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Merry Christmas to all! Except those of you who reinforced POSes that came out on Christmas; that’s just Scroogelike. I ate as much as La – I’ll stop now.

According to a Important Internet Spaceship League corp CEO fulfilling a diplo role, while the offer to move to Fountain is a tempting one, the alliance had yet to decide whether to accept Test Alliance Please Ignore’s offer to move into Fountain as of the last update. Obviously, that’s changed.

I was wrong about the JB network in Fountain. I’ve been told by multiple people in the region that eastern Fountain obviously has no jumpbridge network, but if you’re blue to all the residents there’s still a working network in western Fountain.

Damage Control modules cannot be overheated. Not having Thermodynamics trained, I didn’t know that. Apologies.

As NC alliances continue to demonstrate fecklessness and general inability to wipe their own behinds, Pandemic Legion now claims to control every technetium moon in Venal; according to my reading of their killboard, they’ve killed 100 POS towers since the start of the campaign for a loss of 18 towers of their own, which allowing for the occasional double kill lines up pretty well with 70 technetium moons. There’s a rumor going around that Vuk Lau offered Pandemic Legion 750 billion ISK to go play someplace else; that’s roughly three months’ worth of technetium profits. Bear in mind Pandemic Legion’s notorious relationship with the truth on that particular rumor.

Despite a long pattern of not being able to do anything, it’s been claimed that 42 PL tech moons have been knocked into reinforced while an NC fleet of 800 strong kept PL locked down. Given the unusually Douglas Adams-ish number, I’m not sure how much I believe it.

In KMC-WI, a RAZOR Alliance supercarrier was destroyed by Pandemic Legion at a passworded POS. The pilot was moving it to lowsec to sell; apparently, the pilot thought the POS had no password (he claims to have asked repeatedly if it had a password and got no answer) and went AFK while waiting for his next jump point to clear. It never did.

RAZOR must have decided that RLTG-3 has finally been worth owning after a year of not bothering; maybe they needed more ratting space to lose Titans in. Speaking of which, imic GER claims to have gotten his Titan and implants reimbursed by CCP; he was the guy who claimed to have been logged off for 16 hours. Of course, he could just be spacerich or making things up; he might be telling the truth, too, since there’s reasonable evidence (barring mass Photoshop manipulation) he actually was logged off.

United Front Alliance picked up a fairly large member – Omega Enterprises comes to the alliance from -Mostly Harmless-, 0mega Factor, and Imperial Republic of the North.

Stain Coalition has taken good advantage of IT’s absence from the field by killing all the SBU’s in Against ALL Authorities space and reinforcing a number of systems in Catch (plus one in Tenerifis). The systems in question were: AOK-WQ, B-XJX4, 3GD6-8, YHN-3K, and C3-0YD. The Catch systems abut Impass and Stain, while the Tenerifis system is the closest station in that region to Impass (and halfway to Catch). AOK-WQ has fallen to the Stain Coalition; the station has been captured and, after some TCU ping-pong, a new TCU was put online. GE-8JV was SBUed, but has been saved; oddly enough, The Initiative. destroyed their own cynosural field jammer during a fight around one of the timers in GE-8JV. They also SBUed GE-8JV themselves after the Stain Coalition SBUs were taken off the field, usually a tactic of desperation; Stain Coalition killed all the SBUs during a light battle.

On the way back from a roam through Querious, a Stain Coalition fleet managed to tackle an Initiative Mercenaries Aeon, and called in capital and supercapital reinforcements in enough time to kill it. The Aeon was in a sanctum at the time, providing yet more proof that you really shouldn’t be ratting in supercapitals if you don’t want to generate tasty killmails for your enemies.

The Initiative. guests/renters/allies Cha0s Theory lost R-K4QY on Christmas EVE, but got it back again, in addition to claiming 7MD-S1 from Important Internet Spaceship League. Good for them!

I haven’t seen Vindication Mob own sovereignty before, but the alliance dates back to 2008. Primarily German, the alliance holds 2J-WJY. It’s 95% certain that this alliance is renting from The Initiative., continuing a long-standing pattern of Init having good relations with German renters. I’m thinking about imposing a 50-member rule for alliances, too; if your alliance couldn’t even properly fill out an old-style World of Warcraft raid, you probably don’t have even a minimal impact on EVE Online.

