Author: Aralis [ Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:31 am ] – CVA leader

Post subject: UK what happened – self interview
I figured people would want to know what was going on so I interviewed myself. Hope this helps.

Interviewer: What the hell just happened?
Aralis: Ushra’khan were betrayed, disbanded (actually corps kicked out), robbed etc.

Interviewer: Did you cause this to happen in anyway?
Aralis: No absolutely not.

Interviewer: Did you know this was going to happen?
Aralis: Yes I did. A very well informed friend (not the traitor) told me.

Interviewer: Did you not feel a need to warn Ushra’khan about this?
Aralis: No I didn’t. Firstly this was not hacking, or even alt infiltration. This was a genuine in game action performed by a disgruntled member. In game whatever Aralis may think of traitors he doesn’t feel any need to protect Ushra’Khan from them and the consequences of their own actions.
Secondly this information was given to me in strict confidence by a friend and there would be no way I would share such privately given info.

Interviewer: How badly have Ushra’khan suffered?
Aralis: Hugely. My information is they have lost about 20billion in cash, access to all their assets in their own stations, they will now be neutral (ie red) to their own allies. And considering they were engaged in major squabbling before I imagine the chances of total collapse and rage are high.

Interviewer: How does this effect us?
Aralis: Well our enemies have lost their guiding hand and force as an effective power in the short term. At the very least our enemies will have to destroy a load of their own tcus and ihubs, reconquer their own stations and have lost their high grade sov and thus cynodampers and jump bridges for some time.
AT the most UK will have ceased to exist as a serious power. Our enemies will have less reason to work together. No jumpbridge network for getting around Providence (that was all UKs responsibility). The Littlest Hobos (Butter Dog’s corp) were believed to be looking to leave UK anyway (and they have both UKs known titans).

Intervewier: Who controls the UK stations and systems now?
Aralis: Hydra. The traitor has made a complex deal with Hydra. The stuff is in their hands. We of course will be able to access the stations for our stuff and more and our enemies will not. Hydra have purchased the 9uy and KBP stations and intend to keep them at least for now. I told Hydra in the short term we don’t even want them as no way can we project power that far. They might give them to us one day if they still hold them and our power projects that far.
The other stations are being held in trust for the traitor to be sold for his benefit.

Interviewer: What should we be doing about all this?
Aralis: Lots of things of course. First we should be continuing with our previous plans. At the very least our enemies will be busy, and hopefully uncoordinated. We should try and destroy SBUs in our space, watch for pos to go unfuelled (they are probably cut off from their fuel supplies as well as having lost jb network). We should renew the pressure on R3 and N8.

We should discuss whether it is acceptable to purchase some of these stations from the traitor. (And bear in mind what might happen to them if we don’t.)

What we should NOT do is attack assets held in trust by our friends in Hydra. Please do NOT mess with any of the ex UK sov.

We should withdraw assets that don’t belong there from those stations. Hydra are setting some stations open to neutrals and some not. Not the ones where the majority of UK assets are believed to be held. Arrangements can be made to get your stuff out however.

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