This is the first in a series of articles where I will attempt to sensibly argue the opposite of popular beliefs in Eve, within reason.

Wonk: The Devil’s Advocate – Super Capitals

First up is the ever present Super Capitals. Last winter Super Capitals received a much anticipated nerf. Alliances all through Eve started claiming that “winter is coming” and that with the nerfic snow falls all Super Capitals would explode and die in front of them. The actual nerf wasn’t as bad as many people had feared/hoped (depending on if you had gone through the effort to get one). All Super Capitals lost 20% HPs and Super Carriers lost the ability to deploy anything apart from fighters and fighter bombers.

The result was the cry of many Super Carrier pilots that they now had millions upon millions of wasted skill points in max out drones that they were now unable to use, and that’s really about it. The cries of “Winter is coming” have quickly silence as people have realised that CCP haven’t nerfed Supers into oblivion and that they still require some skill to tackle and kill.

Which brings me on to the current cry of the ignorant masses. Nerf Titan tracking.  This argument is coming mostly from the Cluster Fuck Coalition, who are currently fighting the Titan heavy Raiden.. I am surprised that in a coalition of that many people, not one person has figured out that trying to fight titans with ships that have a large signature is just a little bit silly. The two doctrines flown by the CFC current is the alpha maelstrom and the Drake. Alpha fleet consists of maelstroms with artilleries and shield extenders, while the Drakes zoom around the battlefield with further shield extenders and perma running MWDs.

With these setups the CFC flings fleet after fleet into the jaws of large groups of Titans and support fleets. When they come out the other end battered and bruised they seem surprised that they all died again. However instead of trying to figure out what went wrong and maybe even trying to adapt, they cry foul and call for whatever killed them to be nerfed.

This is not the way I remember Eve being. Back in my day (I said it) you would look in awe as this gankageddon (An Armageddon with many many heat sinks) melted your cruiser, and then vow to get your own gankageddon so you too could deal this kind of damage. Usually you were just in time for stacking to get nerfed. Where has the hardened attitude in Eve gone? When did Eve players become so soft as to just cry about something rather than become inspired to mimic the older pilots with their bigger ships?

I remember for years people have been asking for a way to fight the blob. To be able to be outnumbered but not outgunned. Now we finally have that way, Raiden. are fighting a coalition many times the size of their own, and because they have the balls to deploy trillions of isk on the field they are not being swept away by the blob. Surely this is what we have been waiting for in Eve?


– Wonk


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  1. slickjim86

    They should use dreads to take out the titans. you loose alot less and they can take alot of punishment with a decent dmg they were made to take out stuff like this. The weakness to these big cap ship blobs is they are slow moving and tight formations . Hasn't anyone thought of smart bombs or moving the battle to encompass the blob? Their is an answer to this problem if that is what you want to call it instead of complaining someone needs to put the work into figuring out the solution and rethink these big fleet fights obviously doing whats always been good for business is completely useless.

    March 3, 2012 at 10:08 pm Reply
  2. outside the box?

    I'd love to see something like the Electronic Attack Ship be able to target supercapital subsystems. The EAS ship can lock a subsystem and broadcast it to the fleet. Maybe the subsystems are shielded enough that only smaller ships can acquire and hit the target etc. So a frig gang could "disable" a supercapital ship potentially if the supercapital didn't have the necessary support to shoot the smaller enemies. Subsystems like jump drive, warp drive, sub-warp engines, fighter bays, weapons arrays, targetting arrays etc… Repaired by nanite repair paste or possibly remote rep from triaged carriers or something.

    March 3, 2012 at 11:14 pm Reply
  3. Ducky

    Make dreads recieve triage rep in siege now you have a whole new fleet dynamic

    March 4, 2012 at 12:13 am Reply
    1. Rascal

      I have to say I actually sort of like this idea.

      March 4, 2012 at 11:21 am Reply
  4. Just Fix it Right!

    I would suggest instead of adjusting tracking like previous ham-handed nerfs (DDing only caps and supers, removing AOE and the HP nerf), do the following:

    1 – Allow them to DD any ship and don't touch tracking. Just increase lock time that it takes SIGNIFICANT time to lock sub-cap ships. Use existing game mechanics (sensor strength) to solve this problem: A Frig like 3 mins. A BC with MWD 1 minute, Structures of Supers like 20 sec.. Even if using multiple SeBos.

    2 – Change the dynamics of capital missiles. Think flak guns and batteries from almost every WWII movie you ever saw. Even if you disagree with the AOE monster DD oblivion or similar, think a smaller AOE event from a near missle hit launched from a Citadel Torp or Cruise launcher. Make Levis useful or give them the ability to use Cap Hybrid Turrets like their three cousins.

    March 4, 2012 at 7:50 am Reply
  5. Anon

    LOL you guys are hilarous.

    If I bring 2 drakes to a fight; I should be able to kill your 3 drakes. There is something wrong when 3 drakes can always beat 2 drakes.

    March 4, 2012 at 10:13 am Reply
  6. -a- bluelist fags

    Here is a suggestion. Make two different siege modules for dreads.

    Siege Alpha Module: Bonus for local rep, does not allow remote rep.

    Siege Beta module: No bonus for local rep, however allows rempte rep on a sieged dread.

    And there you go dreads are viable again both in wormholes and against supercapitals.

    March 4, 2012 at 11:45 pm Reply
  7. duh...

    Tracking Titans can tracking everything from BS to BC to cruisers to frigs to pods. I know this because I got hotdropped by titans daily. Nerf titan tracking, you diddn't use the 18inch guns on a battleship in real life to shoot a damn cabin cruiser.

    March 5, 2012 at 1:24 am Reply
  8. Fletch

    I think the cyno is the problem not the ships.
    Make every one use the gates like the good old days. see how long it would take to move a super cap blob 20 jumps using gates.
    People in eve have become so lazy they just sit around on a titan waiting to hot drop its pathetic.
    There was a time when camping the right gate could do alot of damage to even the largest of Alliances, with the introduction of the cyno 00 interdiction is thing of the past.
    either remove the cyno completly limit drasticly what ships can carry and light a cyno.
    The only cyno im in favour of is the covort one this would allow a group of recons and bombers to penertrate a well held gate and attack from the otherside.

    March 5, 2012 at 12:39 pm Reply

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