Imperial 0rder and Dirt Nap Squad are being rewarded for their loyalty to Against ALL Authorities, receiving DL-4H0 and DDI-B7 in Impass, respectively. Both alliances share the QZJ-FL constellation in Impass.

Echoes of Nowhere took over Y2-QUV, which used to be Capital Storm space until that alliance swapped for rental space elsewhere.

RED.OverLord is continuing to reclaim and expand its holdings in Feythabolis. After Nync left for greener pastures I was convinced the alliance was going to end up moribund, but this whole Stain Coalition thing is working out pretty well for them.

Deklein/Fade/Pure Blind/Cloud Ring
Important Internet Spaceship League and Apotheosis of Virtue are confirmed (in a post by Alliance executor Montolio on the TEST forums) as TEST guests, with full ratting and mining rights in TEST space. They’ll probably be moving off the couch and into Fountain once that campaign is done.

Darkside. continue to be a nuisance for Pure Blind residents, as Get Off My Lawn and other residents lost a fleet to them. They aren’t invading for sovereignty, and the battle only caused the loss of around 4 billion ISK, but it’s emblematic of the continuing lopsided battles in the region.

Fidelas Constans dropped an office in RQH-MY; it’s the third outpost in the S4GH-I constellation, which lacks now only a factory. The office is right up against the border with Placid, making it easier to defend against incursions from that direction.

Eternity INC., which had to leave -Mostly Harmless- due to some emergency drama earlier in the month before being let back in, is now deploying separately from -Mostly Harmless- and hanging around Serpentis Prime in Fountain. Whether they’re acting as an advance guard for further assaults on Fountain, or getting ready to leave -Mostly Harmless- for greener pastures, the change in deployment is telling.

ELICIT OPERATIONS INC has plenty of capitals (in its name) but no alliance, as it left Wildly Inappropriate. after a long period of losing members. The corp used to be in The Last Stand, Sc0rched Earth, Enforcers of Serenity, and Primary. before coming to Fade.

The big news here is the conquest of PNQY-Y in EU TZ. The Deklein Coalition provided most of the early bulk of the NC forces (out of respect for some of the nice folks in IT I won’t name the person who made up the bulk of IT’s fleets), with the NC “proper” coming in about a quarter of the way through the fight. IT brought its supercap fleet into the system, but did not commit the fleet, possibly due to fears that the alpha strike capability of the Deklein Coalition Maelstrom fleets would do to the supercaps what it did to the IT carriers. After a very long op in which it is rumored that DBRB ran his yap long enough to potentially threaten the long-term survival of the Deklein Coalition, the TCU onlined; since then, Fountain residents have planted a number of SBUs, all of which have been destroyed. Endie posted a war update; usually his writings go in the Deklein section, but this one is all about Fountain.

A Blade. CSAA came out of reinforced on Christmas Day; it and its contents were destroyed by a Deklein Coalition fleet of people with no families. The contents appear to have been a Titan, intended to replace a Blade. supercapital ship forced to self-destruct at an earlier point in the invasion; it was almost missed, as renaming it as “Large Ship Assembly Array” was enough to make the infiltrator miss the build order multiple times.. Blade. members at the time were seen yelling in alliance chat about all the people in the Deklein Coalition with no lives and time to play on Christmas Day, apparently not seeing the irony. Another CSAA was destroyed on Christmas EVE.

PNQY-Y, J5A-IX, 4-EP12 and possibly other systems currently held by the Deklein Coalition and allies have been SBUed by IT and pets; they are probably timed for USTZ.

Swords of Athena tried grabbing sovereignty in the long-abandoned system of 7V-KHW in Querious, but they were thwarted by Nulli Secunda. A number of corps from Swords of Athena have joined Dark Taboo, which as I recall at least used to be affiliated with IT.

Babylon 5.. finally captured K-B8DK after the problems with Fallen Angels Alliance. Hey… uh… Deklein folks… When you’re done up there in Fountain, do you fancy a roadtrip to Querious? Much obliged.

