This is Eve News Now. – a day by day update of Week 51

I’ll be doing a summary of the last week of news in EVE every week. Transcript is posted for reference and and to be easy on non-native speaking english readers


Text Transcript:
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This is EVE News Now, we’re covering a whole week of EVE news in 4 minutes or less. Come on slowpokes!

EVE News now is brought to you by A Merry Life and a Short , where I talk about pretty much anything I want to, anytime. Yeah, being me is awesome.

December 18th:

Evoke has been hitting CVA moons in Providence and Domain in the hopes of cutting off their supply of isk. The overarching belief is that without these moons, CVA will not be able to pay sovereignty bills. Time will tell if this is true.

December 19th:

The Drone Russians have decided that turning their attention south would be a bad idea, and are instead focusing their attention on the north. Given the mechanics of sovereignty defence, and their results during the original NC invasion without PL’s help, this might seem a bad move, but the Drone Russian’s surely have a plan.

The Goons have sent the PNQY station system in Fountain into it’s second reinforcement timer. Engagements were light, because the GOONS managed to far outnumber their opponents. You know what they say, it’s only a blob when it’s the other guys.

December 20th:

In the defence of UDVW in Kalevala, the NC has pushed back hard at the Drone Russians, downing 3 supercarriers. In the end, the system was saved.

The PNQY station system’s IHUB has been destroyed, in another blow to IT. Proving once again the difficulty of fighting a two front war. Only one station timer remains before the IT system flips sovereignty to Goonswarm.

December 21st:

The Impass region is living up to it’s name, as the southern war has ground to a halt there. While the I&I coalition has deployed SBU’s in many systems, and even downed a few IHUB’s, all station systems remain in the hands of AAA, with Stainwagon’s support.
Unfortunately for IT, they lost an Aeon while also gaining nothing, and that has to hurt.

IT has posted a CTA to defend PNQY. This will be the ultimate test of IT’s ability to fight two wars at once. Tommorrow will show if it’s at all possible.

December 22nd:

The station System of PNQY has been taken by Goonswarm Federation. The battle was fierce but laggy, but the
result is unquestionable, IT has lost it’s first station system in Fountain.

December 23rd:

Strange times make strange bedfellows, as a CVA Hic provided a tackle and cyno to a AAA/Stainwagon fleet. The NCDOT forces were caught unware and lost a mothership and several capitals. No word yet on if NCDOT’s commitment to the southern war is fazed by this, or if it signals a longer term alliance of interests between AAA and Stainwagon, and the remains of CVA.

December 24th

PL managed to beat an NC fleet defending a technetium tower in Venal. However, despite the victory, they failed to stop the restronting of the tower, which was the primary objective of the defenders. Both sides have claimed victory.

However Pandemic Legion’s propaganda machine is in full force and today they’ve claimed Venal as their own. Despite it being an NPC region and unclaimable by definition,they’re outlining rental agreements and offering tech moons for sale. Does this mean a long term deployment, and an abandonment of their Mercenary ways?

Again, and with all things, time will tell.

Special Thanks to Eve News 24, CCP, and Dotlan.




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