I’m Hallan Turrek, and this is Eve News Now. My video editor is out of town. Next week we’ll be back to the nice clean video style we had last week.

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So, I was browsing the internet and I came across torpid.me. It lets you browse various feeds and video content. It’s actually pretty cool.

Ha! I’ve never been there, but I totally just got paid.

Cha-CHING. Wait is uh, is this thing on?

January 14th

The news from Catch is bad again for the Initiative. In 5-N2EY, approximately 300 AAA and Stainwagon beat a combined Initiative, Initiative Mercenaries, and NCDOT fleet. The TCU followed the fleet to the killboards. The system is now in the hands of AAA.

January 15th

In Fountain: IT lost another important battle in 9R4-EJ. Failing to take the system back from the Charlie Foxtrot Coalition. One may laugh at the failures of IT, but it’s important to remember: IT has still lost no systems in Delve/Querious to the Charlie Foxtrot Coalition, who are now bogged down in Fountain. Is this how IT wants it?

In Catch: The Initiative failed to defend another couple of systems, and had no success in stemming the tide of lost space. The systems of HY-RWO and GJ0-OJ have changed owners, and are now in the hands of AAA.

January 16th

The Initiative has given up on Catch, and perhaps on the south altogether. In an alliance wide mail, their leadership has indicated that while AAA and Stainwagon will take back catch, they will not stop there. The message seems to indicate a move to NPC 0.0.

In Fountain: IT’s holding action goes on unabated. The system of Z30S-A was successfully defended in a massive battle. Over 200 ships died, and a Goon supercarrier was downed, reportedly just after making it into POS shields. Whether this is enough to shore up IT’s morale is anyone’s guess, but it can’t hurt.

January 17th

In The Great Wildlands: A loose coalition called the “Great Wildlands Coalition,” has taken down two United Pod Service supercarriers and thirteen carriers. After numerous hot drops in defense of their towers, United Pod Services learned an object lesson in why you don’t, you know, drop supers predictably.

January 19th

Ethereal Dawn has decided to move out of Catch and into Delve, offering their support to IT. The alliance mail outlined plans to use uh… pirates in low-sec operations, and forming black ops squadrons, consisting of uh… mostly Stealth Bombers. Hopefully Ethereal Dawn’s numbers will be useful in the coming weeks.

In Catch: The Battle is not over, but systems are changing hands without much of a fight, as morale of The Initiative seems to’ve been crushed.

Obviously as this space should be reserved for news, I’ll be limiting newer update to any change in the situation.

January 20th

Pandemic Legion has a new campaign, against Pure Blind. This is another region with numerous NPC stations available for staging, and is actually not very far from Venal. So far no battles have taken place, but PL
has declared X-7OMU as it’s new home.

January 21st

A fleet consisting of mostly Pandemic Legion has downed a Sansha Carrier in the recently invaded system of Tama. The Nation carrier was the first of it’s kind to die, and Sansha’s Nation must be hurting after such a loss.

The ball’s in your court Mr. Kuvakei.

This has been Eve News Now.

Special Thanks to Eve News 24, CCP, and Dotlan.[/spoiler]


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  3. initgay

    You did not cover much news this week at all. Disappointing comparing to the other weeks.

    January 23, 2011 at 1:41 am Reply
    1. Not a whole lot of news this week, with the patch day, I covered what was important.

      January 23, 2011 at 2:47 am Reply
  4. David Davis

    You say Charlie Foxtrot Coalition, but I don’t understand why.
    It’s clusterfuck. You could say clusterfrack if you’re so ridiculously prudish as to be unable to say fuck.

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  5. Charlie Foxtrot means Cluster Fuck. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Charlie_Foxtrot

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    1. Also, lets face it “Cluster Fuck” is incredibly unimaginative and bland. I’m not going to go out on a limb and curse for something like that.

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  6. maxi

    This is kinda cool – it needs more content ad details – and it needs video -stearing in black screen is not fun . But keep up the good work and improve

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    1. his editor was outta town, TBH hallan’s are one of the best weekly reviews i have seen. Check his update from last week



      January 23, 2011 at 2:58 pm Reply
      1. maxi

        Nice – didnt see that one – this is exactly what i was missing in this one – Keep up the good work guys its fun to hear summirized political evemts from whole week

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    Other than that, good job.

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