January has arrived, but for many of you it looked like I would not. With respect to that, I can provide only the defense of “I went from half a job to six” and “I had swine flu.” Some of the detail will unfortunately be lost due to not wanting to subject you to yet another interminable wall of text, but I hope I can give you a good high-level overview.

An important note going forward: due to some inexplicable popular demand, I have been accepted into Dreddit and am now losing expensive Maelstroms in their fleets. The arrangement is that I will not leak non-public TEST information unless someone else leaks it to me or I get clearance from alliance CEO Montolio; in return, my sources remain safe and I will not leak information to the alliance that is not going in the update. My apologies to anyone who feels betrayed by this; on the bright side, I am now for the first time actually having fun playing the game.

Pandemic Legion left Venal and lost all of their tech moons there when they were hired by IT to move to Pure Blind. They left behind a record of absolute dominating rape against the Northern Coalition, punctuated at the end with a number of supercapital losses to Yaay, of all people (the other FCs having been driven off). Ultimately they came out richer, having owned most or all of the Venal technetium moons for a number of weeks, but eventually the region got too “hot” for them.

This area has mostly been used as a staging and botting region to support deployments in Geminate, Fountain, and Pure Blind; aside from corps moving into United Freeman Alliance, the renter alliance, alliance membership has remained static, and since PL moved out there hasn’t been a major fleet battle or invasion worth noting, with one exception. WILD BOARS, which contains the Venal-loving corps of Circle-of-Two, is engaged in hostilities in D7-ZAC, as revealed in this horribly bad post that WEPRA CORP ought to be ashamed of. At the same time, they’ve racked up an impressive record that they should be proud of, even if they’ve rendered inaccessible some ratting systems I could make good use of.

Over the course of the month, The Initiative.’s order to evacuate from at the very least everything but Immensea has paid off handsomely for the Stain Coalition. From time to time Init fought back, and some subcapital and capital battles went down, but the overall trend throughout the month has been The Initiative. continuing to fall back to Immensea. The pace picked up a great deal after The Initiative. lost an Erebus in defense of GE-8JV, with a separate x13 Aeon being killed in TWJ-AW when IT came to defend; in addition to the loss to alliance logistics of a titan that had been responsible for bridging capsuleers for around two years, the morale hit to The Initiative. and the morale boost to the Stain Coalition was enough to severely tip the balance in favor of the attackers. Furthermore, Northern Coalition., which at least provided numbers for the INIT bloc, took a contract renewal payment and then reset INIT, depriving them of an occasionally useful ally.

As it is now, Against ALL Authorities has claimed most of Catch. HED-GP has been left in the hands of Cascade Imminent, the holding alliance for H A V O C; they have already put together a renter alliance in the form of Cascade Associates. Feythabolis has been largely given over to RED.OverLord and Stain Empire, although -A- and White Noise. are both keeping a constellation. M.Pire has defected to the Stain Coalition bloc and will get to keep its space in Catch. Imperial 0rder, an ally of -A- from the Providence NIP days, has also worked for space and stations in Catch.

Further north, it looked quite feasible for The Initiative. to hold on to Immensea; it’s not the greatest space in the world, it’s pretty well fortified, and the logistics chains for the Stain Coalition were getting longer and longer. Unfortunately for them, Red Alliance had already reset and begun attacking assets belonging to The Initiative. in Scalding Pass and nearby environs. Sensing weakness, RA chose to further twist the knife and claim Immensea for themselves; INIT and friends had already largely committed to abandoning the region, and the involvement of the Drone Russians was enough to put any thought of keeping sovereign space in 0.0 to rest. As of now Red Alliance has captured a significant chunk of stations belonging to The Initiative., who are increasingly scarce in the area.

It has not been a good month for Ethereal Dawn. After ejecting diplomat Securitas Protector for attempting to bring up a merger of Ethereal Dawn corps into a Deklein Coalition member, the alliance lost The Minutemen to Gentlemen’s Agreement. Caldari Independent Navy Reserve also left (the corp is still not in a new alliance), while Brothers at Arms went to Systematic-Chaos. After these setbacks amongst others, Ethereal Dawn has left the neighborhood to go live with IT Alliance in Delve. The alliance will not be entrusted with any sovereign space, and will instead be required to live in NPC Delve and engage in “gorilla type warfare” (sic). They are expected to dislodge Goon and HYDRA missionrunners and ratters who never left NPC Delve after Delve was Karttooned; this is a task that IT has never been able to accomplish. For reference, IT has a membership well in excess of a thousand (over five times that, in fact), experienced (or at least present) fleet commanders, extensive stocks of ships, lowsec and NPC nullsec PvP experience, and a charismatic figurehead. Ethereal Dawn has… absolutely none of the above.

