2010 has been over for around a month now, and despite predictions of stagnation with the coming of Dominion, Tyrannis, and Incursion, the map saw upheavals in most of the regions of 0.0 space. With all that happened, a high-level overview for everyone who was living under a rock for part of the year sounds like a great idea. Many details were omitted and complex motivations simplified for readability, as this became a serious wall of text; I recommend searching for the region you’re interested in and not trying to digest the whole thing at once.

Before we get going, take a look at December 31st’s Verite Rendition sov map. Then take a look at the map from a year ago. See all those differences?

Broad-scale changes
The most important changes in the “rules of the game” were the removal of area-effect doomsdays, a massive boost to the power of motherships (renamed to supercarriers and now used as gigantic fighter bomber platforms), the concomitant increase in the use of smaller ships and heavy assault cruisers, and the rise of technetium at the expense of neodymium, promethium, and dysprosium.

These regions saw some of the least actual change. The most notable event came when IT Alliance invaded as part of the second Maximum Damage campaign. As the campaign started to grind to a halt, under pressure from Manfred Sideous (then head of Against ALL Authorities) the Southern Coalition (consisting of -A-, IT Alliance, The Initiative., RED.OverLord, Atlas Alliance, Triumvirate., and some various and sundry hangers-on) invaded the primary staging system of the Northern Coalition. In H-W9TY, the Southern Coalition managed to lock down substantial NC assets until a massive counterattack from the Northern Coalition destroyed massive quantities of Southern Coalition POSes and ships, including an Atlas Alliance Titan. The political rifts in the Southern Coalition, already present, exploded after that, leading to the collapse of the invasion and the disbanding of the Southern Coalition. The political wounds and mutual hatreds developed here would have serious consequences further down the line…

Although Tenal and Tribute saw no major change, Branch is a whole new world. United Front Alliance, previously a small rental alliance, suddenly swelled to become one of the top ten alliances in EVE by size – it’s still a rental alliance, but now the NC has managed to pack over 3000 renters into a single region. After Wildly Inappropriate. was booted from Geminate by Atlas Alliance, the alliance got some safe ratting and building space in Branch to rebuild in; it keeps this space to this day. RAZOR originally thought that Looney Toons. would grow into a full-fledged partner in the Northern Coalition; sadly, this just didn’t happen. After a while Looney Toons. simply couldn’t continue, and the member corps decided to merge with Fidelas Constans (this, by the way, was a bad plan, and only a small minority of Looney Toons. corps are in FCON now). Finally, Rebellion Alliance, previously crashing on Goons’ couch in Querious, moved into Branch to, once again, rebuild, and now has space in Geminate.

In Venal, the usual suspects continued to roam and kill macro ratters and missioners there. A notable departure was Circle-of-Two, the former Morsus Mihi ally that was thrown under the bus/revolted and had to be forcibly evicted from its space. CO2 lived in Venal for a long time until they joined the Providence NIP after the fall of CVA, finally joining The Initiative. and Dead Terrorists in former Against ALL Authorities space near the end of the year. When that failed and Circle-of-Two fell apart on factional lines, some of the remaining corps returned to Venal to once again harvest the tears of the NC’s self-described carebears.

Recently, Pandemic Legion moved into Venal, managing to capture virtually all (or all) of the technetium moons and routinely killing Northern Coalition fleets and supercapitals. They continued to engage in what could best be described as an utter rape of the Northern Coalition until, right before the end of the year, a fleet led by Yaay of all people managed to kill about six of their titans in exchange for two NC titans, with another titan kill the next day. We’ll see what happens in the new year!

This whole area was stagnant for virtually the whole year, and then exploded in a violent paroxysm of war. The stagnation, of course, was due to Against ALL Authorities itself stagnating. Although the alliance helped IT secure major systems in Delve and Querious when Goonswarm was Karttooned, -A- mostly kept to itself, building ships and watching the old guard fall away. Leadership passed from the hands of Evil Thug (making the alliance motto of “New Teeth, New Flat, New Life” far less funny) and eventually fell to Manfred Sideous of H A V O C, the first American leader of the alliance in memory. Manny tried to shake things up in -A-, cutting down the famously ironic blue list a bit, roaming Atlas Alliance renters and pets, and reacting to the Libertas Fidelitas Alliance incursion on -A- space with the destruction of CVA.

This last act would prove to be a near-fatal blow to the alliance. The ridiculous grind of the dozens of stations in Providence, though at the time handwaved by -A- and Atlas as not influential, in fact did burn out a tremendous amount of the -A- core. The failure of the exhausted alliance to contribute meaningfully to MAX 2, planned out with input from -A-, exposed the rotten internal state of the alliance. Although bolstered by the acquisition of a more international set of corporations recruited from En Garde and a number of other places, -A- bled more corps in 2010 (even accounting for altcorps and logistics corps) than in all the other years of the alliance combined. Dark Knights of Deneb as well as PPN United, both longtime members of the alliance, left – DKOD failcascaded, and PPN United went to join their fellow Germans in Ev0ke. After Manfred Sideous gave leadership back to the Russians under Kir Laeda, H A V O C was gone not too long after as well.