IT’s Nex Exercitus corp picked up long-abandoned system N8D9-Z in Delve; the corp already owns a full constellation, but it’s been slowly growing over time and probably needs another system or two.

Drone Regions/Russian renter hell
True Reign, continuing its collapse with the departure of Ninja Strike Force, has been required to give up M-MBRT; the station is going to The Jagged Alliance, which is an alliance of small corps built around Fist of Eargon, a corp that decided to try to make its first alliance work (and judging by the fact that it has over 500 members, it’s a decent first try). The Jagged Alliance has held sovereignty in Wicked Creek for a while now; this is the first station. It’s looking more and more probable that The Jagged Alliance is getting all of the 5Y1E-3 constellation.

Red Alliance had Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate leave the entire UR-HG4 constellation in Insmother, taking it for themselves. Pact of Honour, which held those systems left IAC; the corporation’s history includes United Legion and Red Army Alliance, both Red Alliance allies/renters/pet, making it more likely that the corp will be joining Red Alliance. Incidentally, Red Alliance is letting almost none of the systems in Insmother lie fallow.

Intrepid Crossing continues to be the alliance that people can’t wait to escape from with the departure of Rising Ashes Inc., which was a former Honourable Templum of Alcedonia corp. The corp was forced out due to the CEO being justifiably upset (I’m compressing things a little) by Axexut, leader of Intrepeid Crossing, literally telling a stage 4 cancer patient that he hopes he dies (right around Christmas, too). Congratulations, Axexut, you are truly a piece of shit. May what you wish for others come true for you.

NowWhat. is determined to keep 52CW-6 in Detorid; after Peces of Eighte left (and promptly failcascaded), the system lay fallow for a bit, but it’s back in NowWhat. hands… all 11 pairs of them.

VooDoo Technologies are continuing to retrench in Outer Passage, claiming long-abandoned system 1-10QG. The alliance now controls the entire J33-JR ring.

Itty-bitty motorcycle committee alliance Hounds of Anarchy has been evicted from Scalding Pass.

Geminate/Vale of the Silent/Captainktainer gets kelmad
The big news in this region was the attempted eviction of C0NVICTED from Geminate. Although C0NVICTED was initially invited to the region by Majesta Empire leadership with the promise of a later reset and non-invasion pact, after the elections (and after C0NVICTED had already participated in the scourging of the region) the new Majesta leadership disclaimed any knowledge of the arrangement, and informed the Australian alliance that they would not be allowed to live in Geminate except as R.A.G.E guests – and that two systems in their constellation would be given to DEM0N HUNTERS. Reluctantly, C0NVICTED agreed to continue under those terms, and started recruiting AUTZ corps as well as EUTZ and USTZ members to try to become a full partner. Unfortunately, C0NVICTED was prone to doing the same thing thousands of other capsuleers do on a daily basis – mocking DEM0N HUNTERS for being terrible. Incensed by this, needing to pick on someone smaller due to an utter inability to make headway against Pandemic Legion, and apparently not realizing that AUTZ overlaps with early Russian TZ, right on the eve of the Drone Russian invasion R.A.G.E informed C0NVICTED that they were to leave Geminate, receiving no compensation for the station they had put down, and that if they kissed enough ass they would be permitted a little extra time to evacuate their assets.

So, CEO Wusti kissed some ass, and Christmas passed without incident. Then, on Boxing Day, Wusti sprang his trap. Having obtained unanimous consent from C0NVICTED CEOs, he used an alt with TCU privileges to offline two DEM0N HUNTERS TCUs in C0NVICTED’s constellation and declared that under no circumstance would his alliance be betrayed yet again by the NC – he could have shut down all of DEM0N HUNTERS sovereignty, but apparently decided that would be unsportsmanlike. R.A.G.E, terrified to engage an alliance one-sixth the size of them and DEM0N HUNTERS combined, called in all of the non-Deklein Coalition allies to prevent C0NVICTED from retaking their original space. Running battles continue; DEM0N HUNTERS got its sovereignty back in the two offlined systems, and C0NVICTED has lost some POSes and had its station reinforced.

