Everyone should be aware by now that Legion of xXDEATHXx and SOLAR FLEET are at war now. To shed some light on why it has come to this, I have translated a public post made by Mactep’s ex-right hand man, Big, who has helped Mactep for the past 5 years. This in no way represents my beliefs nor an attempt to publicly slander SOLAR FLEET and its members. This is strictly for informative use only, you are responsible for whatever opinion comes out of this.

Everything you wanted to know about Solar Fleet, but were afraid to ask.

Editor’s Note: The following post was made by none other than BigMaman, if you don’t know who he is we recommend reading this Eve News24 article.

Alright, since (Stain Empire) and Kuto posted Mactep’s side of story (the original can be found here

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Solar Fleet Crysis

Reset the XIX Today we have agreed on mutual reset after 8th gm. (well, so, for decency’s sake, that it did not have any sudden attack at 7 am) How and why this situation emerged, I think many already knew not the 1st month. I will explain in more detail. 21/07/2011 MB – takes what he does not belong. 22/07/2011 I notify all the alliances that positive standings \ attitude that “finding a plus BM in the alliance will be unacceptable to SF.” (the phrase is absolutely accurate ) Logically, this meant or you do not accept or agree to, but you can reset the stands with SF. In particular, from the BH (+ being at that time) and the RA comes similar wording (ie, different words, but the general sense), they say, and so would not have taken . dichu comes to a similar notice. And after the 22nd – dich goes into “subscriber not available”. 25/07/2011 Published toad. * Our goal in this war to kill aah, all goes according to avagon pussy, if they show the structure at night – hire pandemikov. The war will be to victorious. * What is the SF. I would not like to talk shit to the side UNTIL our neighbors there, which is inappropriate actions by the Federal Council, or rather, in particular, the Master of my address – so the “look at the developments,” \ The phrase until the neighbors * surprised everyone, including I for about inappropriate actions, I realized at once. The first part is aimed at allies – to show that we are to end. The second – preparation for further developments. * 07.08.2011. Game start filigree moon SF. Because suddenly needed a “general all dronregov scan” (in this case, I’m still willing to believe in coincidence, though after the toads had already sensed that something was wrong), 20/08/2011. (20-24 numbers) BM swells the ranks of XIX. deliberate step, and there is not already in the BM and it can be forgotten about. Dich knew that for this action was to follow the reset. And in this case could be a new kerf toad from the series: “- As long as our ships travel through AAA – SOLAR FLEET will attack us from behind, in order to prevent it.” Under this topic you can easily redirect the vector SRF – to clean up invalid and useless Solari. And while there is a good buffer to remove SOLAR FLEET from the south of the arena. Pick up the remainder of Space and picked up a number of SOLAR FLEET Bldg. Knowing this, we only reduce the booth and close the docks – making it clear that about any further territorial alliance we can not go, at the same time giving time to think again. already started a discussion about what to LOD reset. And go to first estimations of the war. 08/28/2011 After 2 personal meetings and correspondence with one director – I’m getting is very interesting information that is generally boiled down to that game will be attacked in the middle of SOLAR FLEET\ the end of September. Date not yet known, and as soon as all will be designed, negotiated – I just put before the fact. In turn, I tried to explain that this is not a good idea. And in case of loss Spacey, in contrast to the SC to rot in a thread delv we do not fly. Even with the whole situation on his hands, especially rypatsya did not, I only informally warned seo to psychologically be ready for any possible losses and pressure stations \ Space and if the situation will turn extremely negative – that to depart in Conor, or other nearest point .. Another interesting information came to the forums (since the pilot permission to copy, and it also relates to the theme of skins, and here) Fleet kontseptik. (before This was the theme as counter cans and ideas about KZT) 29.08.2011 What makes you think that we need to fight against the cans? general info about how that will reset dich * ————– ———————————- SDG – Zloj MaNGooST the points – in SRF – canisters basic format. atrophy, but the cans may be hellkety. all young people swayed by it. with dichami infa next – I ‘ll with them sometimes I drink beer =) the general attitude of the coalition that SOLAR FLEET – not with us and get in a jam, no mention of this same dichem and invite me to her with the words “your evicted in impu, of us.” then I see in dtchah Biga, and your order of 4 stand. make conclusions. PS: Considering that I drank with their directors’ composition, h tends to a minimum perestrahovatsya. naturally into politics, I do not climb, there is one in thee hell with you and only the thunder of course =)) 02/10/2011 Psycho declares the dissolution of the SRF. 10/02/2011 We run wild as there is a new toad. Where is the key point, which in principle was aims to bring its “already a new position” to the masses. “Solari has territorial allies, so we’re not going to attack them if they will not attack first” (Thanks for the favor of course – the right to not be worth) Realizing that the danger has passed so far – we are creating a corporation SG in order to reshape, fly away and quietly fly to the west (this is planned for a long time, and was not associated with these problems, but because of various problems neponyatok and delayed). Not very distant pilots considered this desire to cut the neighbors and their pets – in order to finely napakostnichat of neutral building and, despite the fact that this option was also considered, we flew just to the west. ———————— —————————- What happened with the neocortex? This kind of force majeure. Just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dich already knew that he write to me: – Put my + new ali Renteria (even with the word please) There is an answer: – Yes, now will be done! – Not worth it. So did just gave them the green light and say negotiate for yourself if you analyze that. In this situation, I thought long and do not think there was even stamped + mistake, this was more than ali catalyst and accelerator of conflict. Another question is that while I thought I had time to build and nakosyachit situation so that the other options it could no longer be. Keep bulbs from neutral Ali, and his head to hide a plus – a lot of crazy is not necessary, it would wish. But, it’s not are important and you can clearly tell that it was in relation to financial dichu. —————————- I also proposed the idea – to create corpuscu neutral at the time, which would be most willing to transfer from the alliance and the presence of SOLAR FLEET + and dock – easy to fly, Gopal * neighbors. But whether such actions were not. Yeah, if your game did not notice the light bulbs *, we would have noticed right away and would howl went up creepy. ———————- ——- As a reason they (HZ) were not needed. First, there is not time, while yet another GRD were in the west and outside the alliance. That’s why I asked them not to touch or not Starbases Sovereignty, realizing that this could lead to war right away. Secondly, it was all decided, but there knew about this six dirov \ adm SDG forum, including me. And I think many seo \ Director \ ipk already imagined that nothing will be forgotten. Speak directly or post on the forum after 2-3-4 months will be a war, as you know, I could not. So hang on HZ all the dogs and talk about what they were to blame I will not. They were just under the shadow games and challenges, and I think very happy with their performance. Dich think too happy new acquisition. As for his political arena razygrovki wait did not work (the situation after the transition of the building in karibasov + ali, with continued camping and hanging in a tuft on the territory of the Federation Council has formed a very negative point, but after a show reynforsa – already jumped in the game, they say so what to do now would mean that – hang on until January will not work) * or again to close the problem, say wait a little bit. We are likely, and so get into the situation 3 months old. The only difference is that during this time had partially prepared. Prior to the final stage of preparation, we did not reach, so we will adapt as we go. We can still pull up to 20x numbers, or until January .. It would be convenient, but some actions infuriated at the end. Now this is a step into the unknown, who will major problems, movements and unrest. But I understand that if you do not grow together then, when srastetsya will be much worse. And wait for the map and lies zagryzut – personally I do not make much sense. Despite the fact that the reset already (on our part) was in development in which the patch was only a guide, the exact date was not. In my plan was to look at the movement of a number of alliances, one of which was not an unambiguous statement about what will happen after the patch (in the future I otpishu talking about with reference to the information which is already in sight), and from which I have seen immediate threat. And just wait until their employment – to declare war and make reset. Unfortunately this has not turned out to wait. (Respectively LOD and 10 + for Renteria, who already can build fleets and have 200-300-400 xxx triliony ISOC – a threat not considered initially – the question was only one of these lawsuits will fly harness oneself) it was hard to communicate with those who came out to touch and told us about the good “attitude” *, expressed “respect” * and so on. For they came from a * rainbow peace. I started from the fact that I know. And these concepts emerge only when from you that you need. I can reiterate that dich during this period from July 22, never made ​​contact (icq \ eve pm), has not responded to a single message. Could not make out any problems .. That for me personally it is not surprising – certainly was sure to disassemble them will not have to. (This is the latest hype, which allegedly does not meet the Wizard) But sit down, too, did not work (“already” did not work), so dichu before you write the book “how difficult it is to be God” and “how we created the CCP Eve” have to complete the plan.