The weakening of -A-, and the alliance’s increasing diplomatic isolation, had grave consequences. Needing a target for hostility, and being unable due to size and power reasons to prevail against IT or the Northern Coalition, internal discussion within -A- started to focus on invading The Initiative. to get fights. Simultaneously, long-standing tensions over a (now-crappy) R64 moon in Immensea held by -A- but in space belonging to The Initiative. strained diplomatic relations between the alliances. Seeing the inevitable, and needing targets themselves, The Initiative. invaded Catch with the help of White Noise. and Pandemic Legion. Soon after, Blaster Worm, at that time a diplomat for -A- (reflecting the leadership weakness), posted a truly execrable letter on the Corporation, Alliance, and Organization Discussion forum on the EVE Online official site. SirMolle was so incensed by Blaster Worm’s arrogant stupidity that, with the consent of IT Alliance, he committed the forces of IT Alliance and pets to the destruction of Against ALL Authorities and allies.

Simply put, it was a rout. The new leadership of -A- under Kir Laeda organized a withdrawal of assets to Stain, joining RED.OverLord, Stain Empire, C0VEN, and smaller entities in a new Stain Coalition. Circle-of-Two and Dead Terrorists took Impass and about three quarters of Feythabolis, respectively, while White Noise. took the remainder (the most valuable part, by some estimations) of Feythabolis after RUS-1-UKR defected to White Noise. from R.OL.

This state of affairs did not last long. Stain Empire kept a foothold that The Initiative. and allies could not crack (Pandemic Legion having departed from the region and IT Alliance no longer interested). Dead Terrorists collapsed back to lowsec after several supercap and fleet losses coupled with internal pressure, caused largely by rmfHorus recruiting anything with a pulse and some corps that didn’t. R.OL and -A- regained most of that space, and then began assaulting Impass. After heavy fighting, resistance from The Initiative. slackened and Impass returned to -A- control.

IT Alliance reentered the war on the side of The Initiative., providing substantial support that usually exceeded The Initiative.’s participation. In response, Test Alliance Please Ignore and loyal Providence entities launched a counter-invasion, drawing the IT/INIT coalition away from critical sovereignty timers with hits on CSAAs and other targets of value (often in conjunction with the Stain Coalition)- managing to abort at least one supercapital and nearly aborting a titan that was described by TEST (probably inaccurately) as intended for either SirMolle’s new wife/fiancee/whatever or the famous LadyScarlet.

The year ended with IT largely pulled away to deal with internal trouble or Fountain, portions of Catch reconquered by -A-, and the overall tenor of the war winding down.

The year started with Tau Ceti Federation in control of Deklein and Mostly Harmless in control of Fade. At the end of the year, Deklein was owned by Goonswarm Federation, TCF was disbanded, and Fade had some new houseguests. How? TCF imploding and MH declining, that’s how.

Tau Ceti Federation was dying. Fewer and fewer pilots were logging in, leadership was increasingly inactive, and corps were looking to split. It helped that long-time space bros from Goons had recently massively welped Delve; the French pilots enjoyed having two out of three of the old RedSwarm Federation together again when Goons had to move north. However, TCF kept bleeding corps and members, and after Goons (and, later, Test Alliance Please Ignore) were invited to crash on TCF’s couch when Goons were evicted from Cloud Ring, it wasn’t long before TCF announced it was officially disbanding. Some corps joined the nascent Goonswarm Federation; others (mostly the newer corps) went on to Not Found., and still others joined Section XIII and Pulsar Inc. in Cursed Alliance.

All of a sudden, Goonswarm Federation went from one of the poorest alliances for its size in EVE to one of the richest, as Deklein has good ratting space and, more importantly, more than its share of Technetium moons. The alliance started to grow under The Mittani’s leadership, claiming corps from allies and friends, including a substantial fraction of the old Red Alliance. Meanwhile, TEST expanded to over four thousand members, building a community of their own around Dreddit, a corporation recruited (virtually) exclusively from Reddit.com. In a first for an alliance of over a thousand, both alliances opened their financial spreadsheets for all of EVE to see – with many eyes on the alliance finances, it was thought that it would be much harder to hide financial malfeasance or laziness. Other alliances have either already adopted this model or were considering it as 2010 came to a close.

Deklein became the hotbed of two drama-inducing evictions. Black Core Alliance, a holdover from the TCF days, had a very dumb alliance CEO, who played “Coalition op participation chicken” with The Mittani and lost badly. That drama was over and done with fairly quickly. The truly explosive drama came when members of TEST, including “very special” member DurrHurrDurr, discovered that OWN Alliance, another holdover from TCF days, had one of New Eden’s worst alliance reimbursement programs. DurrHurrDurr, being terrible at internet spaceships but knowing a great trolling opportunity when he saw one, organized (or accreted around himself) a propaganda effort in which TEST members provided free rifters and reimbursements to OWN Alliance members. Some enterprising TEST members even conducted an external audit of OWN’s finances and discovered more than one hundred billion ISK missing from OWN’s coffers. This was enough to arouse The Mittani from his single-minded focus on HIS HOUSE and HIS SABRE and even HIS PUPPY and demand a full API from an OWN director to prove that the precious tech moon resources of Deklein were not being wasted. OWN CEO Teredrum declined, and after about two weeks of stupidity and drama (including a faked chatlog of epic proportions), OWN Alliance was removed from Deklein; some of its members joined TEST, while the remaining shattered hulk of an alliance was sent to the Drone Regions to die.

