Last time we reported on GoonSwarm Federation, they had announced their intention to invaded the Branch region. Some Goonswarm members haz been calling out Eve News24 as part of an “information blackout” on the matter. The truth is we didn’t feel like covering it until now. Well, that and the we were celebrating the holidays IRL. To be honest there is too much “crap” in the thread that covering this conflict isn’t fun at all. This stems mostly from the fact that reading countless pages of Tourettes inducing posts in both and FHP is not how we want to spend our scarce free time. Secondly, the fact that no matter how accurate these reports could ever get (within our limitations), someone will inevitably bitch about the accuracy of our report on any goon event isn’t a good incentive either. While it is our mission to provide our readers with the best possible intel, we have refused to rely on intel from other websites.

Information submitted battle-reports, our friends within various alliances involved in whatever combat we are reporting on, as well as independent sources tend to be more accurate and far less time consuming than attempting to glean information among posts about which My Little Pony is best. If we missed something or some other site reported on it in more detail, then bravo to them.

Having said this let’s get to the meat of what we know about the current war in the north.

So it began… the Greatest Shit-Storm of our time – DekCo Invades Branch – Part one.

The GoonSwarm Federation had announced a full scale attack on the Branch region almost a week ago in their State of the Goonion address, the announcement was met with both bewilderment and uncertainty: GoonSwarm Federation was finally going on an offensive war. This time, for a change, against an entity which was not entirely in life support (as in IT Alliance).

While not exacly in “life support”, White Noise. isn’t in tip-top shape either; there is a nearly inactive leadership, fleeing FC’s, a coup attempt nearly two (2) weeks ago and their home region is in a vulnerable position with most of their fleet and the fleets of their allies staged in Cache, only an irrational optimist would call for a positive outcome for White Noise. On the other hand this invasion could be seen as both a blessing and a curse for White NoiseDOT. as history has shown repeatedly how an external threat can server as a great “unifying factor” for troubled alliances (goonswarm itself is what it is today because of surviving a similar onslaught from BoB years ago), albeit facing the biggest coalition in game could in fact prove troublesome for White Noise.

GoonSwarm Federation sole interest in Branch are of course the Technetium moons and other high valuable moons in the region. At least, that’s what they preach on the corner. Taking a closer look gives away the real motivations behind this move. The truth is that the GoonSwarm Federation and by relation the Deklein Coalition would be in no position to beat what was the Drone Russian Forces when they defeated and disbanded the Northern Coalition. They lacked the super-capitals or the numbers to beat the old DRF. Yes we make this statement knowing that the Drone Russian Forces tried once to kill GoonSwarm Federation. They were stopped right at the doorsteps of the GoonSwarm Capital region, Deklein. A combination of game mechanics favoring the defender, metagaming, war weariness, A-Team creating a second front for DRF in the south, old bromance between goons and xDeath, Pandemic Legion’s pilots spending less time in Eve and more time in other multiplayers, and a shift from retaliatory war to a war of aggression left the invading DRF at a distinct disadvantage they did not have months prior when they began fighting back against the Northern Coalition. The war against the goons may have, indeed been a catalyst in the breakup of the DRF.

Knocking down White Noise. and Raiden. is a goal of both morale and strategic value to GoonSwarm Federation as picking one by one the members of the former Drone Russian Federation would ensure at least another year of uncontested freedom from any sort of realistic counter. For WhiteNoise. their current situation is almost indefensible since the only ally that could really give them a hand is Raiden. who have been stood down for a while, content to carebear and drop on weak targets of opportunity. Not to mention many in Raiden have some morale-crushing memories of fighting goons in the not too distant past while under the IT banner. It is no secret that many of GoonSwarm Federation’s old archnemesis, BoB/Kenny/IT now make up Raiden. and should they join the conflict (as they did by pre-emptive striking several GSF moons in Venal) would of course open some old wounds into otherwise uninterested pilots.

Is GoonSwarm Federation: the New BoB?

