This article takes place mainly around HED-GP, a very notorious system in eve due to it’s placement and the pvp activity in it. Recently -A- gave the station in HED-GP to Chribba, sov still belongs to -A-.
Heres a small blurp about it from Herculetz, -A-.

“Chribba’s efforts to make Eve a better place are both ever-present and legendary at the same time. Many of us use his services in and out of game to enhance their enjoyment of the game. He is the example of everything that is right in Eve. When Chribba came to us and inquired if we might have a system for him, we thought long and hard of how we can create a win-win-win situation that benefits Chribba, benefits Eve, and benefits –A-.”

– Dsan (EN24 Editor)

A Story About Vengeance – Terror in HED-GP

To be clear, this is not a battle report where Super Carriers and Titans died. Nor is it a 800 man battleship slug fest F1-a-thon. This is a composition of many small gang engagements by a group of friends numbering at most a couple dozen. If you want the aforementioned, this is not the battle report you are looking for.

And now a story of Vengeance – Terror in HED-GP

I hope any unpleasantness within the article will be over looked in favor of appreciating this brief glimpse into my enjoyable experiences through Eve in the past few months.

VENGA is a fairly old corp that has gone through its ups and downs. I had only recently joined them toward the end of March and by now I can say that they truly made Eve more fun than it has ever been for me. With a dedicated CEO, capable FCs and a small tight knit core of players, we enjoy small gang pvp fights every night in a system of our choosing.

Specializing in Frigates and Stealth Bombers, I was a bit out of place in my previous alliance where most of the members were expected to fly Drakes, a ship which bores me beyond reason. My time with VENGA began in late March of 2012 in M-OEE8, a system held by NCdot and was quickly acquainted to a form of PVP that was much more to my liking. Focusing purely on Covops we bounced between that system and EC-P8R, a Goon held system, causing havoc.

Between April and May fighting mostly in M-OEE8 and EC-P8R VENGA and friends numbering between 10 and 25, destroyed over 70 billion ISK numbering over 900 ships. The targets ranged from multi billion T3s to battleships to pirate cruisers and everything in between.



After about two months of engaging various CFC/NCdot members and allies, we had almost completely shut down these two systems. Initially both of the systems were ripe with targets, small gangs would roam at any hour of the day. Eventually we were lucky to see any ships let alone roaming gangs. And so hundreds of kills later, we decided to migrate south to HED-GP, a system which is owned by AAA but given to Chribba as an open port system, a miniature thunderdome where AAA and their allies would often engage various roaming gangs such as CVA.

Unwise to whom we were, the HED-GP campaign started off very nicely on May 29th. Everything that we had learned in M-O and EC- against unwilling opponents, we now brought to bare against the citizens of HED-GP which were much more eager to test their mettle.

Targets that were sitting at optimals on the Keberz and SV gate were now getting picked off one by one with quick bomber precision. I had remarked that it reminded me of the Predator movies. The group of heroes that had started off so strong guarding their gates against intruders, were taken out before their comrades could even react. Indeed, their only weapon seemed to be local smack claiming that flying stealth somehow was less respectable than their more conventional tactics.

This, of course, ignores the level of teamwork and efficiency cov ops pilots require to be effective. You can put a solid 20 million SP purely in skills needed for a bomber and you will still not have maximized your requirements let alone prolonged experience, teamwork and talent required to put those things to use. It is definitely a different game to the usual “Primary target/F1” play style. A friend recently told me that “when the people you just killed say you suck, what they really mean to do is compliment you and tell you how much they wish they were like you.” This seemed to be the case as AAA members + their allies and other HED-GP citizens attempted to mimic our tactics. Imitators however, rarely if ever out due the originals and this was made painfully obvious.

No longer limiting ourselves simply to the Keb and SV gates, we had set up attacks on their very jumpbridge system. We knew everything that was coming in and going out on both ends. With eyes on all entrances almost anyone that stayed in system too long, perished. It was not a question of if, but simply when. When would those stealth bombers simply appear and insta alpha their anything below a battleship?

