Dystopia v Madness (video)

Quad Cyclone v Triple Tengu.  Dystopia fielded a handicap of a 44 point team, while Madness fielded a full 50 team (madness).  In the first 35 seconds of the match, both sides killed off the handful of frigates they had brought in support.  Leaving tengus trying to kite cyclones, while cyclones tried to box in tengus.  Tyrrax had, once again, taken some time out from PL to rejoin his alliance of metagaming bittervets in the Alliance Tournament.  His Cyclone was primaried by the tengus, and he shrugged it off with ASB.  Not even a minute into the match one of the tengus made the fatal error of stepping over the boundary.  Suddenly, Dystopia had a solid advantage.  Two tengus simply had far too pitiful dps to burn through the ASB cyclones.  Tyrrax overheated in an attempt to get the tackle on one of the tengus, and potentially burned out his mwd before his ASB ran out of charges.  Zeraph’s cyclone died next.  Dystopia was able to get a web on one of the tengus though, who made the mistake of attempting a radical course change as he approached the boundary.  He didn’t breach the boundary, but he did allow the cyclones to catch him and kill him.  With a minute remaining, the last remaining tengu denied Dystopia the kill that had the potential to allow them entry into the group stage.  Dystopia won.

Fight 9 – Taboo v Serious (video)

Quad Cyclone v Vanilla Sleipnirs.  In this video, commentator Zastrow attempted to one up Michael Bolton III’s villian-stache with a gentlemanly suit and monocle.  Dark Taboo showed up with a handicap 44 point team.  Serious sported a full 50 point team.  Both teams had a paltry few points coming into this match, so heavy handicaps were not as needed as the first half of the day’s matches.  Both teams put their battlecruiser hulls at zero, so a fast brawl was expected.  Despite ASB and scimi RR, the four cyclones were able to brute force through it, albeit slowly.  It took three minutes and fifteen seconds.  At almost the same time, PsychoBitch’s Cyclone ran out of ASB charges and went down as well.  The three remaining cyclones then started working on the second sleipnir, while it returned the flavor.  Both the sleipnir and its targeted cyclone held their tanks well enough.  The problem for Serious was that sleipnir was their last dps boat, while Taboo would have two more Cyclones remaining in that trade.  The Cyclone’s ASB ran out and began melting, while the Sleipnir was still in shields.  However, because of the reduced dps of having only one sleipnir, the ASB for the cyclone caught once more when it reached deep structure, allowing the cyclone to continue putting out dps for one more cycle of ASB.  Taboo knew they were not going to be able to brute force the second sleipnir this time, and chased down the scimitar, and melted it instead.  The scimitar went down just before the cyclone ran out of ASB charges.  The sleipnir switched to its next target, as its ASB staved off the incoming damage.  Both sleipnir and cyclone bled into armor heavily before their next ASB cycle caught.  At this point, it was clear that Taboo would win the field once both ships ran out of ASB charges once more.  With 22 seconds remaining in the match, Taboo finished off the last sleipnir, for full points and a spot in the group stage.  Dark Taboo wins.

Fight 10 – Lone Star v Bruderschaft (video)

Vanilla Sleipnir v Vanilla Sleipnir.  Mirror teams.  Both teams with a few points from killing off light tackle the previous week.  Both brought full 50 point setups.  They both warped in at a short distance from the beacon.  Sleipnirs charged, while support ships pulled range.  Texans went after the scimi while the Bros went after a sleipnir.  A little more than two minutes in, Bros shifted to beating up the opposing scimitar.  In a twist, both scimitars went down at the same time.  Confused?  I was too.  It looks like the Texas scimitar ditched a shield extender for a sensor booster and went mwd under webs, while the Bro scimi went with the more standardized ATX fit, and kept its sig down by running AB.  One melted, while the other tanked.  So, despite making an initial error of trying to brute force, Bros were thrown a gift from the gaming gods and were back at a level playing field.  Bros went after sleipnirs again next, while Texans went after Merlins.  Sleipnirs were the right choice, possibly because the Texan sleipnir tried to reload ASB charges while the scimitar was targeted (not expecting it to die near-instantly).  It died at the same time as the merlin.  The match was basically a mop-up after that.  Bruderschaft der Pilger won.

