Official Statement from WhiteNoise. leadership:

Retribution – War is coming to -A-

Since first days of campaign against the Northern Coalition we heard rumors about Against All Authorities [-A-] & Co. planning to invade our space.

We heard that they will be hitting us in back trying to take what was rightfully ours. We didn’t want to believe that. But soon we saw rumors becoming reality. They became friends with the Northen Coalition. A once mighty coalition lost its dignity and enlisted in a long line of Northern Coalition pets.

For years we lived side by side without invading each other, having only small skirmishes among Bloodthirsty PVPers. Against All Authorities decided to take our home when it was defenceless.

They made their plans based on wrong assumptions as they thought their actions would not be punished. They thought we will crack in this war. They thought we will not be able to hold push from 2 sides.

We did what was correct for us that time; abandon our homeland and fight with our allies against common enemy.

Now the time has come! We are coming back! We are looking towards AAA. Nothing will escape our sight. The time of diplomacy has long passed by. Now guns will talk. We shall crush their fleets. We shall take what was ours from beginning. We shall fight them in their home space. We shall bring destruction and chaos to their ranks. Our spies will work endlessly to break them from inside. No one will be spared. No mercy and no forgiveness.

24th of July 2011 – The Day for Catch will to hold its breath as it witness our war machine marching towards them.

WhiteNoise. Leadership


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  1. former black aces

    -A- has it made i think. should of stayed with them. but i took a break for 5 months. came back. needed a refresher . so left.

    July 25, 2011 at 5:58 am Reply

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