Supercapital-rich corporation The Ankou, previously of Systematic-Chaos and Atlas Alliance, left Initiative Mercenaries to join The Initiative. proper. This was widely hailed by The Initiative. as a well-deserved promotion. Somewhat less hailed was the departure of The Ankou about two weeks later for Raiden. along with IT corps x13 and Finfleet. Other corps in The Initiative. are bleeding members, most dramatically Madhatters Inc. and Starkstrom; Madhatters recently suffered a very significant theft on the part of one of its directors. Initiative Mercenaries is seeding other alliances with new corps – I.M.M. (once of Intrepid Crossing) to -Mostly Harmless-, and Corp 1 Allstars to… well, I really don’t know, but it’s worth pointing out that they were in PuPPet MasTers with Quam Singulari, and Quam Singulari is in Session Changes now. Meanwhile, many renter corps in Initiative Associates have swapped over to White Angels. or various -A- renter alliances. -A- itself was strengthened by the addition of ex-Atlas corp Blackwater USA Inc. from Random-Violence, and Cascade Imminent became more than just H A V O C with the addition of Paragon Fury, formed out of the ashes of Sodalitas XX, and Body Count Inc., recruited from the ashes of Mercenary Coalition.

Deklein/Fade/Pure Blind/Cloud Ring
With most of the action further south, this region was fairly quiet until the end of the month. However, Pandemic Legion redeployed to X-7OMU in Pure Blind after being driven out of Venal; the alliance is currently under contract to IT to kill CSAAs and supercapitals in the area (while overall contract details may possibly be inaccurate, at the very least, the CSAA numbers are confirmed). Already Pandemic Legion has done the following: incapacitated Pure Blind jumpbridges (which are then either repaired or rerouted), killed a Goonswarm Federation CSAA with a possible Titan in build, killed another CSAA with a supercarrier in build, killed a Controlled Chaos Nyx, and inflicted heavy losses on a fleet protecting a Fidelas Constans CSAA. In addition, the alliance has taken (and lost) technetium moons in Pure Blind.

That is not to say that the outlook is entirely doom-and-gloom for the Pure Blind Shortbus Crew (now with extra helmet-wearing in Cloud Ring!). In other battles Pandemic Legion has won the kill/death ratio and ISK wars but left the field in an orderly withdrawal; a notable example is the aforementioned attempt to kill a Fidelas Constans CSAA. In that battle, FCON lost a very substantial part of its fleet due to comparatively bad fleet doctrine, bad shiptypes, lower skillpoints, and bad discipline, but managed to save the CSAA. Compared to the invasion of Venal, PL is having less relative success, possibly due to the psychological effect of fighting for “our space,” and the difficulty of using PL’s supercap supremacy due to cynojammers.

Other than Pandemic Legion harvesting tears, not much happened besides corps entering and leaving alliances in the region. Eternity INC. got tired of the drama related to them within -Mostly Harmless- and asked to join Goonswarm Federation; their request was accepted and CONDI picked up a good number of supercapitals. Rayn Enterprises left Wayfarer Stellar Initiative over a number of weaknesses within the alliance – notably, inequitable distribution of moons and the decision of the majority of the alliance to try to take moons in Outer Ring instead of deploying to Fountain and earning moons there through hard work. After pleading their case to TEST, they were allowed in and are at least posting well. Tactical Narcotics Team had some unusual corp turnover – in addition to some corps being temporarily booted due to awoxers, TNT lost longtime members Legion.. to Controlled Chaos.

Fidelas Constans picked up ex-CVA corp Genco, The Mandate of Heaven from SpaceMonkey’s Alliance, CVA corp m3 Corp, and Broz With Froz from Black Star Alliance; in exchange, it lost Stargate SG-1 to Fatal Ascension. Fatal Ascension, in turn, picked up Junkyard Gunners, which has been in a few small alliances I’ve mentioned in past updates, as well as Baptism of Fire from Important Internet Spaceship League. -Mostly Harmless- grabbed I.M.M. (once a member of IRC) from Initiative Mercenaries. Finally, SpaceMonkey’s Alliance (someone please explain that name) picked up ex-OWN Alliance member Miners in Possession, and Loc-Nar Support Services from Rura Penthe; the latter corp has now been in two Star Trek-themed alliances and had a month-long sojourn in Primary. last year.