Fight 11 – Choke v Exiled (video)

Mach/Nightmare v Vanilla Sleipnir.  Choke Point brought out the shiny kitchen fleet to combat everyone’s favorite (well at least most used) fleet comp.  As luck would have it (for Choke anyway), there was no ECM opposing their fleet, so their massive dps was free to shred everything on the field.  Everyone’s always hating on the nightmare, and this was its chance to shine.  The two shinies on the field charged at the Sleipnirs… which started running.  The Nightmare began scorching (get it? It was using scorch) the opposing scimitar, while the Mach continued to burn into range (it was damped, so range was a problem for it).  Once the Mach was able to add its considerable dps onto the scimi, its tank faltered.  The scimi’s ASB struggled to keep it alive a little longer, but only a little longer.  Two minutes in, the scimi died.  They turned on a sleipnir next, and it melted.  The Sleipnirs, on the other hand, attempted to get as many points by killing off frigates, as possible.  Not even bothering to attempt to break the ridiculous tanks on both faction battleships.  The Mach as in low shields before the second sleipnir went down.  One Merlin managed to kite the bling long enough for the match to end.  Denying full points.  However, the netted just enough to make 31st place, and get a spot in the Group Stage.  Choke Point won.

Fight 12 – Fire v Red (video)

Curse/Oracle v Sleipnir/Cyclones.  Fire had logi, Red Overlord did not.  I will once more go one record to say that is the deciding factor.  The deck was stacked against Kill it with Fire, but the logi played the match like a champ.  Two minutes in, the Curse+Oneiros were still tanking, while the first of the Cyclones went down.  The next target was the next Sleipnir.  Meanwhile, Red Overlord had been splitting fire across basically every ship on the field, and the Oneiros had been johnny on the spot.  I would really love to see that Curse fit, because it was clearly a brick of a tank.  After the Sleipnir, then finished off the next two Cyclones, while the support Enyos cleared off the Griffins.  At the five minute mark, only a single Griffin remained.  Gyanni’s hero Enyo (it had been into structure at one point in the match) get the web on the Griffin, and that was the match.  Enough points to advance, kill it with Fire won.

Fight 13 – Pizza v Romanian (video)

Vindi/Oneiros v Vanilla Sleipnirs.  Amusingly, the Oneiros came onto the field with some armor damage.  Not a penalty, just an oops on the part of the Pizza pilot.  Despite Pizza’s self-imposed handicap, the Sleipnirs began by kiting away from the Pizza team.  It took more than two minutes, but the Vindi eventually was able to close range and web down the first sleipnir.  It quickly melted through the sleipnir’s tank.  Meanwhile, the other Sleipnir had circled around and engaged the Oneiros, who was ASB’ing to stay alive.  A Vengeance put a web on the offending Sleipnir, and that allowed the Oneiros to make distance, with no time to spar, having already been beating into low armor.  A hero move by Cat Cassidy.  It was only a temporary victory, however.  It looks like the Sleipnir switched ammo for range, while the Oneiros pilot wasted ASB charges, then finished him once the ASB charges were gone, before it could get out of range.  Meanwhile… like a shark on the prowl, the vindicator pilot had sidled up behind the sleipnir and began shredding.  Thirty seconds later, it was dead.  Leaving the field a Vindicator and four frigates against a scimitar and a merlin.  It was only a matter of time.  About a minute, to be exact.  With enough points from the previous match, Percussive Pizza Time Diplomacy won.

