This is a complete new weekly series, that will go through all memorable events that were commented on EN24. If you have read every story during the week, this might be a short review for you. For most of you, it will maybe show you few articles, opinions and posts that you would miss otherwise. And we want of course to avoid that. Enjoy your stay and lets get to the Christmas week – WEEK 51.

The week started with XIX losing 3 supercapitals in The Kalevala Expanse to the NC. That pretty much stopped the DRF advance there and was a well coordinated effort. Goonswarm managed to kill the IT Alliance IHUB in PNQY and put station in final RF cycle.

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Next day IT saved their CSAA´s in Delve, that were reinforced by AAA 2 days ago, PL ganked another NC supercarrier, IT/INIT were deploying SBU´s in Impass/Feythabolis like mad only to lose them next day without any action. IT called everyone for the last PNQY timer and Captain presented us with his sweet Big Eve Update.

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Wednesday brought us live coverage of massive PNQY battle between IT and allies x Goonswarm and allies. GOONS won in the lag, and also the sheer number of people killed temporarily the EN24 server (peak was around 300+ a minute). True Reign has its space attacked by DRF renters/allies in Wicked Creek. Their situation was pretty much hopeless.

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Thursday was in the Goon victory mood. Big cover story about it and some plans who will get what in Fountain were disclosed (mostly should be TEST alliance region). NCDOT after weeks of hammering Providence residents got hot dropped by StainWagon and lost a Nyx and a capital fleet. StainWagon was busy for whole day, as afterwards they launched a full scale attack on Catch that left multiple station systems reinforced and caught INIT off guard without their IT allies.

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Its the gift giving day for the europeans. Pandemic Legion as bad christians killed another NC fleet in Venal and reinforced 2 Majesta CSAA´s in Vale. We wished you Merry XMAS from whole EN24 team and RearAdmiralButts claimed Venal as PL region for rent. And we had a new author posting an awesome nullsec infrastructure update (read it:p). SirMolle posted a AAR (or morale post) explaining why PNQY was lost to his troops.

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Christmas Day (now its UK/US turn for the gifts) gave a nice gift to our readers as well. Videonews by Hallans Turrek. Very cool. Blade. alliance lost a CSAA containing a Nyx and NC saved Majesta CSAA as PL didn´t bother to show up. Solar Fleet destroyed a Brick´Squad fleet and towers in their station system of D-I9HJ (Geminate)

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Sunday , bloody sunday. XMAS haven´t stopped the bloodshed in EVE. Interview with Krutoj (XIX) showed some more insight on the Drone regions, and C0nvicted., an AUS/NZ alliance attacked their former allies in NC Demon Hunters due to R.A.G.E alliance telling them to get out of Geminate. They recently deployed a station in a dead end constellation and were enraged they won´t get compensated. Both sides were quit mad, and despite some brave attacks of C0nvicted, NC brought their numbers and and reinforced everything they could. Another Blade. CSAA got killed, again no resistence. General apathy after the loss of PNQY plagues the Fountain residents. And StainWagon efforts during XMAS holidays paid off, as they took the first station in Catch – AOK-WQ.

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