Meanwhile, in Fade, the renamed -Mostly Harmless- had lost a significant proportion of its members and resources between constant harassment from Triumvirate., the MAX 2 campaign, and the splitting off of many of its most active members into Controlled Chaos. Wildly Inappropriate. had also been evicted from Geminate and needed a new home and place to stay, so the redhead-lovers were integrated into the Pure Blind Shortbus Crew, with holdings in Fade to supplement safer ratting space in Branch.

A year ago, Pandemic Legion and Sons of Tangra owned Fountain, although IT was methodically dismantling the constellation. Meanwhile, Goonswarm owned Delve and Querious, with some friends crashing on their couch in Period Basis. A year later, IT Alliance owned Delve, Querious, and most of Fountain. Systematic-Chaos lived in Period Basis, and the remaining bits of Fountain were almost all in the hands of terrible pets and Babylon 5.., the scourge of all that is holy and good. What happened?

IT Alliance getting huge happened. The alliance rapid grew to over five thousand members out for blood. Outnumbering Pandemic Legion several times over, and with a supercapital fleet to match, IT managed to overrun Fountain. It didn’t help that Sons of Tangra utterly screwed up a sovereignty transfer, shortening the clock on the ultimate conquest of Fountain – and given that PL were counting on IT to run out of steam before the region was completely conquered, after a major loss in Y-2ANO it was time to call it quits. At the end, Goonswarm was putting in a bigger defense than PL was.

That left IT Alliance right on Goons’ doorstep. Again and again Goons defended Delve and Querious against IT and their allies, Against ALL Authorities. Meanwhile, the Goon directorate was getting burned out, and during Goonswarm CEO Karttoon’s vacation, the wallet division responsible for paying Goonfleet bills emptied out due to sov bills all coming due at the same time. The results were disastrous. Most critical Goon sov disappeared, and that night IT and -A- claimed most of that. After an attempt at defense, Goons evacuated as best as they could. When Karttoon returned from vacation, Goons blamed him for the screwup, and he responded to their blaming by kicking everyone out of Goonfleet, stealing most of the alliance BPOs, destroying the Goon capfleet, and letting Delve burn. Goons evacuated to Syndicate under returned CEO Darius JOHNSON (now CCP Sreegs), and their allies departed as well, ending the brief Goon ownership of Delve.

In this region, the era of Goons was over and the era of the Clown had begun. IT installed longtime pets Black Star Alliance, HUN Reloaded, and somewhat newer pets Blade. in Fountain, and later sealed their fate by installing blasphemous alliance Babylon 5.. in the Skaven constellation. Stain area residents Systematic-Chaos and what remained of Legiunea ROmana split Period Basis; they would continue to hold it until Legiunea ROmania collapsed further (with a number of corps going to ROMANIAN-LEGION) and had to merge into Systematic-Chaos. IT also installed Nulli Secunda, a group of ladies who would prove valuable allies to both CVA and IT, and Saints Among Sinners, a very adorably enthusiastic alliance that hasn’t really done much politically, in Querious; they were later joined by The Touhou Project, where the Blaster Worm character lived at the end of the year.

Other than that, the region stagnated, with IT emerging from its cave only for MAX 2 and the Catch campaign. Northern Coalition. (Triumvirate.) hit Fountain, harvesting many tears, until fleet commander SuperTwinkey lost some supercaps. Triumvirate. usually has a great deal of success in a region until a major capital/supercapital loss, and then moves on completely coincidentally shortly thereafter. This is exactly what happened. During the second half of the Catch campaign, when The Initiative. was on the defensive, the region woke up. First, Stain Coalition and forward-deployed Northern allies hit IT CSAAs, while Systematic-Chaos infrastructure was heavily damaged by BURN EDEN and Cascade Imminent (H A V O C’s alliance). Finally, right after NC. left Fountain at the end of the year, Test Alliance Please Ignore, Goonswarm Federation (the new alliance for Goons) and the Deklein Coalition (which prefers to be called something a bit more vulgar) launched an invasion of Fountain, which is intended to be the new home of TEST.

Drone Regions
This may well have been the quietest region of EVE for the first part of the year. Until the massive NC push toward the end of the year, there wasn’t much in the way of warfare. Intrepid Crossing was invaded by bored NC members and unaffiliated hangers-on, including a memorable (for me, anyway) TCU drop by Clockwork Pineapple; resistance on the part of SOLAR FLEET pushed out the invaders, and IRC got almost all of Cobalt Edge for being the mushrooms of the coalition.