We should make a pause here and have a reflexion. To us (Eve News24) the actions of GoonSwarm Federation and the Deklein Coalition are perfectly understandable, they are looking to perpetuate their hegemony in null-sec, just as Band of Brothers/IT alliance, the Northern Coalition and the Drone Region Forces did before them. The real question is: How much time will pass until they become what they (claim to) hate the most? Goons are increasingly reviled the way BoB used to be. Goons already exude a similar douchebaggery that led to large swaths of null sec alliances banding together to kill BoB in its many incarnations. Could this even be possible? I remember when, during my noobish starts in high-sec, whenever someone asked a reference about BoB one would be quick to get an irate response on how dick-ish they were. Mention goons in local in high sec now, and you will be presented with many of the same comments that BoB used to get. Is it the natural progression of things? Is it an evolutionarily flawed path that is to be relived?

Branchnetium Empire

The attack started almost immediately after the Stage of the Goonion announcement. The GSF went on a furious moon reinforcement tirade which snowballed as more and more of their allies joined in. The lead FCs were an classic favorites: Goonswarm’s DaBigRedBoat, Lazarus Telraven, and Mr. Vee along with Lake from “Gentlemen’s Club Agreement”. In the words of Mitten’s as the first day came to a close, they reinforced a ton of systems and “TCU’d a ton of shit” White Noise. hadn’t claimed, WN. response was “tepid” at best. After this they moved into WhiteNoise assets, hitting both sovereign structures and Capital Ship Assembly arrays. A Fidelas Constans pilot gave us this account for the first days of the operation:

Beginning of 3rd day of operations in the holy crusade to sterilize Branch of the RMT-led infection that plagues it. First fleet formup of the day, people are talking shit in fleet and linking porn in local while sitting on the titan waiting to go shoot at hopefully more than structures.

Sadly so far White Noise. has been so elusive that CFC has had to go look for fights in Raiden. space to make up for the tedium of sov warfare.

Suddenly, a scout camping a jump beacon reports 4 Jump Freighters operating without scouts. Cyno goes up almost immediatly, 4 Jump Freighters are burned in less than 2 minutes, glee ensues for the glorious armies of the swarm.

As I write this story, we have just defeated a joint fleet of White Noise. Raiden. and, SURPRIsE, Red Alliance. Here is the extremely confusing battle-report.

We are now destroying two CSAA POSs, while the enemy bombers keep making failed bombing runs. Victory lies ahead.

Capsuleers, do not sit idle and watch, for a meaningless recruitment fee you will be able to join the holy forces of anti RMT Jihad.


FCON Battle Summary

It’s also worth noting the battle that took place at B-GC1T on December 20th, spanning half an hour, White Noise. and Red Alliance along some Raiden. elements formed out and stood against the DekCo attack on a Dark Blood Tower with a CSAA. It was ultimately taken down by DekCo but, in this battle White Noise. lost a recently built Nyx, a Thanatos and half a HellCat fleet to DekCo AlphaCats, marking the first super capital loss of the conflict. Here is a the video of the engagement.

Eve-Kill Nyx Killmail
Eve-Kill Battle Report

Fun for the whole Family

The hostilities continued with GoonSwarm maintaining the upper hand in almost every single engagement, a Fidelas Constant newcomer decided to bring us his view for December 21th hostilities, the fateful date of the four downed Jump Freighters:

Multiple form-ups were advertised for today, as IHUB's and POS towers came out of reinforcement. White Noise had several CSAA's that were in danger of being destroyed. They planned to form up for the 14:30 op, bringing bombers and led by one of the most dangerous bomber FC's in the game.

It's too bad their Jump Freighter pilots jumped to a cyno beacon. Main fleet bridged on top of them, destroying over 100 bombers and 400 bombers. They also lost over 50 battleships worth of 1400mm T2 guns and fittings, as well as some 1330 T2 Ballistic Control Systems T2.

