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March 26th

In Vale of the Silent: The battle rages on between the NC and the DRF, with the Drone russians attempting to reinforce the system of Ls-JEP. The battle was won by the Drone Russians, who then retreated from the field without actually reinforcing the IHUB. The SBU’s were then taken down.

March 28th

In Geminate: After 3 station systems had their sovereignty dropped under mysterious circumstances, the Drone Russians took advantage of the situation yet again by having ships ready to jump on the field as soon as the systems were vulnerable. After a long battle throughout the day, the systems of P-E9GN, 4D9-66, and Q-TBHW were in the hands of the Drone Russians.

March 30th

In Pure Blind: In a war that is sure to confuse at least one person, NCDOT and the NC are now fighting over the region. NCDOT and Evoke, fresh off the purge of CVA from providence are now in the region, fighting the current residents. Mostly Harmless lost a Tech moon in ROIR-Y, but it was quickly taken back by the Northern Coalition. So far, this war has been a stalemate, with the NCDOT and Evoke forces unable to gain any ground, but with the NC unable to remove them from the NPC stations.

April 1st

In Delve: Band of Brothers is back, this time with a Dot. In a released statement today, Evolution, Destructive Influence and Finfleet announced a reformation of the classic Band of Brothers and a commitment to reconquer it’s former null-sec holdings. No word yet on if BOBDOT will work with IT, or against them, but this should certainly give Pandemic Legion a pause in it’s recent conquests.

April Fools.

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