So here we are all “enjoying” the new expansion CCP produced after about 6months. Since Dominion the way Drone Regions operate has changed dramatically, from the so called Zydrine nerf (Tritanium boost (CCP’s version)) to the creation of ihub upgrades, aimed to increase profitability of every system due to cosmic anomalies (such as Drone Hordes), with most of the said cosmic anomalies having a chance to give you an expedition (10/10 plex), which was great, it made a lot of sense for people to not only gather alloys, but try and get one of those 10/10 expeditions, just like in any other region, with its Overseers Assets and t2 salvage.

For a moment there, Drone Regions seem to be on equal basis (isk/hour) as all the other (Bounty) regions.

This was however short lived and as the time past since Dominion can seem like a while for some, for others (like me) it was a short “Gold Period”. The other so called “Silver Period” was pre Dominion and was mostly attributed to R16-R32-R64 moon materials, not related to alloys.

After Incursion went live on TQ, Drone Region dwellers discovered a new feature that came with it (ofcourse as all the other outragious nerfs, it wasnt found in the patch notes), the most profitable of all anomalies that was primary income for most (just like Angel Heaven for Angel space and Sanctum for Guristas), was changed for no reason, therefore spawning a lot of anger towards CCP as, by doing so, many went back to pre Dominion rate of income.

See I dont really think CCP gets how Drone Regions work, or what ISK/hour means. All they think about is that Drone Regions are special, because battleships have no bounties and drop alloys which are a random selection of minerals that can be combined and used for building ships that can be then converted into ISK. What they seem to ignore or not acknowledge is the tedious process of getting income out of drones, while comparing the same process in other regions. Therefore it seems to me, CCP is having my regions in a disadvantage vs all the other regions, again, since Drone Regions no longer have valuable moons, nor they have profitable anomalies nor profitable amount of minerals (the mineral (alloy) drop from a battleship is totaly scaled to the one of in bounty space +/- market value of minerals vs time it takes to move them to sell, which boils down to drones < bountys).

You may not exploit any bug in EVE Online to gain an unfair advantage over other players. You may not communicate the existence of any exploitable bug to others directly or through a public forum. Bugs should be reported through the bug reporting tool on our website. “EVE Online TERMS OF SERVICE”

Well its not a bug, its a feature, yet it does put 5k+ characters at a disadvantage to the rest of 0.0 space dwellers. My question really is, why? Why the biggest mineral providers (its not miners believe me) have to be poor, while the rest of Eve gets richer?

Before I leave this be, here is a small e-mail from one of my renters:

Hello Krutoj,

Several members of my corp have been back and forth with ccp between GM’s and bug reports their final decision is that the 85% income reduction they hit the drone regions with is intentional as we were all exploiting the system. we now make 50% of what all other space does where a hac in other regions can make 60-80m/hr we need a carrier or 2 to manage the same not including the fact that cleanup is involved. It’s a bit BS and I have to admit beyond the idiocy of incursions and JB’s this is probably the single worst patch ever

Now, I thought Dominion was the worst patch (I still do, the sov changes..just blows your mind), but Incursion DR nerf (or as we can see from that e-mail, exploit fixing) does seem to effect people a lot more than sov. I still dont understand the so called exploiting argument to the cosmic anomaly that existed since DR was created, it just was tougher to find than with the new system upgrades. CCP??

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  1. African

    lolz at the DRF Hordes we roam into your space (NC), Well instead of checking my nice wallet I checked my kills stats and it reads DRF 95% of em.

    Guess what a few kills in Geminate (small %) the rest in Cache, G'Wildlands, Etherium Reach and Kalevala Expanse funny how my H-Bot finds you guys and farms you.

    Hugs and kisses when I log on l8r.

    February 9, 2011 at 6:34 pm Reply

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