Editor’s Note: The following is a forum post by the pilot known as Daroh, the founder of Rebellion Alliance. This was originally posted on what is referred to as the Russian-language version of CAOD. It has been translated into English with web-based software, which accounts for many of the difficult-to-understand passages.

The post can be found in the original Russian here:

Rebellion Alliance.

I decided to spend a few hours to tell you how to begin Rebellion Alliance, which people were at its origins, what thoughts and ideas have moved these people about the different stages of the alliance and about what happened then and what moved me when I dissolved the alliance .

Chapter 1. Prehistory

To understand some of the things I want to tell you about what it was before the creation of Rebellion Alliance. I just say that the exact date – not my hobby, inquisitive reader himself can see the date of creation of alliances or search for posts on the forum

It all started when the 4 other – I, Kerly, KaHuBaJI Chen Wu and leave the Red Alliance in which I started playing in January 2005 – almost immediately after forming an alliance. In order Redom from which we came, we have little tied, but the memories of the alliance as a whole remained very good. Although in and out of the alliance was based on statements by leaders of the Alliance of unpleasant about my actions (when I tried to defend the moon Arkan (Arrkann, Barry Mcintosh), who were attacked under the pretext that he is petom BoB. Arkan himself before this was Rede and flew fought for the Red on mazershipe charom Barry Mcintosh. On the whole, of the alliance – the capture r64 moons in Solitude and Aridi, the orientation of the alliance to make money, instead of using GoonSwarm friends in the war against the common enemy BoB – is not strongly promoted will continue in an alliance, which roseon a slippery slope.
But I will not bump into the details of our output.

After the release of the RA, we create with other people from RA (vosnovnom exReunion) – HELLSING AGENCY (Chapai, SpMind, SCORPIK, Dmitry Wizard, The Designer, Ra Nger and others) and the corporation RUS (Dif, RGB Ermak and TP) No alliance Brain No Pain, focused on pvp in lousekah and ad ofvarov. Alliance did not last long – fan in lousekah and imperial pvp was not so much.

On one of the gatherings at kaluzhke Arkan asked me to lead the combined alliance Crescent and Hammer, The Condeferation, NoNo and several Bldg.

Chapter 2. Home

I agreed to try and we had a few meetings first with Arkan, and then with the other members of the alliance in Moscow, where it was decided to appoint me as the leader of the new alliance. Was coined by the name of the alliance and adopted the basic ideas of the alliance – the creation of the alliance comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for the game, the development of pvp for fun and participate in global opening event – also for the sake of fun. Ie idea was that the alliance all that is done should be done only for the sake of fun Membury this alliance.

It was decided that the secret decision to the ideal residence for an alliance with such a purpose are the zeros of the NPC. Participation in the opening event was guaranteed on the side of the alliance GoonSwarm (in the new alliance of very few people knew, and in gunsvarme know more just me, but I was able to convince the leaders that gunsvarma Rebelion friendly alliance to them, despite attempts by the leaders of RA convince them otherwise).
Began life organization of the alliance, the creation of regular roaming, pilot training and knowledge among themselves. All this happened in the region Syndicate.

Chapter 3. Half move – Curse

First global change of residence dalas alliance is not easy, but I knew that we at some point reached a point of pvp and farther into the region Syndicate us to do nothing – in front of us waiting for the transition from roaming in the BC to the Ganges to the SBs. Curse was not chosen by accident – it is one of the richest regions of EVE to make money by individual Membury alliance. Yes, there is no moon, but they were not needed because the Alliance was guided primarily by providing each individual Membury opportunity to earn good money.
The region Curse lived then old friends – TCF headed by Section XIII (Robapin, Stefoudemon, etc.), who gladly gave us a Curse constellation of Paradise for a living (I know it sounds weird, but TCF is rightfully his patrimony region Curse and it was divided between corporations TCF). French friends offered support, and Good quality plus standings. Instead they are asked to do.
I want to remind that while Rebelion could claim except on petstvo from the same Dicha, AAA also offers petstvo at the moment on that I agree absolutely was not. For me there is nothing worse than petstvo in Russian alliance – I know it from the inside of Red Alliance and the alliance Dicha. Lined forum PAT then finally approved me in my point of view.

Thus, in the constellation of Paradise living a little, but proud alliance G00DFELLAS, led Endeva. It so happened that we dealt with them quickly and they were gone, of course not preminuv notice that they still did not need these systems.

The Alliance has been actively Inc. when roam in the Curse and the surrounding areas against the Foundation, AAA, United Legion, Red Alliance and other comrades.There were also flying in the opening event of blobs to the beans along with the modes – ZLZ, MO and so on.