On a final note, it is rumored that at least one Pure Blind or Cloud Ring resident will be removed by the NC very soon for nonparticipation, barring a last-minute surge. By the time this prints that alliance will probably be revealed.

This region is dominated by the foreverwar heating up between the Deklein Coalition and IT. IT itself has been consumed with infighting and institutional paralysis, leading directly to x13 and Finfleet posting demands for immediate reform; when those reforms were not carried out, those two supercapital-heavy corps left IT for new alliance Raiden. with The Ankou from The Initiative. and Initiative Mercenaries. Since then, other corporations such as Black Nova Corp, Reikoku, The Maverick Navy, and Destructive Influence have been looking toward the door; however, the only one of those corps that seems likely to leave (and take the bulk of IT fleets with them) as of right now is DICE. The Maverick Navy is continuing to defend IT assets with some energy; I should know as they, along with Best Path Inc., have blown up most of the ships I’ve lost. BNC and RKK are low-energy but have too much invested in IT.

The drama is not without external causes. Test Alliance Please Ignore very much wants Fountain, and with the support of Goonswarm Federation and the rest of the Clusterfuck, along with NC supercapitals for major operations, the alliance has been pushing into Fountain. The sustained pressure has led all of the Fountain alliances into sustained failure cascade, with the exception of Babylon 5.. for some gottverdammt reason, as well as HUN Reloaded. Talos Coalition is a walking ghost, kept alive only because its TCUs are providing a little bit of a speed bump for the invading hordes. Black Star Alliance is down to roughly a third of its size; the alliance can be seen doing cloaky things in systems along the Eye of Terror pipeline in Cloud Ring, and has some assets trapped in 6VDT, but so far hasn’t even been much of a nuisance. Blade. is down to around 500 members, having lost most of its active membership, and inexplicably kicking one of their few active FCs (Proxay); note that Proxay was not the person who disabled Blade. forums, as claimed (inaccurately) by The Mittani. HUN Reloaded, as the only Fountain pet still managing to retain its status as a fighting force, has actually managed to increase its membership by recruiting BALKAN EXPRESS.

Actual battles have been clustered around downtimes. IT initially maintained supremacy in EUTZ, but increasing numbers of space-hungry pilots, plus supplements from C0NVICTED and new alliance Gentlemens’ Agreement, overwhelmed the IT EUTZ. After that, IT started timing sovereignty battles into deep AUTZ, right around downtime. This helped to stall the advance; IT managed to win a battle around key jumpbridge system Z303-A, killing a Goonswarm Federation supercarrier and temporarily forestalling the advance. However, IT made a critical error by failing to rep the infrastructure hub in the system, and a week later, an NC supercapital hotdrop killed two IT Titans, two IT supercarriers, and the Ihub and TCU in the system; in exchange, the NC got rid of an OWN Alliance Nyx. In between that time, the head FC of The Maverick Navy ran a fleet in which MVN members onlined SBUs right before the start of extended downtime; TEST got very mad at what seemed to be a double standard, and CCP banned the MVN FC for three days.

After that, IT Alliance leader SirMolle ran an alliance meeting over Teamspeak; much of it is “we didn’t want those corps anyway” hurfing, but some important points came out of it. First, IT decided to spam TCUs all over IT space to help slow down attackers. Second, Systematic-Chaos would be the knight in shining armor for IT, redeploying from Period Basis to help defend Fountain. Third, Molle hinted at Pandemic Legion deploying to Pure Blind to help draw attention away from IT assets. Finally, ex-Atlas and Ethereal Dawn corp Best Path Inc. (home of possibly the worst bombers in EVE; holy crap) would be joining IT. A few days later, The Mittani countered with an alliance meeting for Goonswarm and allies. In the fairly rushed meeting, The Mittani laid out a few key points from his (clearly prepared) speech: Stain Coalition is attacking Querious, IT is in shambles, and SirMolle has yet again stacked a huge quantity of his alliance’s assets and supercapitals into a single station, this time 6VDT-H. Immediately afterward, the Clusterfuck moved a thousand players in less than thirty minutes of frenetic Titan bridging to 6VDT-H, where capital ship staging towers were surrounded by warp disruption bubbles and permacamps, and the station and Ihub were reinforced. As an additional bonus, a former highsec missionrunner with delusions of grandeur got popped by Best Path Inc., of all people, when he desynced at the sun.