Lack of warfare does not mean the region was static, however. Red Alliance, having been sheltered from the slings and arrows of their own outrageous failure, were actually able to rebuild, step up, and start throwing their weight around. They were able toward the end of the year to push out True Reign and start making noises against The Initiative.; earlier in the year, they were at least a reasonable partner in the push to take Geminate. They were joined by White Noise., which finally decided that Venal was really not the best place to live, and that far more money could be made by building a renter empire like most Russian alliances in the newly-taken former Atlas territories. NYNC left RED.OverLord to help them build themselves up, and make better use of their supercapital fleet.

All the preparation and building of supercaps paid off when the Northern Coalition decided to invade the Drone Regions to keep themselves sharp and get more lebensraum on the eastern front. Although the NC was able to pile massive numbers into The Kalevala Expanse, snapping JB networks and taking a good amount of sov, the Drone residents continued to push back against them with conventional and supercapital forces. The Northern Coalition left substantial parts of The Kalevala Expanse untouched, choosing to push into Etherium Reach instead. They even managed to take key staging system LXQ2-T, which ended up being the site of one of the biggest battles in EVE when CCP stacked the node with Jita hardware, allowing the NC to bring its full might to bear. Unfortunately for the NC, Drone Russian leadership had more than enough ISK on hand to hire Pandemic Legion to hit NC technetium assets in Venal. The two-front nature of the war, coupled with plenty of strategic mistakes and leadership failures, burned out much of the NC membership and fleet commander ranks, causing both fronts to collapse. By the end of the year, aside from some rerouted JB networks, the Drone Regions were in much the same shape that they were before the invasion started – but this time, angered and planning their revenge…

Geminate/Vale of the Silent
This area was anchored by the combined forces of Majesta Empire and R.A.G.E, two alliances that continued to grow and consolidate power over the year, forming a semi-independent power bloc within the NC. Wildly Inappropriate., an alliance known mostly for its fantastic redhead thread and the dot on the end of its name, held Geminate and was, seemingly, doing a good job of it.

Unfortunately for them, Atlas Alliance was very bored, and very large, and not in possession of any technetium moons, and besides the (formerly) non-aggressive Drone Russians there weren’t many reds around. Thus it came to pass that Bobby Atlas called forth the legions of Gentlemen’s Club, Primary., Cult of War, and sometimes Atlas too to take moons from Wildly Inappropriate. and get some fights. Atlas joined with SOLAR FLEET and Red Alliance for the campaign; Atlas had no particular interest in keeping sovereignty, while those two alliances wanted space with bounty rats. At around the same time, several critical sovereignty bugs and a lot of fleet lag hit; for large portions of this campaign, the second fleet into the system would either take forever to load grid, or would just blackscreen, making them easy pickings for whoever had system dominance. After a number of such welps, and after Atlas morale was improved by Phreeze’s famous “Not one inch” post, Wildly Inappropriate. found itself crumbling, with the NC unwilling to abandon the residents of Pure Blind under assault from Triumvirate. and others. Atlas, SOLAR FLEET, and Red Alliance moved into Geminate, taking the tech moons and stations.

At that point it was about time for MAX 2. Atlas and the Scalding Pass residents started pushing into Vale of the Silent, but made far less headway against Majesta Empire and R.A.G.E than they did against Wildly Inappropriate.; coupled with better exploitation of lag mechanics by the defenders, the increased NC resistance and diminished help from SOLAR FLEET and other Drone residents contributed to further Atlas burnout. Despite leadership crises in Majesta Empire, this front stagnated during MAX 2, and ultimately collapsed with relatively few Majesta/R.A.G.E assets lost after Atlas’ Titan loss in H-W9TY.

Once MAX 2 was over, the Vale coalition decided that Geminate must not remain in the hands of the supercapital-heavy Drone Regions alliances. Backed by the might of the NC, and with the promise of new land to conquer for mass-recruiting DEM0N HUNTERS, former Southern griefers Brick Squad, Goon allies Rebellion Alliance, partially ex-KIA Corcoran State, technetium-stealing botters Stella Polaris, and new Australian alliance C0NVICTED, the aggressors pushed in to SOLAR FLEET/Red Alliance territory. The process was slow and methodical, relying on constant attacks to diminish SOLAR FLEET resolve and burn out supercapital morale. Ultimately, after some months, Geminate was recaptured.

From here, the original agreement was to have at least some of the residents (Brick, C0NVICTED, Corcoran State) reset for “goodfights,” but to still band together in the event of Russian invasion. Alas, this was not to be, and these residents were added as “guest” alliances on the Tribute list and were required by new Majesta and existing R.A.G.E leadership to play nicely. Many of them participated in the NC invasion of the Drone Regions in the latter part of the year. C0NVICTED were not very good at hiding the disdain for DEM0N HUNTERS that most pilots in EVE shared, and between their Australian timezone and inexplicable refusal on the part of R.A.G.E leadership to give them access to FC and leadership channels, they did not integrate well despite their best efforts. R.A.G.E evicted them for not being a good little pet; C0NVICTED leader Wusti used an ally to offline DEM0N HUNTERS sovereignty in the C0NVICTED constellation and mounted a defense. Sadly for the alliance, the NC was itching for a fight after retreating from the Drone Regions campaign, and the resistance was put to a halt quickly. C0NVICTED would later join the Deklein Coalition in Fountain.