The NC is also attacking Corcoran State assets, for whatever reason. A mixed fleet of most of the NC alliances hit a POS belonging to them in CFYY-J. Tactical Soldiers, the largest corp in the alliance, is ex-KIA; the next smallest is from The Exodus Project.

There is a possible explanation for the hit on the POS – a nearby SOLAR FLEET POS was being hit, and on the 27th a R.A.G.E fleet was killed by Majesta Empire due to an overview bug. It’s possible that the same bug struck both groups.

Pandemic Legion also reinforced a number of CSAAs coming out on Christmas Day belonging to Majesta Empire; after Pandemic Legion formed up to engage, the FC abruptly announced that he had to go, and the CSAAs were repaired without incident. For people with Foreplay access, there’s a clue there that will explain why these particular CSAAs were hit.

OWN Alliance has been permitted to build an outpost in Vale of the Silent, in S6QX-N in the A3-T8B constellation. It is the first outpost in the constellation, and the only one owned by the alliance.

EMIX INC lost members in DEM0N HUNTERS; the ex-Wayfarer Stellar Initiative corp thus departed the alliance in this reporting period. Before they left, DEM0N HUNTERS picked up Bad Company DBD from SCUM.; even with these changes, and the mutual asskicking going on with C0NVICTED, this is still the most stable month for DEM0N HUNTERS since June of this year. That may change, however; Apex Consortium and Ardent Industrial are merging (along with ex-DEM0N HUNTERS corp Iron-Sky, and possibly Overplayed Associates Ltd.) into APEX ARDENT COALITION in Controlled-Chaos.

Great Wildlands/Lowsec/NPC 0.0
Cult of War has finally collapsed, with Quam Singulari (of Triumvirate. and PuPPeT MasTers fame), Enterprise Estonia, and Parental Control all leaving. The Volition Cult also died, with Volition Cult, Liberty Storm, and smaller corps all leaving. Both alliances had been playing around in Great Wildlands a lot recently; the collapse of both might herald something new.

Daisho Syndicate moved to NPC 0.0 after being booted from Providence; the move has not gone well for them, as their last corp of any size – ex-Sons of Tangra corp SiN. Corp – left the alliance. Fellow Providence travelers Sodalitas XX seem to be joining them in the same boat, as former Saints and Sinners corp The Wyld Hunt has left Sodalitas XX to join Wildly Inappropriate. pet The G0dfathers. Remaining corps in the alliance are also bleeding members.

Friends of Honor (of Legiunea ROmana and Systematic-Chaos) and Rubbish and Garbage Removal (ditto) both formed a new alliance, Gang Bang Squad. Lovely, gents.

Trust Doesn’t Rust didn’t last too long in Supremacy., rejoining Ushra’Khan. Speaking of Ushra’Khan, Rifterlings continues to be a failure, as predicted.

Unstabled Reaction Inc, which has been without an alliance for a long time, joined up with Without Remorse., headed up by ex-The Jagged Alliance corp Heaven’s Avatars.

In a rare moment of cooperation, Curatores Veritatis Alliance and Against ALL Authorities put aside their lingering enmity from the Providence war to kill a Northern Coalition. Nyx and some carriers while they were laying siege to The Kadeshi station system of 7YWV-S. Before Libertas Fidelitas launched the invasion of Catch, CVA and -A- used to have a decent relationship; they will probably never be friends again, but it’s possible that they will at least be willing to tempblue to kill things again, as they did here.

NC. also claimed GA9P-0 from The Kadeshi, expanding the alliance’s holdings even further. Speaking of which, apparently Wicked Princess of D00M. had sex with ColdVendetta or something and – hell, I don’t even know; I can’t read through pages of raging. The TL;DR of it is that SuperTwinkey, one of NC.’s major FCs and the architect of the multiple supercarrier loss in Fountain, got involved in some drama and bad things are happening.

ICE is Coming to EVE, a French corp that provided a lot numbers for Not Found. in Providence and that has a pretty fantastic (if French) website, has departed the alliance.

Debitum Naturae, once a member of Brick Squad, Aggression., Systematic-Chaos, and a bunch of other alliances, has been reduced to renting from Northern Coalition. in Northern Associates., their renter alliance.