Then I will also post mine.

Disclaimer – the aim of this post is to shed some light on some events from the side of person who was for a while at the center of events of one alliance.

Lets start with the main topic – what is the main reason for the conflict between Mactep and UAxDEATH. It didnt start yesterday or before yesterday, it begun 3 years ago.
If someone remembers, Evil Thug reset Goonswarm and with BoB begun to fight an alliance that was a long member of RSF coalition (RedSwarmFederation), the reason for the conflict there you can look up in the old archives, but it doesn’t matter.

XIX and SOLAR FLEET were a formidable force back then, and someone didn’t like that very much. The solution to this problem, to my surprise, was as old as our world, money.
And the cost was reasonable for that man who already have invested large sums into Eve, $15000. For the leader of the alliance, by the side of whose I have been for the past 5 years and was considering him a friend, and whom I have supported, it was enough.

Considering that for the entire duration of our “friendship” he was unemployed, – myself and a few other people turned a blind eye on everything. But in doing so, we didn’t see what would come next from this. But, some people couldn’t let that go. This is when people started leaving SOLAR FLEET – some because of rumors about $15k, some because of Mactep’s one sided politics and absolute disinterest to do anything in terms of participation in wars or organizing events(fights) for his people (some didn’t leave but stopped playing the game all together).

How could Mactep say no to money? – Some get paid for fighting and propaganda about fun and pew pew, while in this case he didn’t need to do anything. Basically one alliance leader betrayed the other and got money for it. This was that exact reason, why two bears, living in the same place, stopped talking to each other. Completely.