Immensea/Omist/Detorid/Insmother/Wicked Creek/Scalding Pass
At the start of the year, Atlas Alliance or Atlas pets held all of this space except for Immensea. Now, the alliance doesn’t even exist. “How did this happen?” you might cry. Well, it’s complicated. Bobby Atlas mostly stopped playing, having ballooned to nearly dabigredboat-levels of fattery and having serious real life problems, leaving the alliance mostly adrift and rudderless. In the aftermath of the failed MAX 2 campaign, tensions and bitterness rose between most of the participants. Furthermore, Atlas was burned out, having successfully completed a campaign in Geminate, swinging immediately into MAX 2 – the alliance was so burned out that for decent portions of both campaigns, Atlas relied unusually heavily on fleet commanders from Gentlemen’s Club or Cult of War. However, Atlas did not feel particularly attached to any of its renters, pets, or allies…

During a lull, the reconstituted Goons and the new Reddit-based corporation Dreddit deployed to Scalding Pass, killing some CSAAs and causing some of the Atlas pets and allies to implode – apparently also helping to install True Reign as a neutral entity affiliated with the Great Wildlands folks. Soon enough, White Noise., Red Alliance, and to a somewhat lesser extent Legion of xXDEATHXx and SOLAR FLEET had designs on Atlas space. The Drone Russians took advantage of the fact that their space had been unmolested for a very, very long time – enough time to produce entire fleets of supercapitals. Using Pandemic Legion to prop up US timezone warfare, in very short time what remained of Cult of War, Gentlemen’s Club, Primary., and Honourable Templum of Alcedonia were completely wiped out. Then, the assault on Atlas space began. Atlas gave more and more ground, convinced that the experience of H-W9TY would repeat itself on the invaders. However, after packing all they could into their capital system, Atlas found themselves outnumbered by supercapital ships alone; what remained of Atlas leadership ordered a retreat to Omist. In an attempt to save assets and let Atlas grunts get their assets out of stations, the invaders and Atlas agreed to an unprecedented peace treaty – Atlas would provide the invaders a substantial number of supercapitals currently in build, and agree to disband the alliance permanently, in exchange for temporary blue standings. The agreement proved unworkable, and the executor of the deal, Chribba, canceled it and refunded deposits, but the damage was done – Atlas was no more, and the Russians now control all of Atlas’ former space.

The Initiative., on the other hand, came back from MAX 2 reinvigorated, having tested themselves against the largest bloc in EVE and doing fairly well by all standards. When they came back, however, tensions rose with neighbors Against ALL Authorities. The Initiative. wanted control over an r64 moon in Immensea, which -A- claimed due to a feeling of entitlement to it or some other silly reason. Tensions between the two neighbors deteriorated until it came out that -A- was planning to invade Immensea. This did not go over well with Sister Bliss, who ordered an immediate invasion of -A- space. But, then, more on that in that section.

NPC 0.0/Lowsec
Some players in this arena had some impact on nullsec operations. Pandemic Legion lived here during and after the loss of Fountain, ultimately allowing the alliance some breathing room. White Noise. and Circle-of-Two would leave NPC 0.0 to become sovholders – successfully in White Noise.’s case, ultimately unsuccessfully in Circle-of-Two’s. Some of the NRDS folks from Great Wildlands banded together under the True Reign banner and helped against Atlas renters in Scalding Pass, ultimately taking stations there and further into nullsec, although the attention of the Drone Russians led to their eviction at the end of the year. Test Alliance Please Ignore grew up in Syndicate and other regions, growing rapidly to become, by the end of the year, one of the three largest alliances in EVE. Curatores Veritatis Alliance had to reside here for a time after their eviction from Providence, using it as a base to reclaim the holy region. Finally, as a portent of things to come, Dark-Rising left IT to go live in lowsec and NPC nullsec, serving as the first tangible signal that all was not right in the state of Clownmark.

It is not as obvious from the map, for a variety of reasons you may be aware of or soon will be, but for a time Curatores Veritatis Alliance was purged from its home in Providence. Libertas Fidelitas Alliance, a Providence holder, authorized and began an invasion of Catch to get more living room and to try to take out eternal enemy Ushra’Khan, which was living as a pet of Against ALL Authorities at the time. CVA was not at all happy, having not been consulted on a matter that affected the entire region’s long-term survival, but went along with it because of Amarr Victor and all that. -A- was not happy, and launched a counterinvasion, calling in Atlas (with whom ties were still reasonably solid) to help purge Providence. -A- CEO Manfred Sideous offered a bargain – -A- would withdraw from the region as long as CVA signed an agreement stating that never again would a holder attempt to invade -A- sovereign space. CVA CEO Aralis refused, and then the Purge of Providence was on.

