tl:dr for lazy players – if your alliance dies, it dies cause your leaders or leaders of your powerblock were stupid retards without any vision and not cause you were attacked by superior enemy…thats only logical conclusion of your own block decisions

Due to consolidation of eve, human nature, shitty game mechanics and epic failures on CCP hardware and software, we came to current political sovereignity structure, that is called powerblocks.


What is a powerblock should be the first question. Its a number of people working together under one leadership, following same standings and same goals. In todays Eve we have five powerblocks, NC, IT, Atlas, Drone, AAA, usually banding to to 2 superblocks of North vs South. Such block members can be dividied into several classes:

1. Leading alliance(s)
2. 2nd tier alliance(s)
3. 3rd tier alliance(s)
4. renters/guests of leading alliance
5. renters/guests of 2nd tier alliances


In this article we will focus on the intern block relationship and how beneficial or malificial it is for all parties involved.

Lets pick up the Atlas powerblock apart. It consist of

1. leading alliance – ATLAS,
2. 2nd tier alliances – COW and GC
3. 3rd tier alliances – Primary and HTA
4. renters/guests of leading alliance – Green Alliance, Consortium, etc.
5. renters/guests of 2nd tier alliance – NUTS, ED, G UNI, Blood Alliance, etc.


The structure is clear, however recently big shakeups came and destabilized whole 2 regions and that pretty much with little or not much outside military pressure. 2nd tier alliances dont pay rent and get even some space to rent out on their own, have usually some military experience and are able to do stuff on their own, at least to some lvl. 3rd tier groups are usually new groups with lot of inexperiences people, depending on leadership and guidance of the people above them.

Both groups relly totally on leading alliance commands, which control their development through territory control and campaigns, that are run under their command. They are as much independent as their leader allows it. In return for their servitude, they got military protection and support and have much easier life.

We can look at it as middle age society. A leader – king – rewards its knights with land and they swore otath to support him. They in order to build up their piece of land, build up castles and have slaves/servants to work to keep em up. Those are the renters and members of 2nd/3rd tier alliances.

As far as settling 2nd/3rd tier groups at the edges for the space its like late Roman empire, with auxiliary and border troops guarding the space, while mobile best soldier moved to finally defeat the opponent.

Its a beneficiary relationship at start, as long as certain things are respected and peoples ego and greed dont take over (happens usually every time sooner or later).


Recapitulate good things from perspective of the alliances (well keep out renters as they get what they pay for):

1. Leading alliance

  • lot of soldiers, people fighting up smaller entities, good recruiting ground, people taking care of unused space, meatshield around the borders

2. 2nt tier alliances

  • military protection, having small pets like renters and 3rd tier alliances under them, sov space, getting to big campaigns, being invited to roadtrips withouh having to care about it

3. 3rd tier alliances

  • starting point for growing up, getting into family, their members might learn by flying with the old guys, getting space instantly thus rainsing chances of attracting aspiring empire groups


If we adapt this onto the Scalding Pass/Insmother crisis and lama drama. Atlas owns space from Omist up to North to Insmother and up to West to Scalding/Wicked Creek/Immensea. By owning i mean controls it and can decide who gets what. They setup 2nd/3rd tier alliances on the borders to defend it and use it as meatshield or numbers for campaigns.

Geminate campaign was very cool, and atlas/cow/gc worked efficinetly together, while Primary. stayed home with renters and cared about HD. North war went to shit, and Primary.+co had a hard time against groups like Cursed or goons, which exploited their naivity and inexperience.

Primary despite that tried to make the step from 3rd to 2nd tier alliance, by attempting its own campaign with Sys-K and prooving themselves. It didnt end up exactly well, but at least they tried and ofc agaisnt Coven/SE they had 0.0 chances.

With COW/GC/ATLAS now home, a big problem arose around the whole concept. Wtf we gonna do, as more and more people from all these groups started to grow unhappy. Some cause of lack of targets, boredom, some cause they realized as a alliance, they have nothing to long for, no desires other than, hmmm lets run to curse or go to lowsec, build a supercap. It can work for some time, bot not forever. As people will look for options, like in a relationship, if they are unhappy.

Now few lost battles with good groups like Cursed/Darkside./PL made them look stupid as well. Its not life threatening, but it makes your people think, wtf iam doing here, why and what for. So a enemy needs to be found, and usually its easier to find enemy in its ranks than outside.

For sure Primary. must has seen this coming, first remarks in command channels, than simply being laughed and pointed at due to being shit, useless and resource harvesting. The logic is stupid, as you want to let me grow, but you dont give me a chance. Growing means loosing a lot, and getting experience you already have. Mostly the pvp veteran aspect prevails, and peopel forget they started as shit too (and some stayed as well.).

Other groups around, some renters, etc. got the boot as well, somedeserved it, but the ratio behind all of this isnt very efficient for the after struggle situation. Atlas wont find magicaly superior small groups to live there, and cow/gc too, people being fucked over get very bitter and you create lot of enemies, which can cost you a lot in the future.