Currently, the system has seen 23.5 hour per day system supremacy on the part of the Clusterfuck, with strikes against other nearby IT assets also occurring. However, during downtime on January 28th, key warp disruption bubbles anchored just on the supercapital staging POSes and nowhere else in-system were offlined, and forewarned IT supercapitals jumped out of the system before the bubbles could be reestablished. CCP is currently investigating, and has asked all those who anchored bubbles in the system prior to that time to submit a petition containing the exact time, date, and location of the onlining of the bubbles; CCP Sreegs, formerly SOLODRAKBANSOLODRAKBANSO [LODRA] CEO Darius Johnson, is paying particular attention to the problem and appears to be taking responsibility for the investigation. The same “problem” with bubbles repeated on January 29th. The system is currently in its final reinforcement timer; various abortive attempts on the part of IT Alliance and Pandemic Legion to break the camp have been launched but called off due to overwhelming numbers.

In Querious, Against ALL Authorities and other members of the Stain Coalition are pushing to take the region and have invaded key entry system 49-U6U; it is in its final reinforcement timer and is expected to fall soon. Other systems are reinforced, and it appears likely that -A- will do what my own alliance has proven feckless at – killing Babylon 5.. and their horrible hordes.

IT was not the only resident of the region to have membership fluctuation; Nulli Secunda, pets of IT, lost ex-Cult of War Missions Mining and Mayhem to Initiative Mercenaries (just in time for that alliance to cascade) and ex-Providence Holder and Gentlemen’s Club member Smegnet Incorporated. In exchange, Nulli Secunda picked up Star Frontiers from Talos Coalition and Crimson Empire. from, in order, Talos Coalition and Nulli Secunda renter/training alliance Nulli Tertius. Nulli Tertius got Ascendancy. from Black Star Alliance. Neighbors Saints Among Sinners (the ones with the cute avatar) picked up Estonian corp E-x7 Network from Cha0s Theory and Dark Star Confederation from Ta8ula Rasa. Both corps have lost members, but Dark Star Confederation remains reasonably active.

On the Clusterfuck side, C0NVICTED has committed to living in Fountain, but has recently suffered membership losses. Centrelink Australia, despite the copious amounts of public information about Intrepid Crossing, joined that alliance, while Essence of Decay joined Initiative Mercenaries (and promptly lived up to its name and decayed into nothing).

Drone Regions/Russian renter hell
On the macro level, two big events occurred. The first incursions hit the Drone Regions hardest, decimating jumpbridge networks and killing ratters by the hundreds. The logistical nightmare that ensued led to a halt of the DRF invasion of Geminate and an extraordinarly angry post by Krutoj, one of the leaders of the Drone Russians.

During the same month, the NC B-Team in Vale of the Silent and Geminate attacked Oasa, putting up some TCUs and generally making life difficult for the residents. The assault was eventually beaten back, but it cost the DRF precious momentum.

In addition to a lot of movement of corporations around within renter alliances, which I would be very happy to cover when I’m not so far behind that a whole month of events have occurred, a new participant entered the region. Raiden. is moving into Detorid, taking some systems from Intiative Associates and other systems voluntarily given up by White Angels. The alliance currently has blue standings with White Noise. and Red Alliance, but not other DRF alliances, in effect from around 24 to 48 hours after their supercapital loss in Litom.

In Wicked Creek, The Jagged Alliance swelled with the addition of Shade. from Mercenary Coalition, Zombicidal Mania (with the… unique pedigree of Aeternus., Blade., OWN Alliance, and Violent Society), and former xXDEATHXx renter Kinetic Cartel.

Geminate/Vale of the Silent
2010 ended with Geminate threatened by the invading Drone hordes; at the time, I stated that evicting C0NVICTED to help spare DEM0N HUNTERS some tears would prove to be a stupid decision, as AUTZ overlaps with early Russian TZ. Well, turns out I was wrong. Incursions into Drone space disabled Drone Russian Forces jump bridges and screwed around with logistics, in addition to making it nearly impossible for DRF ratters to gather up minerals. Furthermore, the NC proved itself surprisingly capable of handling incursions into their space, occasionally in very lopsided battles.

After the Drone Russians had to halt their invasion, Ev0ke picked up the slack. Battles have gone one way or another; Ev0ke has generally done pretty well, although they are not having anywhere near the success that Pandemic Legion did. They have, however, managed to match Pandemic Legion for supercarrier kills in Geminate this month by killing a Brick Squad Nyx.

