Syndicate… where alliances go to die. I am not suggesting that faith for Fatal Ascension but still, a deployment to Syndicate seems like “busy work” than anything else.

The thing is the only “valuable” moon in Syndicate is the one located at CIS-7X, which last time we checked Fatal Ascension already owned. There was a Disprosium moon in EF-F36 if I recall correctly, stil here is the lead:

Raw Intel

Fatal Ascension Alliance has deployed to syndicate.

On 13/06 they jumped in a couple of titans, 8 supers, 15 dreads and a same number of carriers.

They have been reinforcing POS’s of local alliances Al3xander and Pure Madness.

Carriers and JF’s have been jumping back and forth moving in assets.
Local was at 150 at some point, which is impressive for -FA-. Even big boss Zagdul in his Chimera was sitting at the undock.

Not much fighting went on as they are using TZ difference to local alliances just a couple of cyno’s got popped. First kill was a Rapier, after that they got smart and used Probes as cyno vessels.

Interesting times for syndicate which has been relatively quiet.

I got a couple battle reports on the hoven regarding Fatal Ascension, those should be out today.

Looking forward to see what the Syndicate residents will make out of this.

– R

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