In the end – SOLAR FLEET was switched off from the game and thus began to demonstrate their politics of being neutral (besides that, there is unconfirmed information that the paid amount also included intel sharing with the long defunct Band of Brothers, which nearly resulted in XIX losing a titan in 1V, back when losing one titan mattered..). To top things up, members weren’t allowed to help allies due to being threatened with a kick from the alliance.

This policy is still in action, to this day. Since “we” weren’t paid – we aint participating.

At this point you could forget about SF’s existence, seeing as that alliance stopped being of matter to anyone. Securing themselves from the South and still having formal blue standings with XIX, their situation became very comfortable to setup renters and just get rent. Which they successfully have done for all these years. PVP skill flew out of the window – if during the war against Lotak, 5, Veritas and others, Mactep’s presence boosted moral and won such battles that there are still legends circulating (though back then people who flew battleships were far more skilled), but after those events, as if sensing the smell of money, they began to fail-cascade. The Alliance Tournament appearances showed a lot alone, I don’t have to explain more. Fleet battles were either barely won or with the help from others.

And to keep other corporations quiet – the main corporations got their own pieces of space and even were allowed to have their own renters. Some got supers, some got money. And somehow everyone was happy with this, either because they got enough or because they were afraid to speak up.

And since money have the tendency to end, and since the virginity was lost, new methods arose to fill up the pocket. All the finances were under control of one man, all the decision were made by him and he didn’t have to report to anyone either. First Rassatan’s stolen titan was sold for $4k (the irony of which is that titan he got to fly and was paid for by the buyer). Then there were corp motherships with characters, the schemes for which where ridiculous. The character was sold with a mothership for X price, then that character with mothership was bought back, but for double the price. ISK price was of course separate. But then prices on supers dropped, but there were now people who wanted to rent space with RL money. I wont even bother talking about RMT. When the system works – who wants to give a chance for someone else to rule it?

When with the help of RA and Atlas we took Geminate – this was our 3d try (the first 2 we got raped), everything was FCed by Grom. Mactep showed up once or twice (sober or not I cant remember). After that, when everything finished and they started to divide who gets what stations (again, the leader is somewhere else, but stuff is getting divided anyway), suddenly, in private convo I hear a plan to remove Grom. Like “he takes too much responsibility and talks a lot”. At first I didn’t take notice of that, but soon everything cleared up. Even if someone from directorship takes the role of ceo “temporarily”, but mechanics of the game – “who got the button, he is the boss”. So even disappearing into another binge drinking – the leader’s power ain’t under threat other than some mutiny on the ship and that people will simple jump off it. But thankfully the “main” corporations got used to this and grew roots that they wouldn’t escape. Even now, the man who got Neocortex situation to absurd state, the man who tries to convince everyone that his words are truthful and truth is behind him. Yes he is butt-hurt about me leaving, yes he was ignored and was told off when he tried to dictate his terms on who the other should accept into alliance and who not to. But to start a large scale war because of it, the future results of which are unknown, please. Basically, interests and butthurt of one person, become the most important thing and everyone should go with it.

By that time, Mactep got used to treating people like shit – he has been compared to the British Queen for a while, so no surprise that no one wants to talk to him. Especially to listen to his threats and stomping of his fit about who to accept or not to accept into alliance. To members, players that surrounded him, directors, ceos of the corporations, he could always tell what a cool diplomat he is and how smooth is the line of his politics, but they would never find out the real truth behind it all. Thing is, if some coalition at the right moment knew the real state of Drone Regions, they would have destroyed SOLAR FLEET and XIX. UAxDEATH wouldn’t help MACTEP and vise versa. But since everyone believe in this best friends shit or were just frightened, or didnt want to start something to see this through. One of the more surprising discoveries for me was that MACTEP was the ideological creator of DRF. I remember listening for hours in Teamspeak about Mactep’s meetings with Psihozz, Dodger and even UAxDEATH or even with all 3, about how he was teaching them what to do and planned out everything. The only thing this diplomatic wonder managed to achieve is to get part of Geminate and participate in a couple of fights to show that SOLAR FLEET has supers. And killboard got filled up, but as far as I know it wasn’t due to his actions. And could always give members some propaganda, they will eat it up. SOLAR FLEET joining DRF was like 5th wheel of a cart.

Getting back to me leaving Solar Fleet. I was never ambitious and doubt I ever be – I was still in SF, because there were people who pulled the alliance along side with me. And ofcourse, I considered him (Mactep) my friend. Was always understanding to his problems of unemployment and other, and only because of that I was turning a blind eye and quietly did what I was responsible for. Fact is, I could disband both alliances (SF and SW), but also take all of the savings plus all the stations. I wont even mention banning all the shared accounts and those paid with bad credit card, but I will now. I only took what I considered I had to. Yes a few innocent bystanders got hurt, but couldn’t happen without it. And I did leave in alliance wallet enough, to make sure they could compensate those losses. If I was indeed paid to do this, SOLAR FLEET wouldn’t exist for the past 6 months and Mactep would of died of alcoholism. This is why I dont want to sit still and listen to all the brain washing about me leaving being to all the brain washing about me leaving being the reason for the war, its just laughable.

– BigMaman

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