CVA intially fought back, but lost almost the entirety of its capfleet in D-GTMI, where CCP’s desperate attempts to keep the node alive (and somehow prove that post-Dominion terrible coding had not killed the massive fleet battles used in promotions for the game) meant that CVA’s logged-out capfleet was utterly slaughtered. Aralis declared that from then on, his alliance and allies would need to pull back to NPC 0.0, trusting that the massive, endless sovereignty grind would tire -A- out. It didn’t work, at least initially, and after some backstabbing and a lot of failurecascading, all loyal holders were purged from the region. However, by the end -A- was truly exhausted, and it was then that IT Alliance declared that the invasion of the north – MAX 2 – was on.

In the aftermath, -A- imposed a mutual non-invasion pact on the alliances that chose to stay under new terms, including LEGIO ASTARTES ARCANUM; they were all required to blue up in the event of serious sovereignty challenges to their space, they were not to invade each other, and they were to accept the leadership of ancestral CVA enemies Ushra’Khan. As -A- became less involved and Manfred Sideous began to withdraw from leadership, tensions within the NIP arose. A primary nexus of opposition revolved around Daisho Syndicate, Sodalitas XX, and Dara Cothrom, with the “loyalists” declaring allegiance to Ushra’Khan. Ushra’Khan later became Damu’Khonde, as Ushra’Khan was temporarily taken over by agents of HYDRA RELOADED and the remaining U’K corps had to reform in a new alliance. Circle-of-Two, having moved in to the region after a long time in Venal, stayed with U’K/D’K. There was some mutual aggression and hard feelings until Pandemic Legion chose to invade the region, having been seriously aggrieved by the terrible, terrible posting of Ushra’Khan member Butter Dog, a long-time thorn in the side of anyone with an IQ measurable in positive integers.

Pandemic Legion completely destabilized the region, driving Butter Dog’s corp The Littlest Hobos from the alliance and devastating the cohesion of the NIP. Curatores Veritatis Alliance returned to the region; although initially rebuffed during the duration of Pandemic Legion’s assault, the persistence of the professional wizardhatters allowed them to capitalize on mistakes made by the disintegrating NIP and claim sovereignty from one departing or failing alliance after another.

Unfortunately for CVA, the alliance was not alone in assaulting Providence. Ev0ke, having absorbed a great deal of German former residents of Providence, chose to make a new home there. Triumvirate. mk. Eighteen (or whatever the count is) under their new name of Northern Coalition. also moved in to Providence as an ally of Ev0ke, later joined by Not Found., a French alliance. As NC. and Ev0ke have supercapitals, and CVA mostly does not, CVA has not been able to expand very far. The collapse of Circle-of-Two offered some opportunities, but it mostly helped the NC./Ev0ke group.

Pure Blind/Cloud Ring/Outer Ring
This region started off split between Mostly Harmless in Pure Blind and Ev0ke in Cloud Ring. After Goonswarm reformed as SOLODRAKBANSOLODRAKBANSO [LODRA], the NC installed the alliance in Cloud Ring, pushing out Ev0ke. This didn’t last too long, as Ev0ke, Cry Havoc, and the MAX 2 participants pushed Goons out, forcing them to go crash on TCF’s couch in Deklein. Ev0ke, in turn, let both Cry Havoc and Northern Coalition. crash on their couch in Cloud Ring until Cry Havoc disbanded and either merged with NC. or joined Pandemic Legion; Dead Terrorists also lived in Cloud Ring for a while before moving to former -A- space.

As Mostly Harmless (later -Mostly Harmless-) became more and more hollowed out, it sought to improve the strategic situation of Pure Blind by installing a number of pets. Other Northern Coalition alliances, including recently-homeless Wildly Inappropriate., got in on the action. In addition to alliances like Fatal Ascension, an ally of departed Primary. alliance, the region saw Sev3rance, Fidelas Constans, and SpaceMonkey’s Alliance (which is still unable or unwilling to explain that apostrophe) move in. The Northern Coalition profited handsomely from the collapse of Atlas and the CVA Proviblob; Sev3rance and Fidelas Constans came out of the latter, with FCON merging with Looney Toons. later on in the year. In many ways, the new Pure Blind residents have come to define the region more than -Mostly Harmless- has, especially after some of the most active corps in MH left to form a new PvP-centric alliance called Controlled Chaos.

Although regularly farmed by various PvP corps, the Pure Blind residents were there to stay. They continued growing, making the area ever more crowded. Matters didn’t improve much when Goonswarm Federation and TEST started asserting themselves more prominently, with Goons effectively usurping broad strategic control over the region. And, of course, to the south Ev0ke, Northern Coalition., and Cry Havoc posed a constant threat. In an almost ironic twist of fate, the rapidly growing Clusterfuck Coalition turned to the Germans for their lebensraum.