Stain/Esoteria/Paragon Soul/Period Basis
Legiunea ROmana has finally died as a spaceholding entity with the transfer of their remaining sovereignty and station system in Z-M5A1 to Systematic-Chaos renters Galactic Syndicate.

Cosmic Fusion both left and rejoined Systematic-Chaos for reasons unknown and probably unimportant; I’d hazard a guess that it was for awoxing or something similar.

For some reason, C0VEN went up to Vale of the Silent along with allies/renters Inver Brass; it didn’t end well.

Empire/Random crap
Banlish has put up yet another outpost and infrastructure update; it’s a good read.

Oh, for the love of… I don’t know where Black Core Alliance has moved to after being unceremoniously evicted from Deklein for refusing to participate in Deklein Coalition operations, but the alliance just lost Global Defence Initiative, which proudly asserts that it is fighting the Brotherhood of Nod alongside BCA. I don’t envy whoever picks them up; given their penchant for pets with terrible names (Babylon 5.., I’m looking at you), I imagine IT will gladly offer them a home.

Green Peace Inc., a wormhole corp that got tired of bouncing around alliances that weren’t going anywhere, formed its own alliance, Green Peace Syndicate.

Legio Prima Victrix formed its own alliance, Imperius Legio Victrix (I get it, guys, you like Latin. So do I, but really). I can’t tell where the corp is actually operating out of, because it looks like most of the killmails on their killboard are misconfigured or fake.

Serial alliance-leaver LightningStrikesTwice left Omega Vector for the more compatible alliance name of Elemental Tide.

Anti-pirate corp Tribal Mist, which has been bleeding members steadily, left Interspacial Dynasty – itself almost a dead alliance.

Precision Collision left ISK Six, the holding alliance for Eve Online Hold ‘Em and other commercial endeavors.

Now we know where Stargazer Exploration Company went – they’re off to Transmission Lost, an alliance that seems to like wormholes a lot.

Giant corp Superon Inc. went back to M E T H O D. False alarm on that one, everyone.

Stop by a thread I’m putting on the Kugutsumen forums soon; I’m going to put out a “Year in Review” update for New Year’s, and it would be great to collect people’s perspectives on what happened this year.


  1. Captain Obvious

    As always, an interesting read.

    Wishing all of Eve24’s readers a merry Christmas(or I assume you had one, at least) and a happy New Year. May the pod goo taste slightly more funny than normal.

    December 28, 2010 at 1:02 am Reply
    1. It tastes like coins…..

      December 28, 2010 at 1:24 am Reply
  2. As always a non biased opinion in eve.. gotta love that!

    December 28, 2010 at 1:26 am Reply
  3. Bitter Vet

    I have grown addicted to EN24. Well done to all who have created it, and a proposerous new year to all of you.

    My only counsel…please avoid expressing too many personal opinions in some articles. It detracts from otherwise good credibility.

    Keep up the fabulous work folks. Thanks for a great read.

    December 28, 2010 at 1:58 am Reply
  4. Why is it always so offensive?

    I would welcome a bit more of journalism ethics, not this tabloid shit and poor attempts to be funny. I like the news it brings but really hate way how it is presented. Leave your opinions and heard rumours as comments and try to present only facts.

    December 28, 2010 at 2:15 am Reply
    1. Bugaga

      I have a question. Would you REALLY prefer that authors wrote, let’s say, in the following way:
      1. IHUB in system XXX destroyed by Alliance YYY.
      2. Station in system ZZZ in second reinforce. etc etc???

      People stop whining. When your favourit alliance/corp/character is mentioned with a good deal of irony there is no reason to whine.
      Learn to distinguish between irony and hatred.
      And it is just a game.

      December 28, 2010 at 7:12 am Reply
      1. Why is it always so offensive?

        If I understand this correctly Evenews24 should bring us news from EVE world. This is not some blog where people discuss opinions. I don’t care if there is report saying my favourite alliance lost battle because this is why I read evenews. People should understand that we all have our favourite horse in this hame and as long as you attack one side or another in your topic, you will upset someone. So stay neutral and leave stupid comments for kids. Why do you think so many people say this site is all about popaganda?