At the start of the year, Majesta Empire lost The Praxis Initiative to Gentlemen’s Agreement out in Fountain; to replace them, ME recruited SiN Corp, formerly of Daisho Syndicate. R.A.G.E similarly lost Sigillum Militum Xpisti to Gentlemen’s Agreement. DEM0N HUNTERS, however, has been suffering from corporations failurecascading and dying on their own, and the alliance has seen a slow but sustained drop in membership since December.

Controlled Chaos is having to split its attention between Pure Blind and Vale of the Silent, but in the era of jumpbridges and, more importantly, jump clones, this isn’t a particularly tall order. Although the alliance lost Iron-Sky, which merged into another corp, it gained Legion.. from Tactical Narcotics Team and The Green Cross from Sev3rance.

Pandemic Legion is still capable of deploying to any part of the North on short notice, as they were able to kill a R.A.G.E supercarrier ratting during an alliance CTA. R.A.G.E, and most other people, are genuinely glad he was dead; consider the absolute stupidity displayed in this screencap from local back in December.

Blaster Worm, the former -A- diplomat who quite literally managed to accidentally troll IT into invading Against ALL Authorities with a miserably bad forum post, is now in Rebellion Alliance. Expect an NC reset of Rebellion Alliance in a few months unless Blaster Worm is permanently enjoined from saying anything to anyone ever.

A poster on Kugutsumen found a map of assigned ratting/PvE rights in Vale of the Silent; having discovered how hard it is to find an empty/usable system in Deklein (particularly since misconfigured bots break chains), I would ragequit R.A.G.E with restrictions like that. Ah, well, there’s always Venal!

A rumor has been going around that the Northern Coalition has reset Violent Entity. Aside from a single killmail where a warp disruption field meant that the NC got on a killmail of a Violent Entity ship, there’s no evidence of this and the corp continues to be a guest of Majesta Empire.

Great Wildlands/NPC 0.0/Lowsec
NPC nullsec has seen a lot of upheaval. HYDRA RELOADED has disbanded, with Genos Occidere moving to Pandemic Legion and Euphoria Released moving to We Form Voltron. Random-Violence, which reunited a number of Gentlemen’s Club corporations, has disbanded, with Blackwater USA Inc. moving to Against ALL Authorities. Finally, a new supercapital-rich alliance, Raiden., has been formed out of The Ankou, x13, and Finfleet; in one of its first outings, the alliance was defeated in a lopsided battle by a temporary of alliance of -A- and Red Alliance; The Ankou lost two titans, two supercarriers, and some capitals in the Litom system of Curse. Finally, Mercenary Coalition, which absorbed Cursed Alliance, has disbanded due to an inability to fulfill a contract against CSAAs in Querious (due to there not being any left anchored there, and not being able to get more than about 40 people in fleet).

Aside from what seemed like every pilot in Providence messaging me after the Year-in-Review update objecting to my interpretation of things that went on during the year, Providence has settled down into a more predictable state of affairs. Notably, Northern Coalition. has abandoned its previous doctrine of “let CVA lie, they’ll be fine.” DMNA, a corporation renting under the banner of Northern Associates, has used the umbrella of Northern Coalition. supercapitals to assault Curatores Veritatis Alliance space, increasing the optempo and reliance on NC. supercapitals after CVA temp-blued another alliance. CVA has chosen not to deploy its own capfleet, instead seeking fights when it can. Goonswarm Federation diplomat Endie offered CVA Delve in the event the Clusterfuck took it; they declined for truly head-scratching reasons.

White Noise. has been fighting Ev0ke and Not Found. for Y-MPWL for almost a month now. Since Ev0ke deployed to Geminate, WN. has been unopposed in the system, and recently managed to take it. This will give WN a jumpbridge network through Empire, connecting through Catch.

Ev0ke and its pets have gained a bit. Ewoks picked up Ducktales from Station Babylon 5. You are now hearing the DuckTales theme song in your head.

Northern Coalition. itself is in flux. Although initially aligned with The Initiative., NC. abandoned that contract after it became more and more clear that Init could or would not participate fully in the defense of its space. Digital Fury Corporation collapsed, merging into Zor Industries in Pandemic Legion, and V.O.I.D. (formerly of Blade. and Circle-of-Two) left the alliance after a long period of losing members. In exchange, NC. picked up Ever Flow from Systematic-Chaos, Enterprise Estonia from what remained of Cult of War, and Mercenaries of Andosia from what remained of Great Wildlands resident Veritas Immortalis. There are rumors that Destructive Influence, currently of IT, will be joining, but so far those are only rumors.

