IT alliance didnĀ“t attempt an attack on reinforced technetium moon in CIS-7X (Syndicate) which belongs to Dead Terrorists. Together with their friends, Cry Havoc. and Ev0ke they prepared for fight with a shield tanked battlecruiser gang, while IT alliance had battleships. After a mexican standoff, IT alliance called the op over and withdraw without a fight.

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  1. Perseus Kallistratos

    I took this gang from an RKK guy after he couldn't make it. Originally called for Drakes… decided that was dumb and switched to bs. I was told no guns on pos… surprise surprise guns when we arrived. Combined with piss poor logistics I took fleet home. Dropped by 80 BC/Logistics who bridged in… lost 3 bs to that gang :-) Thank horrible bubbler in a hictor (vampiress), who dropped bubble before reapproaching gate, allowing all the battleships to warp off. We safed, then evacced shortly after.

    Not sure who decided that an CH tech pos would be taken without a fight, but someone did.

    September 2, 2010 at 11:56 pm Reply

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