It was no secret Fatal Ascension Syndicate campaign was carried out in a less than perfect manner, in fact the new war has been a sort blessing to Fatal Ascension as they spin the non-stop ownage into a “didn’t want those moons anyways, we need to help the war effort” kind of way.

Anyhow, enjoy.

Leak: Fatal Ascension Leaves Syndicate.

[CSDW] Zagdul

The Next Leg – Delve And Beyond!

– Movin on up. –

A new war… Finally.

As an abrupt broadcast rang across our jabbers yesterday, we’ve found that Goons have decided to join the dogpile in Delve for the shitstorm already happening there. A little background, Delve has been a hot spot for PL/TEST who have been slowly pushing sov down there to get some ~goodfights~ and some bike riding. Now, there were rumors of -A- and a few others jumping into Delve and shitting all over the fun our bros from Fountain were having with relative even fights. The engagements would go back and forth, where PL/TEST would lose some fleets, however the war was in favor of the Honeybadgers (PL/TEST/Friends). With the southwestern block losing ground, they’ve batphoned their friends and disrupting what has been some pretty honorable fights which has led up to the blob, being out-blobbed.

This is about where we come in.

You may or may not know, but FA’s initial Deployment plans were to go towards Geminate, instead of Syndicate. With things heating up in Delve, I made an un-popular last call to instead hit Syndicate for a moon purge. Our goals were simple, to tighten up fleet compositions, get some skirmish FC’s to step up and coordinate logistics for long term deployments. All of these goals have been met, with varying success. Overall, the deployment has put us in a ready stance to do just about anything we’d like and has boosted our confidence enough to push forward with our bros in the north to shit all over the entire southern block starting with Delve. Our goal with Syndicate was to grab some moons, get some fights and push south to go on a massive alliance long-term roam to stage hitting the south. The plan was to last about 2 weeks and be in Khanid by the end of this week. Well, our plans are moved up a bit.

Right now, I’m more confident with our readiness for a war than ever. We’ve done well on so many other fronts, but never before have I felt such a continuity in FA to be able to manage fleets, deploy to war and get the job done as I do now. It’s time to take everything we’ve learned in Syndicate and push forward with it in a southern direction. Well done and lets make this happen smoothly.

What about the towers in Syndicate?

For the most part… Fuck them. We don’t really need them as an alliance. The moon purge has served it’s purpose as I stated above. However, all corps who have those towers need to get with our logistics team on how to time them (Loq/Fence/Toon). With the volatile nature of Syndicate, picking a good default will be tricky but I need the holders of the moons making sure you have the moons setup for the time which the logistics team chooses. If you can get the timing correct, we may have good opportunities to counter drop offensive fleets in Syndicate for ~goodfites~ and we will have logistics routes setup to handle this.

Current Orders:

FA as a whole

Current orders are to remain in EF-F. We’ll be announcing our Delve staging area over the next couple days and Goons plan on hosting a SOTG within this time frame. We’ll be remaining in Syndicate until the time comes we need to move forward.

Convoy fleets will go up and we’ll be moving our BS fleets as an alliance in a couple days. We’ll try to do a few runs from Fade. However, corps are responsible for getting their pilots moved to the forward staging systems.

CEO’s / Directors – Get fuel sorted. This isn’t going to be a short run.

Doctrines Used:


-If you fly logistics, this is your ship to fly.
-If you fly command ships, this is the ship you fly.
-If you fly recons, this is the ship you fly.

Main BS Fleet
Alpha Fleet: This will be called often. Please have these ready to stock up in Delve

Tengu Fleet
This is replacing drake fleet. There may be drakefleets called so have some isk ready to purchase a drake in Delve (which will be retarded priced) in the event you want to participate.

Tier 3 BC’s (skirmish/Roams)
This will be our roaming ship for between ops. Have this doctrine sorted so you can do pick up fleets and roam the south to wreck hell on bad dudes.

Droppin on dude’s fleet
If you have a Tempest in syndicate, bring that with you. We’ll be doing multiple convoy fleets to move the BS’s south, however we’ll be swapping up the Tempests for Welpfleet when we run out of pest hulls in Delve to make it easier on logistics.

“Other shit”
Bring ships that you think you’ll use down in Delve. Things like assault frigs or your favorite roaming ship should be moved forward. Stealth bombers as well, we have plans to use bomber fleets down here and you all should be prepped to hop in the fleet if the opportunity arises. Having cruisers/t2’s and other ships should also be things that if you can fit them in a carrier that you should bring. Hics/Dics etc. Basically, have some roaming style ships in your hangars to help you move forward.

Black Ops
Your orders were assigned during our last council meeting

The horn of Deklein sounds and the cannon fodder responds. Inspiring.

Just for the record, I got nothing against Fatal Ascension; they are just terrible pets with even worst local-smack. In fact Gentlemen’s Agreement (who might join them in Delve soon™) are only marginally better (GENTS kept hotdropping CVA kitchen-sinks while running/docking in Catch from 401k, right nova? Lake?), so there is nothing to be ashamed of.

– R

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  1. wow this is funny

    FA is goon pet anyway, they need to listen to mittens orelse they lose tech. Mittens sais FA need to act as meatshield, so they need to deploy to delve and start dieing

    June 28, 2012 at 10:49 am Reply
  2. Syndicate

    Thanks for the fights, FA. I wish you luck holding your newly aquired moons for long. Please come back when you're done with whatever it is you're doing in Delve.

    June 28, 2012 at 8:15 pm Reply
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    November 7, 2012 at 10:39 am Reply

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