Perhaps Ev0ke might have been able to hold on with the assistance of IT Alliance – granted that even returning to mutual blue status would be difficult given harsh feelings. However, IT – demoralized by the failure of Maximum Damage 2 to do much in the way of damage – chose to attack Ev0ke moons in Syndicate to help prop up alliance coffers and rejuvenate the alliance. With Dead Terrorists departed, Cry Havoc falling apart, and with Goons, TEST, Wildly Inappropriate., and Fatal Ascension particularly hungry for space, Ev0ke was forced to retreat – sometimes fighting for every inch of ground, sometimes seemingly content to let the Clusterfuck shoot unattended structures for nights on end until a sudden supercapital hotdrop destroyed a fleet. Cloud Ring fell by late November, providing the first solid offensive victory for the assorted members of the coalition in quite some time.

People who took the long view of EVE politics insisted that Ev0ke would bide its time in Outer Ring, just waiting for the next time of weakness or distraction on the part of the NC to reclaim Cloud Ring as it had more than once before. For once, shortsightedness (or excellent intelligence) paid off. Ev0ke evacuated the entire northwest corner of the map, moving en masse to Providence and, it seems, giving up on dreams of owning Cloud Ring outright. After dropping a number of outposts in the region, the Clusterfuck Coalition began building a Goon-operated “Eye of Terror” jumpbridge to Fountain to harvest the tears of the locals. Despite a few desultory IT Alliance attacks on the JB network, the Eye was opened, and what turned into an all-out assault on Fountain began.

Stain/Esoteria/Paragon Soul
The drama in this region was reasonably self-contained, but some notable changes occurred. Systematic-Chaos tried to support Atlas and IT in their various campaigns early in the year, and were rewarded with greater diplomatic standings. However, alliance head Liam Fremen made the near-fatal mistake of micromanaging alliance affairs, choking out leadership at lower levels and worrying a good portion of New Eden when the overwork, stress, and fatigue made him sick enough that he had to spend time convalescing in the hospital. Perhaps because of all the fatigue, he did not treat Stain Empire and C0VEN very nicely and started trying to swing Systematic-Chaos’s weight around in the region, demanding more space and better treatment. Incensed, SE and C0VEN reset the alliance, just in time for Liam to have to leave the game for a while. Systematic-Chaos tried to hold on, but a disastrous battle in A1-AUH and the departure of Insurgent New Eden Tribe led to a full-on collapse. What remained of the alliance retreated to Period Basis to lick its wounds.

In the aftermath, SE and C0VEN moved their major rental/sovholding operations into Esoteria. RED.OverLord started to work as a partner of what remained of Stainwagon, moving into parts of Paragon Soul vacated by Stainwagon. Although part of RED.OverLord split off to become Touhou Project, holding part of Paragon Soul for a time, Touhou later became an IT renter in Querious. The famous stability of the SE/C0VEN membership was also rocked with the departure of Pink Bunnies for other regions. However, the later success of the new Stain Coalition (incorporating Against ALL Authorities after -A- was kicked out of its space) in counterinvading The Initiative. and other allies ultimately proved that the loss was not a crippling one.

Notable videos/drama
Eve-bank was robbed by a former director, who sold all the ISK so he could either save or buy his house (reports vary); most people with a modicum of intelligence expected a robbery to happen at some point, but it is notable because of the impact of real-life economic difficulty caused by the recession on the EVE economy.

We also had Ankhesentapemkah of Take Care elected to another term as CSM on the strength of thousands of empire-dwellers’ votes; she managed to convince thousands of missionrunners that there was a vast nullsec conspiracy to remove level 4 missions from Empire, and that only she could stand between them and the apocalypse (not the ship which I need to purchase and fly soon, the end-of-the-world phenomenon). After a brief reign in which she was noted mostly for throwing spoons at other CSM members and not really fitting in, she was unceremoniously booted for an unspecified violation of her Non-Disclosure Agreement, possibly though by no means certainly or even probably involving the leak of privileged information to her employer, a rival MMO company.

In September, a highsec missionrunner got fed up with the scattered nature of EVE news sources and started writing a big update about EVE roughly one or twice a week. This made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

TEST put out some good end-of-year videos, including a Christmas message to IT and, to ring in the New Year, a message of love to all of you.

There are too many names to thank here, and I’m missing some, but I want to thank Kesper North, Lake, BoodaBoodaBooda, Wusti, Carebears, Montolio, The Mittani, the hivemind of Autistic Sharks, Fleshfghter, Securitas Protector, JimFromIT, an anonymous IT source, Czech Lion and Riverini, Phreeze, Vinata, Kugutsumen himself, Dental Floss and the Circle-of-Two crowd, Lorax, some anonymous donors, and literally hundreds of others who talk, post, and make doing this fun.


  1. NC Member II

    It’s cooler when JibJab does it.

    January 26, 2011 at 5:44 am Reply
    1. apu chaun

      TEST members are no longer receiving ship reimbursements due to leadership blowing their small alliance wallet on super cap, then losing it and then replacement.

      TEST leadership currently sucking Mitten’s cock and taking turns eating out his asshole in hopes of getting assistance.