        December 28, 2010 at 5:38 pm Reply

    How does loosing in the period of 2 months, 3 of their best pvp corps. Now emix leader of the alliance industry. How does this seem stable in any way. Please Please tell me.

    How can loosing 90% of your active FC and pvpers just gone. I mean please, apex and ardent provided all of the active FC, before they got back stabbed by armywolf and deciding to leave.

    Trust me theirs more corps planning to leave.

    December 28, 2010 at 3:04 am Reply
  6. Axexut

    Good move Eve News! Get something juicy and don’t bother checking it out!

    Read here:

    You guys have had a hard on for IRC for a while. The posts about Corp X leaving us and your guesses at why are a constant annoyance. Don’t bother checking out why.

    You may not like us for watever reason. But at least get the story straight!

    December 28, 2010 at 3:29 am Reply
  7. Clarifications:

    Blade CSAA destroyed on Christmas day contained a Nyx, not a Titan.
    I don’t know what the second CSAA had in it.

    People yelling in Alliance chat was down to one or two, Nok1z and one other.
    I see the irony in it [It’s a holiday, eve is a game, relax however you want to – I went to the beach personally but yeah]

    December 28, 2010 at 3:42 am Reply
  8. Lorax, I speak for the Gallente

    AS always, a good read

    December 28, 2010 at 3:58 am Reply
  9. IRC

    The departure of Rising Ashes Inc

    Information on why they were kicked has been posted here:

    December 28, 2010 at 4:08 am Reply
  10. Eru

    That the Vale of the silent overlords dont keep their deals when leadership changes or convieniently “forgets” is starting to be pretty characteristic of the renting deals in that area. ME/RAGE deserves every bit of grief they get from C0NVICTED and DEMON HUNTERS really are just terrible, I wish the guy had pulled the plug on all their SOV.

    December 28, 2010 at 4:23 am Reply
  11. lol wow the drama.

    CEO> one of my corp mates has cancer he can’t get in fleets but he’s mining with his 9 characters

    IRC HC> ok get one active char to our staging area and do scouting or light tackle nothing serious

    CEO> Can’t believe you asked a cancer paitient do something

    Some Scrub> (during CTA fleet… on coms) guys guys i just lost my manticore. omg i lost a manticore. oh no, now i got podded

    FC> Shut the F$%k up.

    Some Scrub> hc you should apologize cuz you told me to shut up when i was whining during fleet ops

    HC> die quietly (i.e. … get podded) you stupid scrub, everyone else does and doesn’t whine about it during fleet ops (Some scrub isn’t even the cancer patient. … i think)

    CEO> Guys let’s start shooting blues. we’re about to get kicked

    CEO> in the meantime i’ll run to CAOD and try to spin this as if HC told the cancer patient to die.

    Everyone else> oh no, the ceo even posted the logs which tell how things evolved exactly, but screw that let’s throw some mud at IRC and the HC

    December 28, 2010 at 4:47 am Reply
    1. someone in rc but not axexut

      a few fixes. enjoy :)

      CEO> one of my corp mates has cancer he can’t get in fleets but he’s mining with his 9 characters. And this is why there’s only 1 guy from our corps at most participating on ctas. rest of us are busy hauling ore for the cancer patient.

      IRC HC> ok get one active char to our staging area and do scouting or light tackle if you’re online during CTAs. nothing serious. if you have to log off in hostile space ,that”s ok we”ll help you out when you log back on. All we ask is be a team player when / if possible.

      CEO> Can’t believe you asked a cancer paitient do something

      Some Scrub> (during CTA fleet… on coms) guys guys i just lost my manticore. omg i lost a manticore. oh no, now i got podded

      FC> Shut the F$%k up.

      Some Scrub> hc you should apologize cuz you told me to shut up when i was whining during fleet ops

      IRC HC> die quietly (i.e. … get podded) you stupid scrub, everyone else does and doesn’t whine about it during fleet ops (Some scrub isn’t even the cancer patient. … i think)

      CEO> Guys let’s start shooting blues. we’re about to get kicked

      CEO> in the meantime i’ll run to CAOD and try to spin this as if HC told the cancer patient to die.