Minipereezd was in the G-0 – a fat system and constellation Hale region Curse.Section XIII went to the north and suggested that we take this Const. Here you can thank Robapin for assistance in addressing the issue of affiliation between the constellations of Red Alliance and the Rebellion. At that time we had already Good quality plus standings due Eventov Huns.

In the G-0 was fighting with an alliance Krautbreak, which were not a finger to do.

Were traveling from the Curse of AZN, E-PROS, VNGJ – Gunsvarmu assistance and participation in large Zaruba. Were obtained by the system in Detorid and distributed active corporations.

At that time we learned to fly on a large fleet of battleships. Certainly not perfect, but spoke of our good, even enemies.

Chapter 4. Moving to Delve

During gunsvarmu help in the war against BoB, which has been committed dizband BoB – we have no simple relationship with our allies at hand – Red Alliance, Wildlife, and other comrades have not complained. Rebellion was aimed at fans of the war, we did not want the territories because I knew the territory – it’s obligations, it is mandatory and the ACT help allies – the cycle for which you do not notice how you become a hostage of its own making and a slave to the game.
Rebellion has been proposed in the constellation Detorid – DG-and the neighboring station system, but I refused. Live around the pros and at one point to understand that you no longer have an opportunity to fly and find a purpose for roaming within the 15 jump, goals that would have given you a fan. This is not something for which to form alliances.
The reasons for the move added and what systems were in Detorid needs more alliance TNT, which has agreed to live there and help in the war against the Atlas far south of Eve, not Rebelionu who wanted NPC Inc. when roam in areas close to the Empire, in a convenient location and Membury without any obligations.
Then fight against Red Alliance and Dichey meant war against the interests of our friends Huns – Atlas Alliance, which fought against the Wildlife regularly come to the aid of beans.

I talked with zapawork – diplomat from Goonswarm, and he suggested that we move to Delve, have a few stations in Querious, several moons and Inc. when roam freely in the Stain / Fountain / HED-GP through an extensive network of breeches GS. In return, GS did not ask for anything. Remarkably, we did not even settled on the border region, as is usually done wanting to create a so-called meet shield, and in the center – 3BK/PR-.
Alliance vosnovnom lived in PR-roaming, and all were there, that fits into the concept of the alliance. All went well until the people in the alliance were not thinking about increasing their welfare. Clime, breeches, the modules were paid with two moons, who kindly gave us Gouna, but many wanted more, and I succumbed to this desire. If a corporation is a fan I thought we should do it – increase the number of the Incas in the alliance. I think that even then I was mistaken.

Chapter 5. My departure, Venal, moon

In this chapter, you can start with the word “fakap. There was a “fakap.

Even before fakapa I was thinking about what will be a serious war with IT and that the desire to wage such a war I did not have very much. Asset benefit were in PR-and we could always leave, but guna never required us to compulsory attendance and we actually flew to the ACT is optional.

In gunsvarma fell Sovereignty in all regions due to lack of money to Vallet. Further, everything is simple – gunsvarm leaves south, we leave Dellview and Kverios – live in zakemplenoy station in the PR-few people want, and allies to defeat the forces of IT in the south remains.

At that moment I began to think seriously about how to stop engaging in the alliance as active as I was doing it. Constant moving into new territories and related exhaust the complexity. Besides, I made the mistake of building an alliance around.
Too many, I assumed from the outset – it’s bad – fatigue accumulates, and transfer some of this is a difficult task – all used that almost everyone is engaged in one person – a person who has power.

Considered various options, but I thought that the best option would be to follow the same ideas Alliance – “fan tonight.” Suitable option saw the region Venal (there we were not ), in it there were several hostile alliances, and this region is not likely to be delicious when left unattended. Tasty agents, officers and delicious nepes. Not without problems I have been settled the details of our move – UK does not want to settle Rebelion in Vienna, invited to live in Geminate, but it was the obligation for me and Membury. Live on the border in Geminate – it means to live in a regular CTA and casual alliance did not imply that we will be able to protect the Sovereignty on its own – then again the obligation. With a scratch thanks to the support Gunsvarma and Imperial us was given the green light. Even then, I decided that to cease to engage in an alliance, but lastly I decided to find a place for the life of the alliance, which was actually a suitcase in lousekah near Delve a couple of days.

Moving to Venal was harder than I expected – it was comparable to the entrance of PO4 (Curse), and G-0 combined. There came the locals White Noise and Wildlife to prevent us occupied. I could not predict how long it will take a confrontation, which of course eventually in any case would have ended in our favor (we would simply have nothing to lose), but spend the time I had no strength or desire. I made a last attempt to offer the option when the leader of the alliance is engaged in politics, and Ganga lead FC, but it failed and I went away, leaving the receiver – DrKrom4eg.