      January 26, 2011 at 11:15 am Reply
      1. Test Pilot

        TEST’s primary financial problem was due to mismanagement of moon mining. We redid our moon mining operations, and now our income is up 40% and we’re not bleeding funds like we were before.

        I guess this is what happens when you stick a horde of clueless noobs in charge of major strategic resources – we learn the hard way how to do stuff everyone else has had 3-4 years to perfect :)

        January 26, 2011 at 3:46 pm Reply
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    Great work, and probably the last mostly unbiased one, since you joined the Blobb on the side of Test.

    January 26, 2011 at 11:34 am Reply
    1. Lorax, I speak for the Gallente

      Dude, he went to greeeeeeat lengths to try to keep this unbiased as possible. He contacted plenty of people on both sides of the fence, and kept in contact with them.

      Hell he wouldn’t even do my Tomcat shoutout….

      January 26, 2011 at 3:11 pm Reply
  11. I would disagree about the providence part, but still, from an outsiders point of view very accurate, keep it coming!

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    a fed-up highsec missionrunner!

    I don’t think that is going to wash…

    I am curious as to why you are naturally grouping most systems geographically except Provi, any reason?

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    Great read.
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  15. Jack

    Pretty good summary. One thing to add: What was Co2 is pretty much back in Venal though not all as Co2. The former US/AU TZ corps reformed Phalanx Alliance, the Serbians are still in Co2.

    January 26, 2011 at 2:04 pm Reply
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  19. Alive Observer

    Some comments on the Provi piece:
    – “In the aftermath, -A- imposed a mutual non-invasion pact on the alliances that chose to stay under new terms, including LEGIO ASTARTES ARCANUM; they were all required to blue up in the event of serious sovereignty challenges to their space, they were not to invade each other, and they were to accept the leadership of ancestral CVA enemies Ushra’Khan.” –
    The “imposing” of the NIP can only be said for former CVA holders that stayed in Provi. The new people not only knew or accepted but actually embraced the concept of the NIP before moving into Providence.

    Further more, the NIP did not include any leadership position of U’k or even AAA for that matter: U’k was to be an equal partner withing the NIP, and the ties with AAA were very loosely worded. U’k and AAA however felt entitled to more then the other groups agreed to due to the events leading to the NIP. This false sense on entitlement part was the leading cause of diplomatic problems within the NIP, which eventually lead to a power struggle and fracture within the NIP.

    – “A primary nexus of opposition revolved around Daisho Syndicate, Sodalitas XX, and Dara Cothrom, with the “loyalists” declaring allegiance to Ushra’Khan.” –
    Both SoDaiCo and U’k were trying to provoke each other into breaking the NIP agreement while securing NIP member support, but the NIP members were pushing for a diplomatic solution. In the end, SoDaiCo broke the NIP agreement first in the eyes of the others, and they sided with the NIP, which (unfortunately) meant siding with U’k.

    January 26, 2011 at 8:21 pm Reply
  20. Southerner

    Seriously guys, not biased? That had more bias in it than CapK has written in any of his Eve Update articles.

    Was it extensive? Yes.
    Unbiased? Absolutely not.

    Either way, for the most part it was a good write up.

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    I don’t want to know how much research writing this took…

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  24. kin

    On branch with Razor and Looney’s. RZR only wanted us to be renters and isk generators for them. We where smarter in bargaining for that space and actually ended living there rent free from out tech moons. Secondly, they never wanted us to become full NC members. Once we started getting big and actually doing shit, they started getting scared. They never wanted us to get over 1k-1.2k members.

    Many ops we outnumbered many other full NC alliances in fleet ops including RZR and MM. With our alliance growing and getting stronger by the day, and with us practically living for free in branch. RZR pulled the plug on us and kicked us out, we where trying to find space to own rather then rent.

    The thought did cross out minds on inviting any RED entity to come up and have fun, but with plans we where working on it never happened. Knowing that living in limbo would kill our alliance we then decided to just close it and merge with BFF’s FCON. For my corp and a couple others it ended up being in the state that ACME was when it was 3months old.

    Yes flame away, I’m horrible at typing and written English. These are the facts from someone who was running the alliance. ofc we had our faults as every alliance does, but we where getting better day by day.

    January 28, 2011 at 7:56 am Reply
    1. Seasoned Veteran

      The above story would well be heeded by alliances currently listed as Razors ‘guests’, such as Controlled Chaos.
      Looking at dotlan, they’re at about 1500 players atm, to razors 2000.
      Although they don’t have any decent space like looneys did.

      January 28, 2011 at 10:51 am Reply
  25. “somewhat newer pets Blade.”

    Blade. has been with the GBC/IT since XELAS. (Confirming we’re even more terrible)

    – EVE Wiki (unfortunately outdated): http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Bl…ayer_alliance))
    – Birthday posting from FALG, which contains some essential Blade. history: http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard…readID=1011194

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    Is this supposed to be an unbiased remark by the author? Besides, how can “supidity” be regarded as “arrogant” ? Was SirMolle inincensed by Worm’s arrogance AND stupidity? This is New Eden, son, speak Russian!!

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