      CEO> But don’t worry guys, i won’t even bother re-reading the logs that show me as being a drama queen.

      Everyone else> oh no, the ceo even posted the logs, but it’s TLDR i’ll just read the title and go about doing the usual [email protected]##$posting that’s expected of a CAOD POSTER. Screw that let’s throw some mud at IRC and the HC

      December 28, 2010 at 10:59 am Reply
  12. Lord Golgatha

    [03:54:59] EVE System > Channel changed to 87-1PM Local Channel
    [04:35:15] Lord Golgatha > 04:29:17 Combat Your group of 1400mm Howitzer Artillery II places an excellent hit on Dark Tower 2 [FNXX](Gallente Control Tower), inflicting 12959.5 damage.
    [04:44:13] Khe Darkcinder > lol have fun with it alexis didnt want to bother taking it down he was to worn out after taking 1 tower down
    now Alexis is the guy who is ill and the CEO puts off all the pos removal on him and clone jumps to empire NICE Phuctard

    December 28, 2010 at 6:10 am Reply
  13. Lord Golgatha

    so its ok for other alliance to attack and boot corps for nonparticipation but when IRC does it their failsauce in a jar . Talk about great reporting which in itself is the biggest failsauce !!!! and you can quote me

    December 28, 2010 at 7:05 am Reply
    1. old vet

      I think you fail at reading 101, “we are in the staging area the rest of the corp is”

      IRC has kicked/booted a corp due to 1 member plus his alts. now said member has stated his work is going to replace ships lost for his corp meaning if thing go tits up at lest they will have replacements ready.

      stage 4 is terminal, its a case of enjoy what little life you have ohh btw don’t worry about the pain you’ll be out your mind on drugs.

      now with that said the guy should be in empire, if the guy is lucky and I say lucky for a stage 4’er chemo-brain will hit him hard he’ll not know what day of the week it is or even how to mine. the mind will be gone and only a body left, I had a friend with stage 4 I’m told he didn’t get the chemo-brain I had a stage 3 and got hit hard with the chemo

      I still miss him and wish he was here to enjoy eve with me.

      to the leaders of irc rl over eve any day

      December 28, 2010 at 8:20 am Reply
  14. MIR space station

    IAC will be disbanded on 31.12.2010. Bad leadership and internal tensions.

    December 28, 2010 at 7:08 am Reply
  15. Evvie

    what a garbage

    December 28, 2010 at 7:48 am Reply
  16. DareDare

    “ICE is Coming to EVE, a French corp that provided a lot numbers for Not Found.”

    Nah, ICE provided nothing into Not Found, just “fantom” numbers.

    December 28, 2010 at 9:32 am Reply
    1. Silenciel

      ICE was desapointed with the Providence invasion plan so they weren’t active in this area.

      December 28, 2010 at 10:58 am Reply
  17. muaha

    lol @twinkey / wicked drama. That shit is comedy gold. :hi5: twink

    December 28, 2010 at 9:51 am Reply
  18. JA

    NC vs RA

    coming soon

    December 28, 2010 at 10:55 am Reply
  19. Random -A- Guy

    Killing your own incapped mod is common place with jammers, and JB’s etc. It’s quicker to kill and anchor a new one then repair.

    December 28, 2010 at 5:04 pm Reply
  20. Thank you for the “Pretty fantastic website” of 404 :)

    I’m really happy to read this after a long work but not achieved …

    December 28, 2010 at 5:48 pm Reply
  21. Dude

    You don’t have thermodynamics trained? Isn’t that a synonym for “I haven’t done PvP since before summer 2007”?

    December 28, 2010 at 6:39 pm Reply

    EMIX got kicked from DEMON HUNTERS because their CEO, Vulcanlord, is the faggot that betrayed us to CONVICTED. May he burn in hell.

    December 28, 2010 at 8:17 pm Reply
  23. Carl Sagan

    I thought DNS was sort of ‘subletting’ some systems to Imperial Order or did IO get some systems from -A-?

    December 29, 2010 at 10:49 am Reply
  24. Brutus

    In the mean time, gang bang squad got their name nerfbatted to EVE Alliance 311221


    December 31, 2010 at 10:24 pm Reply

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