So now the empty space is being attacked and possibly filled with hostile groups, that can be beneficial only for Atlas, but not for COW/GC. Atlas gains nearby reds, but whilst having safe space far off, its will be jsut a playground. For cow/gc it means their homes will brun, their isk will be wasted and what for? Why would i stick to soemthing that doesnt generate isk and only makes me a target for others. My best players move to Atlas, and have the same without the shitty home defence duties. And if we beat the invasion, what is nxt? Glory, power or cool, lets wait waht Atlas does nxt. You cant repeat the same thing allover to the people all the time. You need new material, or you will be left alone.

Future steps will be setting HTA die off in order to get its corps into Atlas renter alliance, the scenario will be the same as with Primary. Most of the corps wont care much, however the work that went from the HTA leadership into this project is wasted from the beginning.


Were Primary so shitty and cow/gc/atlas so good? Not at all. They werent surely very good, but numberswise it was pretty much the same. Cow/GC wont max a fleet (despite having 2700 people), Primary was able to pull few times 150-200 people (having 2300), atlas was able to pull 1+something full fleet alone half year ago. Nowadays they have 100-150.

HTA is the same. They full of people that do industry, rent, carebear. Wtf people await from them any wonders, they fight and die, but we all did at the beginning. We brough ravens, and drakes, had t1 stuff and fit totally shit. We learned and moved on. Sometimes it could be though people are born in legions with 60mil SP and snake set


Lets look at the bad things though:

1. Leading alliance

  • being far from any reds and having waste empire to run the alliance dies of boredom and turns into industry alliance, while most pvpers go apathic, dont log on or join smaller agressive pvp units operating closer to hostile territory
  • having to command all groups under it puts a huge strain on leaderships and fc energy, it is nice at first, but later pisses people of, as in the end you can only rely on your alliance anyway
  • any failure of its pets/friends will be accounted to the leading alliance, no matter they spam the forums they dont care
  • failing tu support just one group under attack can cause a domino effect, where most people just take off to greener pastures in other powerblock, or will just do a halfhearted attemp blaming atlas for everything

2. 2nd tier alliances

  • loosing identity and selfsufficiency, that means its very easy to depend on the leading alliance command and support, but it cripples own people surviving instinct nad makes them lazy.
  • loosing best players to the leading alliance. It happens, its natural but its like loosing every year the best hockey players from europe to nhl. The better you play, the more players you loose nxt year. Question comes why would the leadership
  • lack of own goals and campaigns. What can such 2nd rate alliance have as a goal. To be a supporter of leading alliance forever? The only plausible desire is to take over the leading alliance place, which ofc counts with that
  • not being allowed to grow over some power, by recruiting their corps/players, by stripping access to resources, by using their gametime for wars and exhausting the leadership by following leading alliance goals, not its own.

3. 3rd tier alliances

  • being third in on a ladder of recruitment means one….you get shit or noobs. Doesnt have to be bad, but there are huge chnces you just recruited what leading alliance, 2nd tier alliances didnt want.
  • no isk, no resources, no income – again being 3rd in a queue means that wahtever the first guy left, the second collected. Whats left….not much.
  • you want to be better (as thats the reason to exist) but you are being watched suspicious by leading alliance and on top of that by 2nd tier alliances as possible threats. As why would they want you to become better than them? to loose the resources, players?
  • your players arent as good as groups above you, however sooner or later the groups above will start to tell you you suck, you are carebears, etc. Well thats the sign youre in trouble and you know eviction is on the way. It also means the groups above you turned shit as well, and need a outside enemy to blame the failures. In the end its unlogical to await you will be better than the people having better resoruces, players, and foundation than what you trying to do.
  • leadership either turns to lets scam as much isk out of it or really trying to make things work realizing its don quijote fight with windmills and burning out being replaced by the scammers


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This is by far the biggest danger for any powerblock. Being killed or severaly weakened by internal differencies, and by flaws of this powerblock concept. Its far more dangarous thay any invasion, and we cans safely say, the invasion will be only a product of the internal failures, when enemies sees a opening.

Its much easier to blame others for your failure and inability to adapt. The best thing to do is that your alliances works perfectly, at which point you go by example, but most of those that say you´re shit are despite huge time, resources, skill advantages, even shittier that the noobies they try to blame.

What can be done against it? Be fair in judging people, see your own group weaknesses, be ready to let whole groups let go in order to make them happy, respect each other and dont think that even if its a game, and youre a leader, your not god, nor your empire indestructable and whilst sitting at your desk thinking of Churchill, Stalin, Alexander, Caesar your failure lies in your action, in your decisions, not others.

Czech Lion

PS. A question for the discussion, as you´re mostly members of either of the powerblocks, do you think it works differently in yours and you have the right, benevolent, cool leaders that will make it work?


  1. amazing

    I just want to tell you that this is amazing. It goes into great depth the reason that power blocks fall. The same thing that happened to Atlas happened to IT and the NC as well. It just goes to show you that it is very hard to escape it.

    June 25, 2011 at 12:39 am Reply
  2. Stillgar

    so where did you fall down as EDs EU leader……..

    June 25, 2011 at 6:19 pm Reply

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