Fight 14 – Kadeshi v Shadow (video)

Sleipnir/Cyclones v Tengu/Cyclones.  No logi.  Kadeshi warped to zero on the beacon, then rushed the Shadow Cartel team.  Fire was scattered for both teams, each focusing on both a cyclone and a frigate.  Shadow lost their cyclone first, but only by mere seconds.  Both continued slugging it out.  As the second cyclone of each side started to fall, the Tengu pilot pulled a brilliant maneuver.  The Shadow Cyclone was trying to get range from the Kadeshi dps, and the tengu bumped it at speed, causing the transversal to skyrocket, and well as push the ship out of range of close range ammo.  The Cyclone survived.  The tengu pilot, Asakura Manji, was very clearly the hero of this match, if for no other reason than that bump.  The cyclone pilot was able to ASB his shields back, while the tengu and other cyclone continued burning the other team down.  It looks like the tengu bump also threw the Kadeshi off their game, spending precious seconds trying to decide what to do now that the almost dead cyclone was quickly pulling out of range.  They waffled long enough for Shadow to melt their last cyclone.  With only a Sleipnir and two Mauluses on the field against two cyclones and a HAM tengu, it was only a matter of time.  The sleipnir went down next, and Shadow was able to finish off one of the Mauluses before time expired.  Shadow had enough points to continue to the group stage.  Shadow Cartel won.

Fight 15 – Sleeper v Babylon (video)

Hurricanes v Rooks.  Hurricanes are nice ships.  Versatile, beefy, gunboats.  Rooks, who would be stupid to not expect some Minmatar ships, may have been doing a happy dance.  Did I mention they were armor tanked?  Oneiros logis for both teams.  The match started with hero rifter pilot, Polimorf, flying into the middle of a collection of Jaguars, then (with the help of the Oneiros) tanking them like a champ.  Meanwhile, his two daredevil buddies began melting the unsuspecting Jags.  Watching the first Jag go down, I have to wonder what the Sleeper Oneiros was doing.  It didn’t look like he had all his reps on it, unlike his opposite on Babylon.  While the Rooks threw missiles at the jammed out Hurricanes, the Rifter/Daredevil pack of hoodlums polished off the other Jaguars.  As can be expected, the jams didn’t last forever.  One Rook’s jams missed and the Hurricane that had been placidly watching it for the first five minutes of the fight lashed out like a sleeping bear that had just been awakened by a boot to the butt.  The Rook was in low armor before the Oneiros was able to catch reps on it.  By then, it looks like the cane was once more jammed.  The jam slipped one last time, but the hurricane in question didn’t last much longer, so it was only able to put it back in structure before dying.  With two Rooks on the field, and only three ships to jam, the rest of the match was very one-sided.  Of course, the downside to these rook-heavy teams is a general lack of dps.  In the end, it was an ASB Oneiros that kept Babylon from advancing, despite winning the match.

Fight 16 – Black v Perihelion (video)

Triple Ferox v Sleipnir/Cyclones.  Pandemic Legion’s single Sleipnir with three Cyclones in support from the previous week was getting increased play.  It was not netting the same positive, no hassle, wins of the Vanilla Sleipnir comp, but it was a composition that required far more individual skill on each pilot’s part, as there wasn’t the support of a logi pilot to allow pilots a more “approach, then press F1” of the Vanilla Sleipnir team (I’m exaggerating, but the reaction time and critical thinking required is noticeable).  Both teams had double digit points from the previous week, so each simply needed a solid win to advance.  Black Legion came in at range (strange for what should be a blasterboat comp), while Perihelion came in at zero (standard practice for these Minmatar BC brawler comps).  I’ve talked crap about Feroxes in the past.  I love me some blarox, but they simply are not a terribly viable ship, even after the hybrid buff of Crucible.  They remain a lacking ship, despite being rather fun to fly.  Perihelion went after the Scimitar supporting the Feroxes, while the Feroxes chased them around at the reduced speed that is so… Caldari.  Black Legion’s saving grave was their Jags kicking Griffins in the teeth.  With the Griffins off the field, the Feroxes were finally free to shoot (and surprisingly, they were actually in range to do so).  While their Scimi ASB’d for its life, they began melting the sleipnir.  A minute later, the Sleipnir was dead.  They turned to the Cyclones who, for unknown reasons stuck around and let blasters melt them.  Flawless victory for Black Legion.

Good show to everyone who fielded a team!


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