Related KB link

But that's not the worst of it. As our fleets went off to engage their CSAA's (which came out of reinforcement today), they mounted a defense. Many, many Abaddons died today. TNT lost only a few ships. As one of the POS towers was dying, and people mashing the "lock" button to kill the CSAA, a Nyx warps in and lands in bubbles. DBRB invited the hostile Nyx pilot to fleet and promptly fleet warped him outside the safety of his POS shield.

Hilarity ensued as the Nyx actually died faster than the CSAA.

Mixed nuts

This part was actually hilarious. If you happen to live in any decent Null-Sec alliance you are bound to encounter several upsides like jump clones, intel channels and of course a ship reimbursement program. Well, normally the ship reimbursement program is handled via forums, for some reason the White Noise. ones were handled via eve-mail by Lee Chanka. He was reading the mail killboard link and replying with a “paid” note while sending the money at the same time. Some meta-savvy Dek Co pilots took notice of this and started emailing him White Noise. loss-mails from non-DekCo alts, to their surprise the “reimbursements” began shortly, at least over a billion isk was sent to GoonSwarm pilots using this scheme.

The Branch market was also raided by DekCo tycoons who ran rampant through White Noise. space and nearly emptied the market of strategic assets, reportedly spending over 20 billion isk in the task. This greatly disrupted their market supply, increasingly the severe impact of the aforementioned Jump Freighter losses.

[spoiler show=”Show alliance update”]

From: Lee ChanKa
Sent: 2011.12.20 23:40
To: White Noise.,




* 1000 OZONE

note: ther is guns for abadons/tempest in lxw i will remove them form market in the morning till/if you dont buy them



1. Make isk with alts*mains (we will make list of systems which are ok for isk making each corp will get 3 of them or so)
2. Do logistic help alliance if you have JF do 1 2 runn if you can and seed formated ships
3. Do roams g8 camps etc etc (they have over 5k accs in this war or more, they have as we have 20% of lemmings who travel behind gang or without gangs gank them!!!

You have free alts and going to sleep? Good fit them (bombers recons) open dotlan map.
camp their bots and ppl who are farming gank them when they dont expect it, make your alt online when you sleep or doing nothing 24 hours!!! this is just a start and this war will be long
when/if we defend branch , they will need to defend Delve and other blues space, and only now they have true reason (not bullshit reason which their leader mention on that TS meeting, that we are attacking their Home from HED-GP, only moron can thrust in that) to destroy us because if we stay alive they will not!

I have car crash and im recovering fast, soon i will make fleets 12 hours per day to reinforce their towers to roam thru their space to sbu their systems
so be ready to blue your balls



We didn’t want those titans anyway

A good chunk of the “grinding” of White Noise. assets has been directed to Capital Ship Maintenance Arrays. The fact that these are the only instances where WN. and Co. are willing to put up a fight was quickly noted and exploited. Here is a view from one of the DekCo pilots:

I’m sure this has been already mailed to you but here’s a personal account. Our clusterfuck fleet formed up about 1h before the first tower with a CSAA was coming out of reinforcement. Surely WN wasn’t going to let us abort five supers/titans and was going to put up some kind of a fight, right? Of course, they terribly timed the POS’s so they all were coming out in prime USTZ but we’re talking about upwards of 100Bil in losses here.
So the fleet kept forming, local was being trashed properly and soon there were almost 700 blues in multiple alpha fleets. Intel was indicating bombers operating at our desti so everyone was cautioned to turn hardeners on and spread out when we bridge in. Strangely, no other WN activity was reported. We bridged into C-LP3N and sure enough WN bombers appeared on our blob and bombed. Looked scary at first but then everyone started laughing as the bombers managed to bomb primarily themselves and nobody else. We lost one Mael who forgot to turn his hardeners on and the bombers welped their fleet pretty solidly. Finally everyone proceeded to warp to the CSAA with 5 mins on the timer and ready for a big fight.