Kromchik done much for the alliance at the time, it was difficult – because before that KTA Ganga has always led me and the rest of FC were taken just roaming. There is much to argue and say there is merit of course – the alliance continued existence, were defeated by White Noise, were roaming the Ganges were good and killed.

But it was made in my opinion an error – there was the pursuit of money. I already wrote that I was wrong about the increase Delve Incas – the pursuit of cadmium. She brought a little money Membury, but a lot of hemorrhoids.

The fact that the number of the Incas in the alliance wallet absolutely does not determine individual well-being of Membury, and vice versa – creates a vicious circle of slavery.
The larger moons / pets – the more they must be protected, the more must we fly at ACT, sit on posah, die in lags and so on.

Ultimately, Membury still not getting the money – with them the obligation to pay support to the Allies Sovereignty, means to secure the Incas, compensation for lost ships in the protection of the Incas and so on.

Of course, many may now disagree – because I say such horrible things)

But it is worth considering why and what you play the game.

Chapter 6. Of dissolution

If you have not read the previous chapters – it is better to read. And then you will not understand anything.

Before you leave the alliance and to dissolve it – I have heard the views of many people in Allie. They were simple Membury, these were leaders of various corporations. I have not heard of one who would say – have more moons, more must be CTA.

All people want fun. Fang is in regular pvp fun. If people do not want to protect the Incas alliance just so – it means he does not need an alliance. He does not need Membury. Protect the Incas only want those who either control it or is under the delusion that the Incas brought the fan or the benefit of their Membury (but it’s always top people in corporations and alliances).
In fact, it turns out that people do not have much money for fun.

But there is another side to the issue. This fear of loss of what you have. I felt it very strongly in the people with whom you spoke last time in the alliance. Everyone is afraid of losing what they have, but they do not realize that they have nothing from what they would like to have in reality. Fan – for the sake of what we play games. For me it’s getting positive emotions in the evening after work on their favorite business.Many could get a lot more fun.

When I sent the trays Voltaire away for a long time (long story –, at the moment Red Alliance was in a very strong discouragement – corporations gnawed each other because of the great Incas. I think I did the right thing – a common enemy united alliance, to weed out superfluous and destroyed controversy. Maybe dropped out and those who wanted another fan. There are people who care, an alliance of like a phoenix from the ashes and became even stronger than before.
Someone said that I had no right to condemn people to sleepless nights. People walked on the ACT and participated in one of the most epic events in EVE – the struggle for the C-J6. Who now remembers it as something horrible? These people just went out and found a fan in another place. And who is proud that he was there?Those who remained.
Red Alliance then found a better ally for all its existence – GoonSwarm, through which the alliance once again got the chance. The Alliance has strong leadership, has proved its worth throughout Eve – not for nothing that he was voted the alliance of the year.

Unfortunately, the relationship in the council Rebelion alliance reached the so-called point of no return. Reasons to advertise this until I was not going (to pour shit do not want to, although it appears as it now pour on me – may have all the same), but I can only say that I disagreed because I did not see the possibility of the continued presence of my corporation alliance. In addition, we want something to change in the lives of RUS.

Alliance Rebelion created me and he ended his existence under this ticker to my exit from the alliance.
Here you can write that I had no right, I threw the people that I’m a bastard and Porush everything that people have built. Membury but it is worth considering what they have, they have built and for what it’s all done and how it affects their Fahne before accusing me of what I took from them something.

I sincerely believe that if the corporation consisting of Rebelione want to be together and if there still are people who are willing to raise a new alliance and the fate of his suit Membury stepping over themselves – that they do and Membury this alliance will find real leaders who are ready to prove the case that they have the right to be called leaders, they have a responsibility to Membury alliance.
If people in corporations are willing to fight to the end, for what they have – then they will do it and win. As well as when it defeated Red Alliance. I think a shake-up will only benefit, as has benefited such alliances as BOB / IT, AAA, RA, GS.

If the fish had rotted almost to the tail, it is better to remain at least that is not rotted.Then let these people find for themselves that the fan in the game, which they would like to receive.

Good luck in finding yourself in this game, all pilots Rebeliona. Remember – there is always a solution and not always at first glance, the negative event leads to a negative result.

Thank you all.

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    Here you can write that I had no right, I threw the people that I’m a bastard and Porush everything that people have built. Membury but it is worth considering what they have, they have built and for what it’s all done and how it affects their Fahne before accusing me of what I took from them something."

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    ….so…. Daroh is a Russian in the NC? And he decided to defect and join the DRF, screwing his own alliance in the process?

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