I’ve only recently started playing EVE Online and found myself being fascinated by those enormous spaceships. Thanks to a great piece of software called TriExporter, I was able to import these models into Maya and decided to render some Amarr ships as “miniatures” ­čśë

For those not familiar with the metric system:
1 meter equals about 1 yard.
1 km equals about 0.6 miles.

I may not have gotten all the colors right since I’m just beginning to play (and loving it btw) and won’t encounter most of these ships until a few months in. Sadly, some of the textures that come with the game are a little low in terms of resolution (especially for the avatar) but I did my best to cover that up… Some of the shaders could use improvement but since this is just a quick set-up, and apart from the occasional flickering, it looks good enough for now.

Software: TriExporter, Photoshop, Maya, After Effects
Music: Arboretum by Max Richter
Models and Textures: CCP Games

User: Kabukky

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