On a political note, CVA has been spotted helping -A- take some of the remaining stations belonging to The Initiative. in Catch, and has taken S2-5CK in Northern Catch. Whether this indicates that -A- will be interfering in the politics of the region going forward, or not, is uncertain. CVA itself has experienced some change, losing m3 Corp to Fidelas Constans but gaining Spanish corp nXo, previously of its own vanity alliance and Intrepid Crossing.

Stain/Esoteria/Paragon Soul/Period Basis
Period Basis is the only real nexus of conflict in this area. This is due to two factors – first, the Systematic-Chaos assault on Paragon Soul was halted by coordinated resistance from Stain Coalition, and second, Systematic-Chaos has been called up to Fountain to help rescue IT from the marauding Deklein Coalition/Clusterfuck hordes. Sys-K leadership is prepared to lose Period Basis, but has required members to keep jump clones and ships in Period Basis to help defend against incursions. This is not likely to work, given the success BURN EDEN, Peanut Factory, and Cascade Imminent had in locking down the region late last year until the arrival of IT backup. In all probability, Systematic-Chaos will live through the worst-case scenario predicted by its leadership, although new corps Brothers at Arms (recruited from Ethereal Dawn) and Royal Enterprise (recruited from Dead Terrorists) do not seem to believe this will be the case.

As part of the counterattack and resistance from Stain Coalition, a Systematic-Chaos CSAA was destroyed along defending capitals; Stain Coalition maintains that there was a baby titan within, although Systematic-Chaos has repeatedly denied that the CSAA was building anything of importance. Northern Coalition. helped Stain Coalition with the CSAA op; a further payment from the Initiative. to NC. required blue standings with IT and Sys-K in the future, which lasted all of a few days before NC. decided The Initiative. could not be supported.

There is one new resident – Atlas., a reformation of Atlas Alliance under the leadership of Di-Tron Heavy Industries, is living in Stain. The alliance started off neutral to parties in the current great war, but mucked about a bit with sov warfare by hitting Sys-K targets, largely due to the latter alliance’s split attention. After this, and more victories on Stain Coalition’s part, Atlas. received standings from the Coalition.

RED.OverLord is becoming less and less Russian in character by the day, recruiting former Black Star Alliance and Blade. corps orphaned by those alliances’ failure cascades. R.OL had ended the year by recruiting Versatech Co. from Blade.; at this point nearly half of the alliance is made up of refugees from Fountain. The necessity of finding numbers to boost the US and EU timezone strength of the alliance may have something to do with the initial success of Systematic-Chaos against RED.OverLord during the invasion of Paragon Soul at the end of last year and beginning of this year. Neighbors C0VEN, on the other hand, shrank a little with the departure of Zaklad Utylizacji Odpadow, a Polish corp, for AAA Citizens.

Empire/random things
Kelmac is back! He is now threatening to sue Navy of Xoc in Wildly Inappropriate. for saying accurate but mean things about him on the internet. Good luck with that; let us know how that goes.

Pandemic Legion killed a GM “Nation” supercarrier in Tama before the release of Incursions; the supercarrier was a special version of the Revenant intended for use in roleplaying events.

Brutally Clever Empire [BRUCE] is not the BRUCE that held Fountain before Pandemic Legion moved in all that time ago; it took some troll-sov in Delve and has a CAOD presence, but otherwise bears no resemblance to that dearly departed… well, at least departed alliance.

A whole host of corps joined and left Empire alliances, but you’ll have to look at those on your own- they get busy up there!


  1. nobody

    “WILD BOARS, which contains the Venal-loving corps of Circle-of-Two, is engaged in hostilities in D7-ZAC, as revealed in this horribly bad post that WEPRA CORP ought to be ashamed of. At the same time, they’ve racked up an impressive record that they should be proud of, even if they’ve rendered inaccessible some ratting systems I could make good use of.”

    that post you talking about it’s just lee engrish; what can i say, some ppl are good at english, others are good at pvp :-), very few on the players are good at both

    January 31, 2011 at 11:51 am Reply
    1. Dental Floss

      Kell, I am sadfaced that you’re with TEST now because that means I have to shoot you on sight. Had you opted to join our fagbag, I’m sure you would have fit in. Next time, perhaps.