Well, the fight never came. Supers, caps and alpha maels shred the tower to pieces literally in under 30 sec and the CSAA popped so fast that none of the maels were able to even lock it. We then proceeded to the next towers and aborted all four CSAAs in the system. Bombers made their appearance on the second tower again just to welp themselves once more. Apparently the bombers reported taking down 30 Maels whereas in reality no Maels died. We loled a little.

Finally we took down another CSAA in J9-5MQ and headed home. One of the CSAAs was confirmed to have a baby Avatar in it. It’s ok, WN didn’t want those supers anyway.

CSAA Kills, with a bit of battle

Enter the Intrepid Crossing

Intrepid Crossing, who have sent me a great deal of hate-mail after the opinion piece we published yesterday, entered the war around December 21th, bringing Maelstrom and Drake fleets to the engagements, one of these fleets fell victim of Mister Vee’s bombers, which wiped it out in a single run for at CS-ZGD.

Eve Kill Battle Summary

We’ll stop here for the moment, tomorrow I’ll be post part two of the Branch coverage – December 22th onwards.


[spoiler show=”Did we mess up?”]
We want to give you guys the best possible intel, to post as fast as we can confirm it, but Eve being :Eve: is quite confusing. If we messed up with our intel, please contact us directly [email protected], provide the proof of it and we’ll correct it immediately noting the change and bringing the correction on top of the article list.[/spoiler]

If you would like to send intel or contribute, feel free to use the form below:

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  1. vashthevicious

    Alright alright, This being one first post on the site, after reading it for so long. Since this news actually has things to do with the CFC, which might I add, I am a part of.

    And No I wasn't around for the days of old, Where bob, and Ndot, and those alliances existed.

    In the comments I see alot of comparing, complaining, and pissing contests.

    The blog itself is about this war. Which I will have to admit, Isnt much of a war.

    The Mittani gave a basic, all hands on deck. Its time to burn down branch do to instability in WN.

    What has been the result of this? Exactly that. Branch is burning left and right. Our comms and intel channel glittered with a dash of small gangs roaming about, or another gang trying to plug up a pipe line. Thats not really resistance, just a pain.

    This isn't exactly a fight, and I am not trying to insite rage nor a flame war with the rest of the commenters. But due to the lack of resistance in almost ever instance of us attacking. Some of us are wondering if WN is actully going to do anything, or lay over and die. We are just a steam roller flatting out, what ever is in the way, so we can build out new parking lot.

    And another commenter did make a very good point. If WN is going to act in such a manner, then really, what would be the use in being their ally's? Like in the case of raiden, we have seen them here and there, but i dont think there commented to assisting WN, or something interesting would have happen by now.

    So it doesn't really matter what the goons make themself out to be, or what anyone else thinks of them, or how many are in the CFC. Its about, the will to fight, or no will to fight.

    and sure I am bias in this. But, WN, unless they do something soon, is going to evaporate.

    Its just the simple fact of the matter.

    Call me a goonpet, or what ever. And my fellow CFC members will agree. We have been given a mission, and we are going to keep doing what we have been for the past.. week or so.

    Resistance, would how ever, be…. good change of pace.

    December 30, 2011 at 9:34 am Reply
  2. littlebeegrunt

    Soon all of the EVE community will fly under the Goon banner

    December 30, 2011 at 6:20 pm Reply
  3. CFCer

    Just wanna say that "PL players logging in less" during the VFK invasion might have had something to do with all of their supers being rape-caged and being unable to log in.

    Don't understand why this website constantly tries to spin it like they "let off". I was very active during the VFK defense and we repelled fleet after fleet as they tried to come save their supers. They hardly 'let off'.

    December 30, 2011 at 11:02 pm Reply
  4. […] was actually a bit of coverage of the war over at EVE News 24 last week, something of a summing up of the story so far, once you got past the initial moaning […]

    January 5, 2012 at 5:47 pm
  5. […] was actually a bit of coverage of the war over at EVE News 24 last week, something of a summing up of the story so far, once you got past the initial moaning […]

    January 5, 2012 at 6:26 pm

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