Bombers would uncloak and wipe off cheap Thrashers and expensive Cynabals with relative ease and before the enemy could react and warp in, we would vanish although we were never gone. We simply bided our time, waited and struck racking up kill after kill. We could not believe our eyes as the camping gangs would remain on field as another one of them would be killed within minutes of the other.

It was clear that they had engaged something they were not quite familiar with but we could see their wheels turning as they attempted to think of new ways to deal with the onslaught with mixed results. Cloaked up dictors, while respectable attempts to deal with our harassment of their jump bridge, fell prey to our bombs. Tier 3 BattleCruisers fit to snipe with extreme accuracy beyond 100 km shattered like glass under the powerful DPS of bombers orbiting right under their battleship sized guns.

It must be a very unnerving thing to know you have such an enemy in system. The moment you see a bomber uncloak, you’re already pointed. You might think perhaps you can break away but before the half dozen or so bombs vaporize your hull. Seconds later your speed is a fraction of what it was yet the penalty to your signature carries over. You frantically panic hoping to take someone down with you in the few seconds you have left, but your targeting resolution is pitiful. Within seconds you are sent back to the station no longer in possession of your ship nor your implants.

Among the notable kills, VENGA and friends managed to attain a very special target. A Charon full of moon materials. What makes this target special was our inability to kill a Charon in our initial encounter with one on AAA’s jumpbridge. This target however was not as luck as its partner. While under the guns of the enemy POS, VENGA and friends smashed torp after torp into the lumbering giant’s hull. An ally of the hauler attempted to web it in order to attain a faster align time, but to no avail. When the target was downed a few billion isk’s worth of moon material was lost in the process.

And this was only how the night was started.

We don’t claim to do anything else other than work together and enjoy each other’s company and invite those who enjoy our pass time to come fly with us. General local banter aside, nothing is personal and our goals are to find target rich environments. For us, we are the wolves hunting the stag and we’re very hungry.

Lastly, in the world of Eve where we usually are witness to childish bickering, crude remarks and insulting one’s opponent, I want to say that in each of these three systems we have had a target that has shown a higher level of talent and survivability than the others we have hunted.

In M-O I want to note the talented piloting of Arthello. A 2006 character and almost 2 year member of D00M. within the NCdot alliance. He was able to down several of our bombers on the gates whenever we would engage targets with his cloaky Cynabal or Oracle showing spectacular talent in timing. He observed patiently our method and sprang a trap on our trap, a favor we managed to return. As far as I saw he was always respectful, a true mark of a class act and fitting of a veteran of Eve. The numbers speak for themselves.

In EC- Gaara’s Sniper surprised us with his richly fit Tengu which frustrated our first attempts to engineer its demise. Although his ship was strong, we found his weakness in his smack in local. Later on we compared the strength of his Goon-esque ego with the strength of his tank. Although it was a close call, it seemed that indeed the local smack would not maintain the structure of his shield and his pricey Nighthawk fell to our torps. It truly was an impressive hunt. Not one to back down, I must give credit to Gaara’s courage as he once again undocked his very capable Tengu which too, while a magnificent and evasive target, fell to our torps.

Lastly in HED-GP where our tale has yet to be concluded, a most capable prey roams space, a Legion piloted by AAA’s very own JimC1128. He has shown himself to be a very smart and capable pilot downing several of our bombers and frustrating at least 3 attempts on his ship. Although our first attempt came close leaving the Legion deep in hull, he has proven resourceful through the use of his own allies or the use of terrain. He too has shown himself to be respectful and, like Arthello, holds a capable record of his own.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

– Seraph IX Basarab

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    FYI its not hard to bomb a jb scouted by a nuet alt, about 500 words too many.
    Grats for trying to be relevant tho.

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  6. not news

    " this is not a battle report where Super Carriers and Titans died. Nor is it a 800 man battleship slug fest F1-a-thon"

    Then it's not news. I get this every day in lowsec and we need to kill a super before Evenews cares.

    June 12, 2012 at 9:57 pm Reply
    1. some effort required

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  8. AAA Resident

    An entertaining insight into the current campers of HED. Good job sirs, I enjoy hunting you guys.

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    Whats the point ? getting more recruits ? You made it !