      By the way, now that we are actively camping D7 in conjunction with WEPRA, you may see me hurfing in slightly more coherent English. Also, with our bros Elo Knight and Helios Black from Black Legion, the Phalanx will destroy all of ME, RAGE, and Dem0n Hunter drakes in armor gangs, megas in shield gangs, and ravens in general!

      February 1, 2011 at 3:42 pm Reply
  2. HED-GP

    “HED-GP has been left in the hands of Cascade Imminent, the holding alliance for H A V O C;”

    HED-GP always belongs to -A- from past and forever

    January 31, 2011 at 11:55 am Reply
  3. ragePRO

    Now, let me explain something regarding Venal, Pandemic Legion came into Venal while NC was deployed in mother russia, so there was no fight attempts from NC what so ever to defend Venal moon towers, thus easy moon take over by omnipotence itself.

    Pure Blind residents are actually *at home* thus being able to defend their moons effectively.

    January 31, 2011 at 11:56 am Reply
    1. me

      Also about the ratting map in vale of the silent. Rage has no more reason to ragequit any more than majesta. Just check dotlan how majesta systems are divided between corps. Absolutely no need for leaks to know where each corp is ratting.

      January 31, 2011 at 12:26 pm Reply
  4. SomeGuy

    There’s quite a few errors in here. Y-MPWL was given to White Noise (There is no killmail for either an IHub or TCU in that system in the timeframe WN took the system), and HED- is under control by AAA still, you must be confused with sticking Cascade Imminent between Catch and current IT space.

    There’s probably even more errors, I was TL;DR.

    January 31, 2011 at 12:19 pm Reply
    1. MST

      Rumor has it that after three (or four?) failed attempts to take that system by force they went and BOUGHT it.

      February 1, 2011 at 2:07 pm Reply
  5. AAC

    Iron-sky wasn’t lost, they merged with 2 other corps to make the new corp called APEX ARDENT CO now sitting at 210 members.

    Demon hunters suck balls, they reward their miners not their pvpers. Each corp gets their own system, the best upgraded ratting systems are given to the miners. The alliance paid super capital which were both lost at the same time to PL, were given to the miners.

    They recuit corps which have 140 members, then 2 days later they drop to 33 members. endless mortality ;ppp

    With such decision any pressure of 1 more major player leaving, the alliance is about to pop.

    The loss of he Praxis Initiative was a blessing not a curse. They are a waste of space and lazy fucker and guess what they recuit anyone.

    RED.OverLord are taking mostly the crap corps, Look at the pvp stats, for e.g Versatech Co. did less pvp than a corp like 60% smaller that itself. Numbers in your corp means shit. In the long term this will have a negative effect on the alliance.

    and what ever people say about FCON, at least the bring it when its needed, fleeting above 10% of their members is not something to ignore. Bit more discipline and getting people in the right ships, FCON has a good future.

    January 31, 2011 at 12:31 pm Reply

      “Bit more discipline and getting people in the right ships, FCON has a good future.”

      The problem is, this has always been the state of affiars in FCON and will forever be so.

      January 31, 2011 at 4:20 pm Reply
      1. FCON IS OK

        There are a couple of different “Factions” in FCON if you will. The main bulk of them are considerably newer and their main FC who was very talented took a break from eve after they captured D2-HOS. That left a pretty big void as many people were trusted into a learning position. There is a late night group of us time zone pilots who do small roams witch are really effective.
        If I am not mistaken that is the second time that their small band of pilots has done that.
        Do the bulk of their pilots have a alot to learn? Yes. Are they the best? Absolutely not. But hell they fight.

        January 31, 2011 at 5:51 pm Reply
        1. 0.0 pilot

          FCON is shit and anybody who knew them from Providence is embarrassed to see what they’ve become.

          February 1, 2011 at 5:47 am Reply
          1. Kiki

            U jelly?

            February 1, 2011 at 7:52 pm
  6. “A rumor has been going around that the Northern Coalition has reset Violent Entity. Aside from a single killmail where a warp disruption field meant that the NC got on a killmail of a Violent Entity ship, there’s no evidence of this and the corp continues to be a guest of Majesta Empire.”
    At 1st: -VE- isnt an corp but an complete alliance living as ME guest in Geminate.
    2nd: NC hasnt reset anyone- as u noticed: its a rumor, not more.

    January 31, 2011 at 12:32 pm Reply
  7. Mintrolio




    January 31, 2011 at 12:33 pm Reply
  8. Atlas.

    The new ATLAS. has certainly been busy…

    Looks like they are back for good, in big style..