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  11. Dutchman

    I hate to burst your bubble, but what you are describing doesn't require much skill (especially since cloaked ships don't decloak eachother anymore). I've done it a lot when I was in waffles, and it can be quite fun, but it's just ganking people. The day you start effectively engaging people (solo or in small fleets) rather than ganking them will be the day actual skill comes into play.

    Nonetheless it's good to read that you are having fun doing this 😉

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      Your tears are delicious.

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    Best Regards.

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  16. abc123

    If one looks a litttle close one will see they are with known Pandamic Losers alts and alt corps. But as most of the post says, AFK cloaks and waiting to prey on single people and tring to boast you are doing something. A blob is a blob. Makes no difference the size. Have your fun but please quit tring to make it like you are really doing something. Ninja kills are just that – nothing more nothing less.

    June 13, 2012 at 2:44 am Reply
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      There's like one PL guy who shows up. Shows how paranoid AAA can be.


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    And tell me, u was writring this shit when u was afk cloacky on a gate?

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    Cmon dudes, when u can handle a stuff like this, maybe, and i tell MAYBE u can come back and write another article:

    So if u really think whats mean use a bomber fleet, u will be ashame and hide urself behind ur cloak.

    REally cool story bro!

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      I really respec small-gang pvp, frig roams etc, but pls learn to use a bomber and dont post, pls dont ever post cool noob story about AFK cloacker pls.

      And yeah i m not english, and fortunatly i m not noob like ppl quoted in this article.

      I can re-quote an other answer posted before : "Pure propaganda
      Whats the point ? getting more recruits ? You made it ! "

      Have fun afk cloacky harraser and hope see u soon!

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    I've seen people kill more camping on their own with their own falcon alt. I'm sorry but this is not as difficult as your write up tries to make it out to be.

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  20. Visited HED-GP today, all the shit outlined up there is truth, Seraph was doing some pew pew when we arrived.! ^__^

    June 13, 2012 at 5:35 am Reply
    1. Seraph IX Basarab

      Too bad for the AAA Loki. And a 750 mil pod? Damn nice. Was a slow night on our end but drop by any time. The jumpbridge has quite a few guns offlined due to bomb fire 😡

      June 13, 2012 at 6:51 am Reply
  21. pew

    tl;dr: Bunch of cloakyfags gank careless fools with 2 rapiers a falcon and 10 bombers to take out 1 ship (less simply won't do). The sheer awesomeness of this group of people gives them godlike skills and makes them a force to be reconed with. It's doubtfull that anyone else in eve would be able to pull this off without at least 30 bombers and 2 falcons!!! That's how pro these guys are..

    June 13, 2012 at 12:07 pm Reply
    1. Seraph IX Basarab

      You sound like a victim, friend.

      June 13, 2012 at 7:59 pm Reply
  22. Gumpin

    Is news so slow we're getting news about combat in HED? I'm just making sure that we're talking about HED. Not some quiet never before seen system that doesn't get billions worth in kills in the time it takes to poop?

    Its HED? Okay. Just making sure this article was useless.

    June 13, 2012 at 3:32 pm Reply
  23. -A- FC

    So your camping HED? That's great, cloaky stuff? Never seen that before! WOW.

    Sorry many others including Init. and even Brick squad have done a better job being cloaky fags in HED.

    June 13, 2012 at 8:49 pm Reply
  24. Shiny!

    We also specialise in black ops and you do have to admire the skill and coordination it takes to use bombers effectively.

    However more impressive are the way small number of bombers can kill an entire fleet, by launching all your bombs at one target in perfect time so they all hit at once.

    June 14, 2012 at 1:48 am Reply
  25. Dan

    There is no skill involved in this. And this 'writeup' shows that you clearly have not realised that fact. Praising the good players? They don't need your praise, they actually have skill.

    June 14, 2012 at 7:58 am Reply
    1. Actual Bomber

      You're showing yourself how clueless you are. If stealth bombers took no skill, everyone would be doing it on every occasion. Fact of the matter is that they take a lot of teamwork because you can not screw up.

      June 14, 2012 at 9:47 am Reply
  26. mingrabudsa

    it's hilarious, cause it's rel

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