    January 31, 2011 at 2:50 pm Reply
    1. IT Member

      lol the new Atlas are even more fail than the old one. They’re so desperate for memebers even have to resort to recruiting scrubs like zero threat and his empire carebear corp rebirth, roflmao !

      February 1, 2011 at 1:42 am Reply
  9. -7- Dude

    “Although the alliance lost Iron-Sky, which merged into another corp, it gained Legion.. from Tactical Narcotics Team and The Green Cross from Sev3rance.”

    Green Cross aka Fail cross aka PL alt Corp LOL. Their recruiter asking a red in local if he wants to join his corp.

    January 31, 2011 at 4:11 pm Reply
    1. u mad?

      cuz we have your star pilot now?

      January 31, 2011 at 4:22 pm Reply
  10. Serious Face

    i would go through this and refute the various chunks of misinformation one by one, but instead I’m gonna close this tab.

    The tab underneath: pornhub.

    January 31, 2011 at 5:19 pm Reply
  11. __C3__

    You mentioned how 49-U in Querious is in its final reinforcement timer, but failed to mention how Black Inquisition and the rest of the Spanish Inquisition has put A2-V27 into final reinforcement as well – that system is almost more key to taking Querious as it is the entry chokepoint to hisec.

    January 31, 2011 at 7:22 pm Reply
  12. […] thanks to Evenews24 for bringing us Januarys main news update and for the SG-1 mention in your article […]

    January 31, 2011 at 9:31 pm
  13. kin

    the csaa of sysk that was killed was building a aeon, no titan but a sc.

    January 31, 2011 at 9:54 pm Reply
  14. 188yugrehtea

    “Rayn Enterprises left Wayfarer Stellar Initiative over a number of weaknesses within the alliance – notably, inequitable distribution of moons and the decision of the majority of the alliance to try to take moons in Outer Ring instead of deploying to Fountain and earning moons there through hard work.”

    One of the corps that did nothing for the alliance and one of the most demanding (of a ship replacement program) left STLR due to their own short comings. I hope TEST will cut the fat and put them in their place, back in highsec.

    I’m assuming you only contacted them and not anyone else in the alliance. That’s just fail reporting.

    January 31, 2011 at 10:07 pm Reply
    1. tango bravo

      Yea, Rayn sucked for sure.

      Oh wait, they are #2 all time in kills in your alliance.


      January 31, 2011 at 11:55 pm Reply
      1. SRE
        February 1, 2011 at 12:11 am Reply
  15. Tsk Tsk

    Great Read.

    A few minor mistakes but a nice bit of work there, without propaganda rampaging through.

    Thanks for this!

    January 31, 2011 at 11:23 pm Reply
  16. PL Damage control

    Obvious PL propaganda is obvious

    February 1, 2011 at 1:39 am Reply
  17. I lol'd

    “and the difficulty of using PL’s supercap supremacy due to cynojammers.”

    “PL’s supercap supremacy”


    February 1, 2011 at 5:09 am Reply
  18. yeah well

    “Stain Coalition maintains that there was a baby titan within, although Systematic-Chaos has repeatedly denied that the CSAA was building anything of importance.”

    Systematic Chaos has repeatedly said it was an Aeon you twat

    February 1, 2011 at 8:33 am Reply
    1. some guy in wtf that roleplays a girl to piss off lucian...

      its funny that you think the quoted sentence and your response are necessarily mutually exclusive

      February 2, 2011 at 6:03 pm Reply
  19. greetings from fountain

    A jó kurva anyád a fountain pet te faszopó cigány.

    February 1, 2011 at 2:16 pm Reply
  20. Idea

    It would be great if you could do a TL;DR bit at the end, IE PL left venal moved to blah
    IT still fighting war in blah
    NC blah blah

    just like a series of like say 10 of the major issues?

    February 1, 2011 at 6:34 pm Reply
  21. Reichle

    The reference to SpaceMonkey’s might have come from the ancient TV comic “Space Ghost.” I’m actually old enough to remember watching that show. :)

    February 1, 2011 at 10:22 pm Reply
  22. Stuff

    Best Path have not been in an alliance for a long time and I thought they were going to fly around with no tag forever. I think they just started with using bombers though.

    February 2, 2011 at 2:48 am Reply
  23. Anon

    EN24 needs to learn to edit

    March 1, 2011 at 11:23 pm Reply
  24. You may have opened up my eyes currently with this thanks

    March 8, 2013 at 3:11 am Reply
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